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“The Aster Food Hall is cool if you hav social anxiety (which I do) and do not want to talk to anyone, and the bathroom stalls feel like private offices . Overall : good! :3”

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“Dollar tree store okay closed Christmas Eve Dec 26 on BMO Harris bank another store exchange order money Elston to Addison and California close walk before shopping jewel market food drink diet coke done left target store check card no have ok”

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“I enjoyed shopping at the Shops at North Bridge on the magnificent mile in Chicago. The mall is modern and stylish, with a beautiful glass ceiling that lets in natural light. There are four floors of retailers and restaurants to choose from, including a Nordstrom, a Peloton, a MCM Worldwide, and more. The mall is clean and well-organized, and the staff are courteous and professional. The only thing I didn't like was that the mall was not very lively or fun. It was fairly empty and quiet when I visited, and I didn't see any music or entertainment. I wish there was more excitement and energy in the mall, especially since it is located in such a dynamic area of the city. Overall, I would give the Shops at North Bridge a 4 out of 5 stars for their modernity, variety, and service, but they could improve on their atmosphere and ambiance.”

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“It has quite a few interesting food stall that serve street food. First time having Jian Bing and it was surprisingly good. Crunchy, chewy and satisfying at the same time”

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“Everything is so conveniently in the mall it's great you can go around the brickyard an get everything you need from groceries, to clothes shopping, getting something to eat, an even go to home depot or lowes.”

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“Not bad, clean and safe area to shop. As other reviews have already mentioned.. parking can be expensive. You get 2 hours free, but your ticket must be validated by a retailer to use the perk”

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“Beautiful buildings! Went inside and it was like the smallest library ever haha and also a theater and a public water facility. Super interesting...also very cool drinking fountain outside.”

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“I went to advanced auto parts for a dir. sig. bulb and a fastener for my trunk liner but bcuse i didn't have one to show the guy (who acted like a hot shot)in the store,so I was told to look through the rack to see if it was there but it wasn't so i went back to my car to try and "pry" one off my car but in the process,IT broke.,a bit frustrating..the store guy didn't offer to help me take it off my trunk i have to use a pliers and get the stem out THEN get a new fastener from a store but NOT the store i was at.,maybe ill get treated better.,I have a good mind to call corporate!!”

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“Been shopping in this area for 20 years. From the Dominick's(RIP) that is now a Jewel Osco to the Old Navy and Marshalls. As a kid, I always went to the Chuck E Cheese.”

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“Plaza has pets mart, palm beach tan, and chipotle and noodles & company... all right across the street from PAWS! Adopt a kitty or doggie and have lunch while they get groomed at pets mart.”

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“The store has more inventory then when I used to work for a major Retailer here in the city. The Sales Associate was nice and helpful, store was clean with plenty of items to chose from. I will be going back in the near future.”

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“Parking available , handicap parking available ,parking needs some improvement,paleta store available,Dunkin donuts available the staff is always friendly,and fast Aldi is across the street from this parking lot ,boost store available as well McDonald's across from this parking lot”

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“Wanted to give 4.5 / 5 stars but it wasn't an option, I think. It was really good. The half a star was because there were no cheddar brats when we went Memorial Day weekend, although it's understandable because ... it was Memorial Day weekend. ... You know what? The 5 star review stands on it's own merit. Well done, Mariano's. Well done.”

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“Laid back shopping center. Lots of small Hispanic businesses selling products and services. Restaurant inside. Se vended bestidos, ropa, botas, y varios servicios”

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“One of the better places in a low income neighborhood and very close to entertainment district transportation not to mention decent furniture places.One of the bigger beauty care retailers (Sally's) a salon supply store mixed with an independent fashion retailer and a independent game store across from a super market and bus into down town, it maybe small but it's got a good location and mix of store types.Or just come because you craving dunkin donuts, either you'll find something interesting to do.”

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“Red Snapper in Dorchester Commons is a restaurant I buy food from on a regular and consistent basis. The service is fast and friendly and my food is prepared and served with care and respect. I’ve always experienced good customer service. I would recommend this place to anyone.”

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“Love the vast variety of EVERYTHING you could need or desire for meal prep, as well as great value on prepared foods!! LOVE their bakery and Deli !! P.S. I am visiting from Florida...”

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“Best place in Chinatown to get food (besides the renowned places like MCCB or Hing Kee)!!!! This is always my first choice if I want delicious food at a cheaper price.”

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“Jewel: Outstanding customer service! I stop daily mornings for homemade fruit yogurts. Everyone from the outside to the inside greets! I drive over 40mi to stop here in the a.m.”

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“The best place in Chicago to shop on a budget and get real and fake jewelry and always a place to park good deals good energy and people will get in the shootout with you LOL just kidding but so so serious.”

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