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“Great place! Good drinks, stocked shelves. Low gas prices also a big variety of chips, candy bars little Debbie cakes. Cleaning supplies. You can also buy scratch off tickets with your debit cards. That's wonderful”

4.8Superb18 Reviews

“I love the owner and the young ladies that work here. Always pleasant, always with a smile! It's nice to receive excellent customer service while getting gas!”

4.2Good32 Reviews

“I have been a patron of this gas station & convenience store for the past 6 years. The owners (3 males + 1 lady) are nice & provide adequate customer service. The gas prices are usually lower than the surrounding stations & they offer casino machines in the back of the store. (Sorry I do not gamble, I dont know the proper term for the game machines!) They also sell alcohol here, but not hard liquor (think beer & Limaritas etc).”

4.4Superb11 Reviews

“I'm sorry, I can't call you, you received a package from Japan by mistake. Please tell someone at the store!You have received a package from Japan by mistake, could you please contact Fedex and return the package? We appreciate your cooperation!!”

4.8Superb6 Reviews

“Although outdated, I don't think most realize that this business is located on Virginia avenue; it's a gritty part of east point. About a square mile or so off the exit has been sugarcoated enough to accommodate traveller's experience but it's also not the area to socialize, go for a walk or leave your car unlocked while going inside the store.”

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“I mean, it's Texaco right? I love that they are enforcing the mask policy, and the staff is wearing both mask and gloves to serve the public. Snacks and other essential items are available for purchase, as well as wine and beer which is new to a MN girl like me. Tobacco products are much cheaper in the south, so that was a nice surprise. Cigarettes costing $7 per pack. The intersection is pretty busy, and there is always traffic at this location no matter what hour of the night we've drove past or stopped in.”

3.5Good6 Reviews

“Friendly employees and probably the #1 store in Georgia for lottery sales. I recommend scratching your scratch offs here. They even have a spot for you to sit and play Keno.”

3.2Average13 Reviews

“Get in and get out before the panhandlers ask you for money....great spot to fuel up the rental car before returning to the airport. Staff is friendly and pumps work well.”

3.2Average32 Reviews

“So it's a gas station, didn't do anything to blow my socks off obviously. So no five star. But definitely nicer than the usual place. So not a three star.”

3.2Average43 Reviews

“Great cashiers great service very nice and clean store. Owner should update the pictures of the business btw because now it's a completely different store (Brand new)”

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3Average10 Reviews

“I've patronized this store for nearly 2 years. At first, I all I noticed was how the shelves were rarely stocked or even neat. I also wouldn't consider it clean. Honestly, very little has changed there. Over time, I've witnessed the interactions between the staff and the patrons and even between the staff and loiterers. They're nice people. Just that simple. They're not your stereotypical foreigners yelling behind the counters at patrons like you might see on TV. They're personable and chatty. I once lost my phone (well, left it in the store). When I went back looking for it, I was asked to describe it in full detail, asked for the number, and when the attendant called it with his the station's landline - and it rang - he gave it back to me. When the service is good, I tend to overlook the other stuff.”

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“Gas is watered down !! I never have to put more than $50 in my truck smh . I felt safe though went during the day . Didn’t have to worry about getting talked to by dudes standing around .”

3.1Average40 Reviews

“I stop here for ice twice a day minimum. If you are a ice eater, this is the best. Better than QT, Zaxby's, Sonic, and whoever else. Friendly staff also. Fairly clean.”

2.6Average5 Reviews

“I go to this had station a lot after dark. It is well lot and feels safe. I am usually alone, so that is important. The guy behind thecounter is friendly. There is usually an older gentleman sweeping, cleaning the pumps or taking out thetrash. He watches, but not in a creepy easy. It feels more secure and helpful. The store is small, but well stocked. Because I work in the area, this has become my preferred gas station. I am not accosted by anyone begging for money or anything like that. It just doesn't happen here and I appreciate it. I do wish they had better lighting at the air pump though.”

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“I purchased a membership here because they had a special for $20. I saw it in Instagram thinking it was a joke but it was the real deal.I went to the store on a Sunday morning. Customer Service advised they didn't have something to make the membership card but that it was also located in the app. OkI used a mobile cart and rode around the store. It seemed like the store was smaller than I remembered it in the past. BJ's does not compare to Costco or Sam's but it has what I need. I found some great deals in there that day. I even used the self checkout with no issues”

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“Excellent gas prices on this visit it was the closet to $3.00 per gallon I had seen in the city 3 weeks ago. I hate that Murphy stopped taking the gift cards allowing customers to save 3 cents per gallon off their already low gas prices.”

2.9Average48 Reviews

“This is the best possible gas station around I left my dodge neon srt4 there and bro said he had the gang watch it for me. They are friendly and helped me out when I got stuck there over night”

2Poor13 Reviews

“Beware they have their gas pumps rigged so it doesn't stop once full so u know what that means extra money for them 😡😡😡 I will never set foot on that property again”

2.3Poor23 Reviews

“My only concern with this Racetrac is the challenge of exiting to reach the traffic light, especially considering the existing congestion on Camp Creek. The location at 2250 Camp Creek proves to be more convenient for departure. Otherwise, no other concerns.”

2.3Poor96 Reviews

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