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“This group is amazing! Started in September after I just felt so discouraged at my last gym. And I haven't been able to work out lately due to a surgery in Noember but this group is great, both in and out of gym. You won't find a better group of people that 151.”

4.9 Superb8 Reviews

“This is a great place to work out. Lots of equipment, for cardio or strengthening. The staff is super friendly and works with you.Having never worked out before, I got a personal trainer there, Joe. He showed me how to use the equipment, but more importantly we had a consultation to go over what I wanted, and hes helped me gain over 25 lbs within 6 months!5 stars, easy”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“Excellent facility for training. Solid gym, team, and coaching. Whether you’re simply looking to get into better shape, or you want to compete as a fighter, this gym can get you there. Anyone in the Cedar Rapids area, check them out!”

4.3 Superb32 Reviews

“I enjoy the variety of group classes, friendliness of the staff, and professional trainers to push me. The video workouts have kept me motivated and moving during this time of being away from the gym.”

4 Good22 Reviews

“Christian is great. While it's a group training, every person gets individualized training too on form. Also exercises are personalized to the person's ability, taking into account if you have injuries or areas of concern. I encourage anyone to consider small group training! The range of exercises are a whole body workout!”

3.7 Good21 Reviews

“I have really enjoyed amyexperience at the YMCA, except for one person. I talked to Jason, fantastic person, and it seems that this person has been working out or 13 years. All he is does is weights, never cardio and he is constantly grunting and making all kinds of horrible sounds. You would think that he is about to have a heart attach. The staff at the YMCA has asked him to stop, but he will not. So, be aware if this person is there and you can hear him everywhere, your at at the YMCA will not be that enjoyable, I know Planet fitness does not allow this kind of behavior.”

3.2 Average17 Reviews

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