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“My family's favorite place to drop in and get a quick lunch. Their bakery is amazing! There is always a wide variety of breads and goodies and all of them are wonderful. Our very favorite item is the Southwest Pesto. If you haven't tried it and you like things a little spicy and a little cilantro-y, go! We recommend the seeded baguette to accompany the Southwest Pesto.”

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“I've always been happy with this Rosauers location. Just received a cake from their bakery. While placing the order, I was asked if I had any particular theme in mind. I let them know that I did not - but I was ordering the cake for a very silly person who owns rubber chicken earrings and who used to have an IG account for chicken sightings. We were not disappointed. I feel like they must have had fun making this cake.”

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“There is only one way. And that is the safe way. Stay safe, at Safeway. Their prices are too high, but their toy car selection is fantastic. I want all of the land rovers.”

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“Incredible deals, and great quality! Winco foods seemingly has some sort of unpaid goblin labor force, that can mass produce these products for cheap, and these goblins seem more than willing to pass the savings onto us, the loyal consumer. Can't recommend enough”

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“Was starting to put my groceries into my car when Erik came over and asked if he could help. This was very nice of him especially at a store that it’s hard to find someone to help you.”

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“I have to give a shout out to this store's manager, Zach Williams. We went to the Moscow, ID Walmart when moving our daughter into WSU recently because the Idaho store had more stock of the things we needed. We had no problem getting everything there, and all went well until we got back to her room, unpacked everything, and realized they had forgot to give us 2 packages of lightbulbs we'd paid for. Husband and I were trying to leave town for a long drive home, so did not want to have to drive all the way back to the store, and our daughter is a freshman, so she didn't have a car to get to the store either. As she was going to be busy all week during Rush, we tried to call the store to get someone to bring her the lightbulbs or mail them, but couldn't get ahold of anyone even after repeated calls to the store. We left feeling very frustrated. Upon coming home the next day I was able to get ahold of the mgr Zach, who was very apologetic and drove the 2 packages of bulbs over to my daughter's dorm along with a $30 gift card inside another card extending his apologies for our inconvenience! He was very genuine and sincere when I spoke with him on the phone, and our daughter was sure happy about the gift card which she can really use. This is truly going above and beyond, and we just wanted to say "Thank You" so much for the great customer service!!”

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“Sunday April 2nd my husband and I drove up from Lewiston to the Moscow store. I grew up shopping at Safeway and any chance I get I love to go in. That will no longer be the case thanks to Mandy who was running the self checkout. I'm a disabled woman recovering from many failed leg surgeries. When I got to the store there was no drive around basket available. I quickly gathered my items and was in the store no more than 5-6 minutes. That is until checkout. 2 of our 8 items rang up wrong. One for $2.49 and one for $1.30 over. I clicked the help button. She did not greet us. She barely acknowledged us. I tell her which 2 ifems rang up wrong. She cuts me off mid sentence and says well I haven't seen that deal. Okay? So she made me stand in self checkout for well over 5 minutes why she ran to 2 different parts of the store to make sure I wasn't ripping them off. She comes back cocky and says ya that's not on sale & flashes a pic real quick to me while shoving her phone in my face. I said well can you fix the other one as i could see she was not going to help. She loudly told me I was wrong, embarrassed me in front of many other customers, and the kicker is I was right. She was very confident to let me know shes a manager Well Mandy, everyone including you has a boss. I yet again was made to stand for awhile waiting for the manager to finish up with the customer in front of us. During that time my husband went to the back of the store and took a picture of the display and price that I had said. He quickly apologized and refunded me the whole big $1.30. I made sure to walk back over and shove my phone in her face to show her she was wrong since she felt she could invade my space. I also felt it was rude her and a really heavy set employee (didnt get her name) where still at self checkout talking crap about me. Again, even tbough she was in the wrong. I will not be dropping this. As a disabled woman I do not deserve fo be called a liar, belittled in your store, or made to do your employees work. Looking at past reviews it seems this has been an on going issue. So maybe we need to let local news outlets know how you discriminate and treat the disabled of the community.”

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