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“Nice store! Great produce! I bought a tomato to eat in the car. I asked if the worker had any salt. He looked confused til I said IM GONNA KILL THIS TOMATO IN THE CAR. He then searched for salt and ended up pouring salt from his personal shaker into a brown bag for me. That tomato hit the spot! I can't wait to go back and get more! A tomato sandwich from here would be amazing!”

4.9 Superb54 Reviews

“I find some good stuff here for dirt cheap! It’s a shame that locations closer to me pulled out, but when I come around this area, I make sure to keep this company going.”

4.7 Superb31 Reviews

“I love my mom and pop grocery store! There's not too many of 'em left and I appriciate that our small town can still feel that way. Here's to many more years of success!”

4.7 Superb29 Reviews

“The only place I shop for ground steak! I love your place, service and quality of meat! The ground steak is so tender and tasty! I’m glad I found Bitter Creek Market!”

4.5 Superb20 Reviews

“Are you Thruhiking? Day hiking? Over night hiking? Stop here in your way out! Not only do they have everything you need for camping and resupply, the folks that work there are wonderful people! Strike up a conversation, share a story and leave with a smile!”

4.8 Superb9 Reviews

“We came in on the weekend before Christmas to get some items. the place was as busy as an anthill and yet, everyone was friendly and helpful. Had a couple of small conversations with other customers and the cashier and bag-person. It is a real shame that folks don't act like that all the time...Anyway, superb location that is well stocked for any food related need you could have, and a coffee too!”

4.2 Good58 Reviews

“Great Mexican Market. They have all the spices, seasonings and marinades for making Mexican food: Carne Asada, Mexican Rice, Chimichanga, Menudo, etc. I make my own homemade Mexican food and needed Chicken Boullion and Tomatoe Bouillon for my Mexican Rice. I looked at Ingles in the Ethnic isle and they only carry Chicken Bouillon and have never carried Tomato Bouillon. Sure Walmart Carrie's it according to what it says online, but that's another 2.5-3 miles farther down the road and what "if" Walmart doesn't have it in store?I also need Chipotle Sauce for Chimichangas and El Tejocote carries this as well. They have a good selection of pre-made marinades for Carne Asada, Carnitas or Pollo, if you dont know how to make your own marinade.I found this gem and will going back when I need more spices and seasonings and sauces.Highly recommend!Josh M.”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“Able to get discounted fuel with our Ingles points, there are times that the pumps are full and the wait can be long, there seems to be a difficult area to get out of when pumps are full”

4.2 Good25 Reviews

“Great place to get some items forgotten at the food store. Most DG's are nearby. They may not have everything but they could save you all those miles & the extra time to go back & forth. Especially up here in the mountains where everything seem 2 hours away!!!”

3.4 Good5 Reviews

“This particular DG was very well stocked. There was a lot of new inventory on carts/racks to be stocked along the back wall & in a few aisles. That's NOT a problem. This is a great DG cuz everything gets sold FAST. That tells me that they have a HUGE turnover in their inventory & therefore everything is FRESH & NEW. I LOVE THAT! Keep up the excellent work & thank you for your friendly, pleasant, & professional demeanor. Hats Off!!”

3.6 Good16 Reviews

“It's a Super Walmart. What more can you say? They're not open 24/7, but that's ok. There's friendly enough employees and well enough stocked items.”

3 Average6 Reviews

“i love the staff They are so friendly and responsive. Have been very helpful. I know they are super understaffed but are always pleasant and my prescriptions are always ready. I love this staff”

2 Poor4 Reviews

“this Walmart specifically has always been above par in my opinion vs some of the others I have been to. Customer service is always excellent, returns and exchanges are quick and hassle free, easy to find associates willing to assist and demeanor is usually very pleasant. Good job Blairsville! Auto Center has always been great at this store too! ?”

3.4 Good82 Reviews

“It's a Super Walmart. What more can you say? They're not open 24/7, but that's ok. There's friendly enough employees and well enough stocked items.”

2.1 Poor10 Reviews

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