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“CALIFORNIANS: GO HERE.THIS IS THE PLACE.( Go early for Al Pastor or Lengua, it's so good they sell out. Everything is good, but the LAMB is slept on and another hit. ???? )”

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“This was my first time ordering from this spot my friend kept telling me to try the food here. And let me tell you I was not disappointed I got the salmon dinner and it was absolutely amazing. I also tried all the patties and they were so good. I'll definitely be back. And not to forget the great customer service from the owner.”

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“Some People here Sound Like Haters… I do not Believe what they are saying.. The food is Great and flavor of the Food Is Amazing and the Service is Good as Well.”

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“Only had $30 to stretch and feed 2 others until Friday. Was able to get 3 dinners worth of groceries and some extras to snack on. Worth the walk on Beltline from Capital View.”

4.6Superb78 Reviews

“Support small business! The owners are very nice. Super convenient place to stop for beer and wine (great selection), cigarettes, snacks, candy, soda, household goods (soap, toilet paper, etc.), cooking essentials (flour, some spices, vinegar, onions, limes, etc.), and other random needs. Prices are reasonable compared to other convenient stores.”

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“I love the owner of this store he is so cool. We also have a good convo when im in there. He actually keeps these chocolate muffins for me in stock which I appreciate so much, they are so hard to find. ALSO, the store is just a great one stop shop. Theres so much stuff in it you wouldn’t get out of alot of convenient stores. You can go there for anything, its such a high quality store.”

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“Nice little spot. Has gasoline. Normal gas station with snacks, beverages, candy, and they do have food.From chili, hotdogs, burgers, condiments and diced onions,cut jalapenos, and relish available as well as BBQ sandwiches ,fish sandwiches ,regular square bread ham and turkey sandwiches, deviled eggs, you should find something.Friendly staff i work in the area been going over 20 years.”

4.6Superb45 Reviews

“Best place ever! If there's anything you need, they have it! The owners are a pair of brothers and they're the nicest people ever + the other people who work there are also really friendly. My fav go to place!”

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“I love the kindness and courtesy with my order. The communication was amazing. The packing made me feel safe and cared for. Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

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“I drive 4 miles to go to this pharmacy (I have 4 other CVS closer to home). Best CVS in Atlanta. Always helpful and personable. Pharmacists know you by name when you come in. Very worth the extra drive!”

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“Costco was very packed and busy, however clean.I actually went down every isle just seeing what they have and checking the prices.Some things I can see savings, but the majority to me as I shop around is the normal price and few more cost than normal.After being 1st a BJ member, then Sam's club, now Costco...the cheapest in savings from products on the shelf, I see most is from BJs.I have not checked out everything costco has to offer thier members vs the others, so I will definitely give an update later.”

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“This gas station is a MANDATORY stop when in the area. Down the street from Porsche, few minutes from the airport and just south of downtown. They just modernized the interior of the store and are importing exotic snacks/drinks from overseas. A place to definitely check out and you won’t regret it.”

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“Great spot. Come here often for things we forget at the grocery store and it is late at night. Milk, bread, beer. Also Gatorade’s in the morning. Nice big fella behind the counter.”

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“Got all the stuff I needed. Nice selection of veggies and fruits. I feel like I need to eat some of these I don't know yet. I will be updating after exploring. ?”

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“Found this place using PayPal Local. You can buy gas (and anything else) using PayPal! Sam, the owner, is a really cool guy and the next time I'm on the south side again I'll definitely stop in. I was his first PayPal customer. :) Finally a place you can use PayPal funds.”

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“Great place to for shopping with your family each and every single stuff for your home is easily available at genuine and reasonable price. Beautiful interior and decor section.”

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“Not Many snacks in the store but my All time favorite here is they sell Fried drums here for 50¢ a piece 2 for a $1 a good snack until dinner is done and it's crispy and fried to perfection !”

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“The clerk was really nice in helping me out with the ATM at 4:30am this morning! It approved my transaction then temporarily shut down BEFORE it spit my money out!! Thanks again!! :)”

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“I encourage anyone who's visited prior to visit again. Lots of upgrades. Expanded product range. Excellent team. Vegetarian, whole produce and vegan products added.3-weeks priorNew management. Nice upgrades to the variety of stock. Helpful. Convenient.”

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“Great neighborhood hood store thats is open 24/7. They have a little bit of everything you need when no other store is open from braid hair to cosmetics seasonal items food and more”

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“I definitely recommend this place if you're looking for good breakfast food. Had the french toast sandwich, and it was everything my heart desired lol. The grits are good as well; however, mine were a little cold. I didn't mind because they were still pretty good. They also have excellent service. All the employees were pleasant, and went above and beyond to ensure my party was taken care of.”

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“Only reason I gave 5 stars is because of the black guy that works there... he do all he can to keep that place clean the cashiers however usually seem distracted puzzled confused or high nice gas station but the parking lot is kinda a compacted right fit”

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“What Surprise ... $25 for the BEST Detailed hand car wash Ever ! Sheldon worked on cleaning up my Lexus for almost 2 hours !!! Spit shined it ! I sat outside on this beautiful day in the ATL & caught up on a Netflix show & emails while he worked his self silly. He said " a mans got a job to do" ... Sheldon said it's all Gods strength , when I commented that he must have eaten his Wheaties this morning ! Glad I had no where to be ... cuz this was A Very long Car Wash ... awesome job Sheldon !!!”

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“I love Getting back to the basics — when all around town a hamburger is $20 ; I enjoy places like this.Fresh , Simple & Affordable.Plus the Support for the Black-owned Business” ?? Grandma’s Tea” is outstanding. Her teas are excellent ! and it’s the only store I’ve seen openly support in large way.Good customer service , everyone is nice!”

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“My wife and I love Costco! My only complaint is with the shrimp cocktail. The shrimp is outstanding and very plentiful. The cocktail sauce is amazing, but it is not enough. It would be great if you could either put in a second one or allow the staff to give a second one upon request. Currently they do not do so.Thank you,Ron [email protected]

3.8Good70 Reviews

“They won't short change you unless some new hire not knowing the prices is working. There is one tall male thinking he's God's gift with a very nasty disrespectful attitude towards customers along with have the employees not focused because their cellular phones are more important than sales that make it difficult to get in and out respectfully. Plus this place has really went down hill on it's selection”

3.9Good43 Reviews

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