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“Dave and his brother Venny, are good guys the are very well respected and loved in this community, they do what they can to provide great customer satisfaction to all.”

4 Good40 Reviews

“Well organized, clean, really nice convenience spot. I was pleasantly surprised with the array of candy they had! Freeze dried candy. Novelty candy with toys. Really diverse selection and plenty of things you’d be hard pressed to find outside of an actual candy store.”

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

“Wings and Catfish the restaurant is small so you might want to be prepared to do a takeout if seats are full. I also ordered the pecan pie and it was so good! I also recommend getting one of their flavored lemonades.”

3.7 Good79 Reviews

“This is my all-time favorite CVS pharmacy. They are so helpful patient and knowledgeable about what's going on with myself and the store and I've gotten to know the associates and the pharmacy staff personally. I'm so grateful to about a house in such a wonderful CVS just down the street!”

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

“Always enjoy shopping here for my fresh produce and dry seasonings! I buy there box of chicken to j*** when having a cookout. As well as there oxtails and crab legs!”

4.2 Good11 Reviews

“The guys do whatever they can with a type of people around it's nothing wrong with the place and there's no drug dealers outside I live near around and in if you came across something like that way out you lucky though that's what you're looking for but honestly is a good place to Kwik Shop for something that you need at any time”

3.5 Good38 Reviews

“Been in customer service 40 yrs. This is a place to go to. "I don't say this lightly" . As well they're very warm, friendly, professional and their prices are great. They also went out of their way to help me.”

3.5 Good34 Reviews

“I like that Quiktrip has better fuel prices aside from Bjs and Murphy. I also like that they have the free air pumps when they're in working order. And usually well lit at night with dozens of goodies for the road.”

3.6 Good23 Reviews

“This restaurant is everything I like in a neighborhood restaurant. It’s small, I was delighted they had plastic shields between the tables, and the food is very good. There are about ten tables inside and a few more outside. We had the traditional and barbacoa empanadas and the El Pastor tacos. Each came with a corn salsa salad and black beans and rice. We returned a second night and it was just as good. Our server (the same both nights) was not particularly friendly, but I’m not going to dock them for that. I could see myself eating here once a week if I lived in town.”

4.4 Superb7 Reviews

“This is a very clean store inside and out. It always smells like cleaner when you walk in and everything is neat and organized. There’s not a bunch of people hanging outside like other stores nearby. Every employee I’ve ever interacted with here is very friendly, polite & professional. They have a variety of item they carry and they’re always stocked up. Plus they have really good prices. My favorite little overlooked gem.”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“Great family that runs this store. Just look four ways before getting out your car. Dont think ANY criminal will get away with any crime, their cameras reach far.”

4 Good8 Reviews

“Stopped here for gas ended up grabbing a few extra things to snack and drink on. Gas prices were great and the items purchased in-store were very wallet friendly. The service here was very nice and there's a restroom opened for the public.”

3.9 Good8 Reviews

“Drove all the way here (40 minutes) just to find out that they close at 7 but on their website it says 8. I got here at 7:10 ***** I will always admit When I speak too quickly , and It was worth going back I would drive longer if they were to relocate. Went this afternoon and all of the gentlemen were kind, courteous and helpful to me. There was a great happy feeling in the air too. Like everyone was happy and just a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you. Oh yeah found everything I needed and good affordable prices.”

3.7 Good8 Reviews

“New staff very helpful and friendly clean and fast pumps. Lower prices than other gas station.. very nice and easy and convenient to shop.. very clean and hygiene place..”

3.3 Good18 Reviews

“never played lottery in GA, the staff was helpful to me but I knew I drove them nuts since I wasn't familiar on how to play....they got it right for me and I thank them for their patience”

3.2 Average25 Reviews

“Don't sleep on this little convenience store!Located just down the steps from the main area of Decatur Square, this store is just a hop and a skip from one of my fave woman-owned gyms, Clarity Decatur. When I've been at Clarity, I always find myself needing a quick little something and always check into Square to see if they have what I'm needing.Before one event at Clarity, I found that I didn't have batteries for our LED sign. I couldn't image getting in my car and going to a local store for them and didn't know if Square would have any but, why the heck not. I was so hype when I went in and was told that they had batteries - YES! Because what the heck is a Yelp event without those LED letters? LOL. I also love to get some extra energy prior to events with a Celsius and a snack, and they're always stocked up, clean and super welcoming. Little in size, massive on the convenience level!”

3.8 Good6 Reviews

“The store is always clean and the customer service is great as usual, but I just wish that they would stop making the pizza so dry. I love their pizza and it's always dry.”

3 Average28 Reviews

“It's refreshing to be at a Shell where I can put in my fuel rewards info and pay at the pump. And their prices are ALWAYS a little better than most of the stations on this street.”

3 Average25 Reviews