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“1st time at this gym and it was great! Rachel was awesome, she throughly explained all the amenities and answered all the questions I had. Gym had everything I needed plus more. Very clean and spacious environment to focus on your workout Definitely would recommend this gym to everyone and will be using this gym every time I come in town. Thanks again for the wonderful experience iGym!”

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“This gym is awesome! Cliff and Nikki have created a great environment for people to go workout and learn how to lift weights and train properly. All of the coaches are great and I have learned something from each of them. If you are looking for a gym check out 5 Seasons CrossFit!”

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“Having worked out at weightlifting gyms, I was skeptical at first of Farrells. But after the 10-week course, I stayed on! It definitely keeps you on your toes and challenges you daily. It’s a great way to get fit and active!”

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“Easy to join. Effective introduction to equipment and class structure. I appreciate the focus on heart rate and the variety of stations and equipment. Love the atmosphere, music and coach led classes!!”

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“I’ve been a member and instructor at The MAC for many years. Well run gym with so many options to help with fitness goals. I truly enjoy the members. They are encouraging and welcoming to new members.”

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“Love iGYM and all the options that come along with membership! 24/7 access is wonderful and the staff are always so friendly. I also like the overall atmosphere of the gym. Highly recommend!”

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“I really enjoy this gym. The equipment and facilities are great and I like the diversity of the clientele - genders, ethnic groups, ages. My wife has been exercising at this gym for several years and it’'s important to me that she and other women seem to feel comfortable working out at this facility. These are things that I would want in any gym I go to.However, there are a couple of suggestions I would like to make to improve the experience.1) The ambient music in the main workout area is often TOO LOUD which makes it difficult to hear my own earbud music above the thumps and thuds coming from overhead.2) The TV in the men’s locker room used to have a sports channel playing which I was ok with. You could either ignore it or listen to the commentators while dressing. Now it shows a strange “sports” channel of extreme skateboarding, extreme biking, hang gliding, etc., with no dialogue, just awful synthesizer music that never stops. You would have to sit and watch the TV to get anything out of it and no one does that in the locker room so what’s the point of even having the TV?3) The shower heads in the men’s locker room all need to be replaced. The older ones spray the water out in a wide circle so half of the water goes right down the drain without ever touching your body. The newer ones installed a year or so ago have such a ridiculously slow, weak trickle of water that they are practically useless.Regardless of these minor issues, I have enjoyed exercising at Top Shape and recommend this gym to others looking to sustain or improve their health.”

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“Arrived at 7;20am on a Wednesday. Clean and open space. Uncrowded by people and equipment. Has 4 hydrotherapy beds, cold therapy beds, stand and lay down beds, Great place to get in, work out and get out.”

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“The BEST place ever!!! I have been in the Personal Training Bussines for more than 20 years, and Golden Trainrer has totaly blowed my mind !!! To give a 5 star rating does not come not even close on how AMAZING!! This place is i highly recommend this place.”

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“This gym is amazing! Clean and many options for classes and fitness! I recently switched from anytime fitness even tho its right next door to me because the MAC is better :)”

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“I've been working with Marley at Rierson Fitness the last few weeks. I'm so happy my PCP recommended her! She has been awesome to work with as I start working on some of my physical health goals. The other trainers in the facility are very friendly, supportive, and funny. I would highly recommend Marley and Rierson Fitness to others.”

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“A great space with lots of equipment! Love getting in a good workout here. Areas for people who don’t like to workout in front of others and areas for people who do. Highly recommend if you live in the Cedar Rapids area!!”

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“Brian is extremely knowledgeable about the body and trained in various techniques so treatments can be tailored to individual needs. Prior to seeing Brian, I had multiple low back muscle spasms and steroid injections. Since I have seen Brian on a regular basis, I have had no spasms or injections. Brian explains what the problem is, what he is doing and gives recommendations for stretches and exercises that will help. Brian has been able to keep my pain manageable and keep me active. The massages I get from Brian are unlike any I have ever had before and I highly recommend him.”

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“I went into the downtown facility Wednesday to get a gym membership and I was greeted my Chelsey she was excellent showed me the gym told me that there was other facilities in Cedar Rapids and helped me get the best membership that fit me. Also she set me up with a personal trainer... I cannot wait to start working out with the personal trainer.... also loving the downtown facility.”

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“Great locally owned fitness club. The free weight room is awesome and has everything I need. There is even a heated pool, hot tub, and sauna included in your membership. The best part is the 1000+ virtual exercise classes offered in the aerobics room. Everything is great. Highly recommend!”

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“We travel a lot & we've seen many gyms, but this one in Ceder Rapid is among the best gyms I've used good luck and best wishes for the staff. THANK YOU.”

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“Overall one of the better Anytime Fitness's I've been too, It's spacious.. I travel around the nation...Only a couple complaints 1) Please order some more Clamps to hold the barbell weights in place, there's only one set from what I seen in the gym..come on now.... 2) put rubber shower rugs down to not get the floor hazard guys...”

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“This is my daughters third year here-she has made many new friends and has learned that being part of a team is important and everyone plays their own part that is very important to the teams success. Coaches have been great with working with her on different skills!”

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“I've been a member since they opened by Lindale Mall. Staff is always friendly, very clean environment, plenty of machines to go around even during busy hours and honestly, their members are great. It's a huge mix of young/old, in shape/trying to get in shape and I love that! I also love that every summer they open their doors for free to teenagers, awesome way to give back to our kids! I wish we could have a sauna room option but aside from that, I wouldn't change anything. - Danielle”

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“Whether I have 20 minutes or an hour, I always gain something by dropping in to Anytime Fitness (AF). The staff is supportive, the equipment is well maintained, the space is clean and other members are very friendly. I love that this location is close by. Somehow, I never have ended-up going to gyms, on a regular basis, that are far away from where we live. Oh, also, did you know that a membership at AF allows you to go to any other AF? Great when you're traveling!”

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“My 9 year old son and 10 year old daughter love the workouts Supernova provides. They do a great job explaining the exercises and make sure they are doing them correctly!”

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“A year ago I really got serious about nutrition and exercise when my doctor told me my A1C was too high and I was now diabetic. She said I needed to make good food choices and I needed to MOVE!! That is when I started making Curves more of a priority in my life! In the past year I have lost 36 pounds and my A1C is now in the normal range! Curves has played a HUGE part in helping me get to this point! I love the workouts and the coaching sessions with staff have really motivated me to keep going. I honestly never thought I would EVER post before/after pictures of my journey but here they are! Thank you, thank you to all the staff at Curves SW Cedar Rapids!!”

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