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“Went in for simply some waste bags and ended up asking about some of their dried animal organ treats. Megan was awesome and extremely knowledgeable !! While also sweet and helpful. She helped us figure out what treats would be most beneficial to our French bulldog Dottie. This has already been a shop I’ve liked but now I will always return here for my treat and pet needs!”

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“I love this place. They have everything you need for fishing, dogs,Reptiles and they also have a few plants that they sell at times. I like to get the dubia roaches for my bearded dragon.”

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“I've been ordering from this company since August of last year for my new rescue cat. I've never fed a raw diet to a pet before so I was nervous about the transition and the long term usage of it. From the start my cat, Pigeon (black and white cat), has absolutely loved this food! The chicken is her favorite as well as the goat milk. She gets excited for every mealtime and it was easy to wean her off of free grazing. Her fur is fluffier and softer, her stool is small and odorless and she's active! My sister's cat (black cat) recently started losing hair due to allergies, so I thought since my cat is doing well on it maybe my sister's cat could try it. It was the right choice as her fur started growing back within weeks and her appetite was much better! Her fur is now completely full again and she's doing a lot better. I definitely love this brand for my cats!”

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“I had an incredible experience at this location. We walked in not knowing anything about the brand or the company and were greeted by extremely knowledgable staff. Amy looked up the ingredients in the food I'm currently feeding my animals and provided an alternative to address some concerns I've been having, taking the time to walk through the entire ingredient list and educating me on what each one was and how it would impact my dogs. She was quick but thorough and the most knowledgable person on canine nutrition I have ever met. We ended up purchasing a large bag of food, several bags of treats, a new toy or two, and a mat for our back door. At the end of our transaction she even threw in some food samples for our cats, who are (of course) picky eaters. All four of our animals gobbled up their new goodies.THANK YOU to the staff at Hollywood Feed. We will be back when it's time to stock up again!”

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“I love Inman Park pet works. They always have my pets food in stocks. It is a hard to find food. They always have it for me and will order if I need to. Thankyou Inman pet foods. ?”

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“Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. The store sells a lot of great food options and smaller companies for snacks and toys. Very happy to finally come through and will be coming back for all my dogs needs.”

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“I love this place. I recall as a kid going to the "feed and seed" stores with my mother. Many memories. By the way, the people there are super helpful and friendly. Genuinely. Seemingly.”

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“We absolutely love this store for everything our cats and dog need. From toys to food to cleaning and grooming supplies, all of the products are top-notch -- we know that whatever we buy here will be high quality. Even our vet thinks so! Plus, the staff is knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. We always have a great experience.”

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“Love this place. One of the true hidden gem still left in Gresham Park. Great place to get your dog food plants fertilizer. You can also buy chickens are sometimes even rabbits.”

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“Got my Hazel from here about 4 years ago.They really care about the animals.They make sure you are worthy of one of there animals. This is my Hazel.She is beautiful and I love her so much.”

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“Before I get into the good stuff please note PARKING IS DIFFICULT. Anything remotely close to this business you will need to pay for. I usually park at Ayla apartments, it's $7 for one hour. If you plan on dropping your pup(s) off and spending a few hours on the Beltline, you'll get your money's worth. IMO, this place is worth the hassle and inconvenience. I am so grateful to have found a grooming place for my dogs that they not only love going to, but finding a groomer that gives my dog Gotti the best cut he's gotten in Atlanta! Thank you so much Madison, you've gained loyal customers!”

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“Carla always gets my babies looking so sweet. My older fur baby has been seeing her for a few years now and I adopted another baby who met Carla for the first time today...they both came out from grooming strutting their stuff. See before and after pics. Thanks Carla!”

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“We love Big Daddy Biscuits! Not only do my dogs love them, my dog training clients love them too! I use them as treats for positive reinforcement training. I really like that they are all-natural, including organic ingredients, and locally sourced. I am happy that I can support and promote a local business. Thank you, Lauren and your team!”

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“We have had the best experiences with this Vet as an entirety for both our cat and dog. My family has been using Clairmont since the early 00s and while it has grown, it has consistently stayed professional, caring, responsive, and full of animal lovers. It’s clean. Their staff on all levels is incredible. Their front desk truly goes above and beyond. We’ve seen a variety of doctors and have been thrilled with them all. They have the sweetest nurses/techs/assistants. I’m incredibly grateful to their entire team. I truly have not a single complaint or critique.”

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“Store is always clean, well stocked, and never crowded. I love the produce and fresh baked goods. And you always seem to go home with something extra from all the goodie bins down the center aisles.”

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“I drove up from south Florida to adopt a dog. As I was making plans to get her bathed and treated, I found this gem on my Apple Maps. I saved it on my list and I am SO glad I did! So very overwhelmed by the two girls that worked there as well. what a generous place when you adopt a dog! She got a free bath and some free goodies! What a treat and a surprise! Ella and I were both so very happy! Thank you Hannah (and I am so sorry I didn't get the other girls name) y'all made our day!”

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“My dog Pippi got the royal treatment today by a sweet lady working at Taj Ma-Hound. She helped me pick out dog treats for my persnickety little senior pup & get her picture. Look forward to stopping in again.”

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“What a great 1st experience my puppy Astro and I had there today! The bathing room was clean and all supplies were ready for us. Next time, I will bring my wallet so i can buy a few treats from their well-stocked shelves.”

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“Staff are nice and helpful, customers seems to let their dogs yap with it regard for others or their animals (but that has nothing to do with the store so still 5*)”

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“Friendly and a knowledgeable staff, Takes their time to explain what you and buying and how you should use it. They have items that you often will not find at other places. Prices are very fair.”

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“The real VIP rewards treatment at pet supermarket comes from the perfect customer experience provided by people like Shontae. No matter my ever changing mood or my needs she demonstrates excellent in customer service consistently.”

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“If you are a fan of specialty meats and cheeses, this is the place for you. I was hoping for a more European lidl experience, it seems as though they are trying to appeal more to America's habits.It's clean, well kept, organized, and the employees are friendly and helpful.The app does provide some sizable discount, worth downloading”

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“A delightful way to spend a weekend morning! The Green Market features a fantastic selection of local produce, artisanal goods, and tasty treats. Don't miss the opportunity to support local vendors!”

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“Amazing. Don’t hesitate and get on the wait list. It’s worth it. They are kind, thoughtful and considerate of our fur babies. I have been taking my pups here for five years. One was a senior with paralysis and they were so patient. They do great cuts and styles on my standard poodle. You get the same tech with each pup every time so your pup gets comfortable and familiar with them. I’m always notified if it’s someone different. Please give this great business your support.”

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“My groomer was excellent, as always! The person that checked me in, (David) not so much. He was rude and belligerent, booked me for the wrong service and insisted that I pay for it.”

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“New to town and out of pet food, I did a quick google search hoping to find any local business to support rather than the big chains. With a few around in the area, I chose Kirkwood because I read they had a self service grooming station and my boy was in major need of a scrub. I stayed because, after hearing that Arlo was having feeding issues, I was walked through different kinds of options and what would work best. I was given countless samples and happily bought the biggest bag of the one recommended! Came home with a clean, fluffy pup that gobbled up his food without issue for the first time in weeks! I won’t go anywhere else!”

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“Doguroo is great for dog daycare, grooming etc. I take my dog to daycare 3-4 times per month and he always has a great time. The staff is friendly and helpful.I take him there for grooming as well and Q always does a great job with my pup. Muggsy loves Doguroo and so do I ??”

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