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“We had used Walgreens for years and almost always had to wait 15+ minutes in the drive-thru, sometimes to be told that a medication they said was ready wasn’t actually ready.I cannot believe it took us this long to switch to Med-Save. They are INCREDIBLE. Super friendly, actually answer the phone without being put on hold for 5-10 minutes, medications are almost all cheaper — literally everything about them is better. Multiple times, they have prepared our medication when we walk in the door so we can leave with it. Everywhere else will just send you away and tell you to come back later. I cannot recommend them enough. Best pharmacy, hands down.”

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“Kroger beats out other popular pharmacies with their service by a country mile. I have been going to the Kroger pharmacy for most of my prescriptions for years. If the medication prices go up, they still go out of their way to give you the best deal. I appreciate that from a busy place.”

3.6 Good32 Reviews

“I stopped to get a coffee from the Starbucks, located in the store...but also ended up going shopping!!Lots of available products, that was on sale. Lots of new things to try. No wait at the cash register! This was a wonderful experience...while sipping my coffee!!!”

2.9 Average30 Reviews

“I have never had an issue with the Lagrange pharmacy. They have been so helpful and caring. When I need a refill, they have it in 20 min or less. Now I get the text alerts. They were even able get me a new script on one that I accidentally tossed in the trash.”

3.3 Good4 Reviews

“I had an appointment in La Grange on Friday and this was the first time that I stopped into this Walgreens. I have to say that customer service was top notch. Upon entering the store, the manager on duty said good morning and the associate working the front checkout also greeted me. Great customer service definitely. The shelves were stocked and there were not any items missing from the shelf. That definitely shows that the staff does a great job ensuring products are put out once the truck arrives. The sales tags were properly identified and they had displays built at the front of the store and through the middle of the store promoting items for Easter. Overall, the store is great and is located in a great location for the greater La Grange community. Definitely recommend this location to anyone in the area.”

2.2 Poor13 Reviews

“I went in looking for some cold and flu medicine for my wife who is nursing our 4 month old and Liz went literally above and beyond to help me find the right one to use for breastfeeding mothers. Thanks Liz! Good help is extremely hard to find these days. You are Amazing!”

1.9 Poor72 Reviews

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