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“I was in a pinch with an issue with my cooling system coming from out of town. DJ and his team got me in and fixed the issue quick at a reasonable price. I'd give them 10 stars, if I could.”

4.6 Superb69 Reviews

“Recently bought my first car on my own from here after being referred to them by my dad since he had mentioned that he always had good luck with affordable, newer cars that have been well-maintained here. I was not disappointed - was able to test drive the car and have my mechanic do a once over with no issue from staff! A pressure-free environment with incredibly friendly staff. JoAnn especially was helpful when it came time to sign papers and what not. She was more than patient and willing to answer my numerous questions. Needless to say, I will be back in the future for sure!”

4.5 Superb104 Reviews

“Everyone is very kind there if you need anything they are the re for you this is my 3 car from them something happens to your car they always get it in fast thank you corridor for your kindness”

4.5 Superb101 Reviews

“Never have I ever had a company do for me what byrider has done. They went above and beyond for me and for that I am very thankful. Thanks Jess and the rest of the team ?”

4.4 Superb189 Reviews

“Awesome car detailing and great customer service! He takes so much pride on his job that I cannot say enough! He detailed our black Lexus and made It look nicer than when we bought it brand new at the dealership.”

4.9 Superb22 Reviews

“This was my first experience with Habhab’s. I was purchasing a car for my mom. Albert and crew were great. Albert provided the details he could on the car we ended up purchasing. We wanted to have the car checked out by our trusted mechanic and he encouraged it. Not only did he encourage it, he drove it over there for us and picked it up after the inspection. He worked around our schedules and was communicative. He was reasonable and made the experience a good one. I did not feel pressured or like I was participating in a stereotypical car purchasing process. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Habhab’s and may be a returning customer at some point if the need or want arises.”

4.6 Superb43 Reviews

“I love my new car! Rick replaced two tire wheels that had some scratches. He was also patient while we had to wait for our money. He showed me all the features on the car and encouraged me to come back if I have additional questions. This is the 4th car our family has bought from him.”

4.5 Superb56 Reviews

“I stopped to ask a question about my car not running correctly and he told me if he solved my issue I had to come back and give him $50.. Now he did find an air leak my main mechanic missed to a part I couldn't find an exact match for, however, it didn't fix my problem.So I haven't gone back with $50, yet..Huge thanks for helping me find part of my issue, I'm not sure the guys name but he was really nice and helped me right away.”

4.5 Superb44 Reviews

“Well I have to be honest…this initially was not a good review BUT, I will say this…their service manager Melissa Corken did a phenomenal job at rectifying the service that I had initially received. I won’t state what happened because I feel that the justice that was performed on her behalf nullifies any feeling I once had. She is a great person and showed me that she was working with great people. Just like all people know…things happen, and I was probably a 1 percent that had the experience that I did. But with the help of Josh Cole (service advisor) any wrong that I felt, was made right and I TRULY appreciate and value that. Thank you so much for all of your help and effort that you both put in to help me. I will most definitely me bringing my car here and TRUST, out of all things that my vehicle is in good hands. Melissa and Josh you both are truly “MIDWEST MAGNIFICENT”. Again, thank you for all that you do and dealing with any adverse situation that may occur. You handled everything with tact and professionalism, keep up your good hearted and honest work! The world needs more people like you both.”

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“Overall, my experience with Jim and Craig has been positive. I bought a Toyota Corolla LE September 2023. Let's preface this by saying a used car will never be perfect and the crew will probably not know everything wrong with vehicles on the lot. I drove off the lot, and 30 miles later a check engine light came on. Toyota services noted that it had been cleared 3 miles before driving it off the lot. Jim denied any knowledge of the check engine light when I talked to him and he was defensive about it.Thankfully the item at question was economically not that expensive. Cylinder pressure is healthy, interior is in excellent condition, and no paint bubbles yet. Here are few things that were missed - plate bulbs out, solenoid replacement, back passenger window not working, a small leak in an axle boot, and cold start chain slap. Overall though, better shape than most used vehicles at 150,000 miles.Jim has been willing to work with me in repairing some mechanical issues and even gave me a loaner vehicle for the day while working on it. This alone should allow consideration when dealing with this dealership.I also think his selection of vehicles is one of the better ones in Cedar Rapids, being that he collects a lot of Toyotas, Hondas, and Lexus, and has a preference for clean luxury interiors. One could certainly buy worse.”

4.4 Superb52 Reviews

“Had my transmission replaced and have gone in several other times for maintenance work always a friendly easy going environment. Would recommend to anyone for fast and reliable work.”

4.4 Superb51 Reviews

“Such a honest and trustworthy auto service is truly hard to find! Great service and gets your vehicle back on the road in no time. Jim is such a great guy, he is humble , honest, and helpful besides knowing his stuff. Who needs a hairdresser to talk to when you have him!? seriously he is superb!”

4.4 Superb42 Reviews

“I was searching for a good used truck for at least 6 months. With the price of buying new vs used, I could not afford new. I was hoping and praying that I could find a quality used truck that would not break the bank. I then came across Auto Mart via a friend. I went there and from the very beginning I knew this place only had high quality vehicles. They do not purchase junk and hope to pass it onto the customer. It is ALL very well cared for vehicles. I have never been more happy. I am not an easy customer and I question EVERYTHING....these guys could not give me anything to question. Will always recommend this place to anyone looking for a truck. That's all they....trucks....every make, model and year. You cannot go wrong...”

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“I haven't been in while they were open but they have some pretty nice cars at great prices. Headed there today to talk to someone and I'm pretty sure I know the owner from way back. We shall see.”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“Excellent service!! My window fell into my door and Gavin knew just what to do. He took my door off and got my window up and on the track in no time! Very handy and helpful I’ll definitely be back to buy a car.”

4 Good20 Reviews

“I was lookin for a 2007 impala like the one I previously had, that was since totaled absolutely loved that car, my wife found that these guys had an red 2007 impala so i called these guys the sales guy was very nice, i came in after talking with him and test drove the vehicle and it was absolutely perfect i could not have found another vehicle as perfect as this. I purchased the vehicle and could not be happier I love this car i will recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much Shawn”

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“I have bought 2 cars from them and could not be happier. One ran 260,000 miles and is still on the streets of CR, the other my daughter drives daily and has been a great little car. They are like family!”

3.7 Good28 Reviews

“I was looking for a truck to be able to pull a travel trailer. I found a 2006 GMC Sierra 3500 here with 78k miles on it. I was nervous about all the reviews and I was even told by word of mouth not to buy a vehicle from here. But I went with my gut that this would be a great truck for my needs. Ended up taking it up to Firestone to get a full point inspection done. The rear tires were in the red zone and front tires in the yellow. And there were a few other mechanical issues that were very minor. The guy up at Firestone even said he would buy that truck. Some people don’t realize used vehicles rarely come perfect. They still require maintenance. And I’m overall pleased with Rosscos.”

3.8 Good73 Reviews

“This is the 2nd time working with motor works and I feel it was an awesome experience my first car was great. I feel the new car my son n got will be the same. Surely worth checking out especially for a limited cash price.”

3.3 Good14 Reviews

“Bought a jeep from Paul great experience no hassles very nice guy was up front about everything have had vehicle for four months now and have not had any issues. Got me financed with a lower percentage than I thought I would get. Just a great overall experience, if more car dealerships were like his we all would not dread buying a used car. Thanks Paul”

3.4 Good26 Reviews

“Arman did a awesome job finding a car for my daughter. Awesome experience for the 2nd vehicle we have bought from McGrath. Arman went out of his way to find a great vehicle at a great price.”

3.6 Good105 Reviews

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