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“Went in today with my daughter because she's been begging after seeing a few commercials. We will definitely be back. We had so much fun looking at the vast array of items they had. She had trouble picking one thing, but even I found something I couldn't live without. Super fun for a mommy daughter date ender.”

4.6 Superb29 Reviews

“Can find some good deals depending on what you're looking for. I found a nice cat bed, very plush for $7. Lots of books too way cheaper than retail/online shopping.”

4.3 Superb47 Reviews

“Dolla twenty five. Now there are multiple prices in there. First a $5 aisle now different price point throughout the entire store. Sad thing is most items are cheaper elsewhere.”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“Store has been totally updated! They have the $3 & $5 section, store was very clean and well put together, and they have a self check-out! Total game changer!”

4.2 Good22 Reviews

“They have some nice, reasonably priced furniture there. We got our patio furniture from there. I also got my bedroom mattress from there. I really love my mattress, it is very thick with an extra thick pillow top on it. It's very comfortable!!”

3.9 Good32 Reviews

“Amanda is a great and wonderful person store is most of the time very clean. But on delivery day of all the gets a little bit crazy...boxes everywhere...valentine's day is”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“You can find a lot of Home Improvement items, yard equipment, flooring anything that you need for your home. That's a plus sometimes you just have to dig through stuff or see if it can work for you. Happy hunting”

3.9 Good13 Reviews

“I honestly have nothing bad to say about this place because not only did I work there before; yeah it may have a few things wrong with it like certain items not being there all the time or their prices more expensive than Walmart but I know my experience as an employee was overall really good partly because customers were very nice and always made my day plus I loved stocking the items on the shelf because they came in boxes so it was like opening presents haha ?”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“The cashier was awesome. Redheads are just amazing in general. Helped me find what I needed each time I went in and is never in a bad mood when I see her. Its hard finding good ppl in retail anymore with everything going on”

3.9 Good3 Reviews

“Gotta be careful when price shopping between all the dollar stores, dollar tree, and Walmart. Just bc it's the dollar tree doesn't mean it's cheapest. The laundry detergents and cleaning supplies that are now 1.25 are still just $1 at the dollar general. But hygiene products are best bought at Walmart. But snacks and drinks are best at Dollar Tree compared to all other stores and convenience stores. That's why Dollar general gets 4 stars.”

3.8 Good5 Reviews

“I stopped in this family dollar store to get a couple of box fans to donate to people they don’t have air-conditioning. At this particular visit the store was actually in better shape than usual, because they normally have start piling all of the shelves with open boxes all over the floor. Customer service here is good and other than being kind of cluttered. It’s a good stop.”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“That's just one of my stores i like to shop. I'm a couponer and most times it great and then at other times, its not. The policy is that one can use up to five like coupons but some stores won't allow it. I say then let's not deceive the people's. They say for every 25.00 spent on Saturday you get 5.0p off your deal. Well that would be good if they kept their word according to their policy, but some stores choose to do things their way.”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“Nice grocery store it's now my local Walmart just moved on this side of town pretty good store they got a lot of stuff besides just groceries they're really nice people too”

3.7 Good43 Reviews

“This is a busy store on Airline Dr. Seems to always be well stocked (except during pandemics/snow storms when stock can quickly drop to nada very quickly). Thisis everywhere tho' so not unusual. Always seems clean, well managed and stocked.”

3.5 Good4 Reviews

“Came in this location employees were very helpful and nice. Store was very organized and clean, easy to find items. Ms. Jackie and Ms. Liz were very polite will shop this location again.”

3 Average16 Reviews

“my first time in and it was confusing. I found some excellent deals that made it all worthwhile. I'll be back. despite the digging, there are some excellent bargains here.”

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“Ah, Dollar Tree at the boardwalk – the epitome of sophistication and elegance in the realm of discount shopping. Nestled among the boutiques and cafes of the boardwalk, Dollar Tree truly adds a touch of class to the shopping center.Upon entering, you're immediately struck by the delightful ambiance of fluorescent lighting and neatly stacked aisles. It's like stepping into a treasure trove of budget-friendly wonders. The decor? Timeless plastic bins and a rainbow of colorful signage that really screams haute couture.What truly sets Dollar Tree apart, though, is the exclusivity of their offerings. Where else can you find gourmet delights like canned spaghetti next to designer party favors and artisanal cleaning supplies? It's a sensory experience like no other.The staff here are the epitome of grace and charm. They greet you with a smile that says, "Welcome to the land of unlimited possibilities for just a dollar!" Their dedication to customer service truly makes you feel like royalty, albeit on a budget.And let's not forget the clientele – a diverse mix of locals and tourists alike, all united in their pursuit of incredible bargains. The social scene at Dollar Tree is truly something to behold.In conclusion, Dollar Tree at the boardwalk is not just a store; it's a lifestyle. Whether you're hunting for household essentials or simply seeking a taste of the finer things in life without breaking the bank, this establishment delivers with unparalleled flair. So, grab your shopping basket and prepare for a journey into the world of affordable opulence at Dollar Tree!”

2.9 Average19 Reviews