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1707 Hawkeye Dr
CrossFit 2.2 Gyms

“The people are the reason. The coaches are knowledgeable and friendly to everyone. The members are there to improve themselves and are so helpful regardless of you have been there a day or a year. Don’t let the weights and bars scare you away. Meet with a coach. Talk through it all. You will not regret it.”

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“Do you like having fun and getting in shape? This is the place to be. I've had a blast and left it all out there everytime I've walked through the doors! Great trainers and constantly evolving workouts. Do yourself a favor and stop in ASAP!”

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“I dropped into the 5am class and had a very positive experience. The instructor was very kind. She made sure I knew exactly what to do and that my form was correct. Everyone was welcoming and encouraging. The facility is top notch. 10/10 recommend!”

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“I've been going to The Anvil for a few years now and absolutely love the place. Make no mistake, its not the Mac or 24 hour fitness. If you're looking for a lot of cardio equipment this isn't the place. Its an ever evolving place right now as Ghost Strong owned.If you're looking for someplace that gives you complete flexibility in your workouts, staff that know what they are doing, people willing to spot when needed, and just friendly people this is the place. You'll see 55 year old women working 10 feet away from strongman competitors all with the goal of getting better.I've brought friends in on day passes and they all love the place and want to live closer.”

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