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“Hands down the best car wash experience I’ve ever had. The staff were so helpful and kind. My car is sparkling clean, inside and out- no pun intended ? but seriously, I was so impressed!! will definitely be a repeat customer from here on out!”

4.6 Superb35 Reviews

“First time I went to this car wash??, I most assuredly was NOT impressed.This time (today) started out annoyingly odd but after calling the phone No#on the door it really improved.Machine wouldn't take quarters and credit me with time...Quarters would go in but nothing..The guy came out and did everything he could to get machine to go..So he directed me to another bay and used "His card" to get machine in the new bay to work..I will say I really was impressed this time around..Would suggest to a friend and or go back myself?Yes I think I would..And if I understood what he was saying?There could care well be possible upgrades on the way..Can wait to see what's coming.”

4.3 Superb68 Reviews

“Customer Service was quick and efficient. They listened and asked questions in order to understand our needs for now and in the future. We were able to get our unit same day.”

4.1 Good77 Reviews

“Stopped here to get gas once. Everything was in good working order and the parking lot was clean and well lit and right off the main road. I paid at the pump so I can't speak for the inside or staff.”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“Haf to say this place is awesome. I use these Tank Wash services on a daily bases and they are pretty prompt on getting me in and washed. Sometimes had to rent an extra tanker due to supply and demand. Employees are prompt at doing their jobs and getting things done!!!!Thank you for your services”

4.3 Superb30 Reviews

“Got my truck detailed today and they did a FANTASTIC job. It looks better than the day I bought it. Great customer service and the owner was very nice. I will definitely be back. Ifyolooking for a full service”

4.3 Superb26 Reviews

“Went in for free car wash day. Staff was friendly. No coupon/code to redeem or anything. Just asked for the free wash, was in and out in about 2 minutes. Car looks great. Thanks guys!”

4 Good46 Reviews

“I like the convenience of being able to wash my car anytime I want, with the unlimited monthly fee, but it never seems to do that great of job cleaning up the rear hatch on my Ford Edge. Some of the attendants will spray it down manually while others do nothing at all.”

3.9 Good65 Reviews

“Good car wash. Most of the times, it cleans perfectly. Specially useful during winter time. Additional space with multiple vacuum cleaners, after coming out of the car wash is also very useful.”

3.9 Good37 Reviews

“I had to have my trailer washed out because it was rejected by a local shipper. They had Greece on the floor from my previous load. Whatever that was and they put down hot wax to be able to get all of the grease off the floor and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend these people.”

3.8 Good45 Reviews

“Wash bay was being cleaned as we waited and being our first time it was a pleasant experience. The raised wash table was wonderful for our backs and all that was needed within reach. Well done!”

3.6 Good12 Reviews

“Took our pride SRT Jeep here today. Paid just over 27 with tip. Went through and while vacuuming I noticed that some of the areas weren't really clean. I great worker came over and before I said anything he saw what I did. He had us go through again. 2nd time it was MUCH bettor. he told us the lindale location does full detail so we will go over there next time to. VERY happy and impressed with the service. Hope the owner knows what he has in this employee.”

3.4 Good34 Reviews

“I had time to wash my dirty hound dog and the parking lot was plenty big enough for me to park the Bobtail Semi there, so it was definitely a Win/Win 2 for 2 right out of the gate.I think both Sonny Boy and I preferred our experience here than doing it at home on my old man knees hunched over the side of the bathtub.It was a hot day 4th of July and I wish I could have been able to adjust the temperature of the water that was coming out. Made it an even hotter, sweaty-er experience for me. And I was concerned about my dog getting overheated from it already being so hot, and then the fairly warm water on top of it. He was definitely panting the entire time and we steemed it up in there lololThe blow dryer was an unexpected bonus, despite only being about 75% effective. I'll be sure to take a towel in with me next time. But there's definitely going to be several more next times. It's a good spot and we're both happy with the results ?”

3.3 Good50 Reviews

“The unlimited wash pass is totally worth it! I stop 3 times a week on my way to work and love the shine my truck keeps after a wash. I have never had any issues, and other than a few accounting related hiccups, it’s been a painless and enjoyable membership.”

3.2 Average125 Reviews

“1st time users getting a monthly pass get one month for 1/2 price.The system itself is great. It took off 1900 miles of grime in one pass though. It reads your license plate so you don’t have to roll down your window once.The prices vary depending on what extras you want.I am very pleased and bought medium passes for both of my vehicles.”

2.9 Average45 Reviews

“Everything was near perfect until I went to use the vacuum,,$1,25 & there was no suction, that really sucked,,outside of that it diffently would of been 5 stars,,$1.75 to wash anywhere else I go it's $2.50 to $3.00 ,the place was clean.”

2.6 Average65 Reviews

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