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“The BEST pharmacy in the area..Yes the BEST. The pharmacist actually cares about his customers and their medicine and never had to wait for my medicine to be filled..”

4.4Superb34 Reviews

“This is my local pharmacy I chose them because they had delivered the only problem I got with the deliveries they do charge a $2 delivery fee which ain't bad but still when you live on SSI it's kind of rough but the service is excellent down the pharmacist and the workers that they're so polite and courteous it's a really great low Pharmacy”

4.5Superb23 Reviews

“The young black girl over there that works nights IS AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE and needs to be held at the highest level honor that can be achieved at a Walgreens. Without going to far into it, I wanted to make a return but I wanted it on a gift card so I could purchase a pack of diapers I urgently needed while waiting on my new card in the mail. She accidentally pressed send refund to debit card and offered to pay for my daughter’s diapers because she made the mistake. I told her she absolutely did not have to and that I was not mad but she insisted. This is the kind of person who can change the course of someone’s life with their kindness. I was ready to throw up my hands and give up but she happened to be the one behind the counter tonight and I’m so thankful for that. I didn’t get your name but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

4.3Superb18 Reviews

“I highly recommend Broadmoor Drug Center. The delivery service is efficient and convenient. The personnel and staff is always friendly and courteous. In the 20 plus years that we have done business with this pharmacy, we have never had a negative experience. Dean Pellegrin, pharmacist, has always gone above and beyond necessary efforts to meet the needs of his customers and is always helpful. The personal touch this pharmacy provides leaves their customers with an excellent experience.”

4.3Superb14 Reviews

“Went in for covid vaccines and a flu shot. Went really smooth. No long waiting, no crowded waiting rooms. Scheduled online and went right in with no problems for all three shots.”

5Superb6 Reviews

“I’d highly recommend using them over any of the other corporate chain pharmacies. You just can’t beat the customer service. They do such an amazing job of making you feel like you’re more than just a number!”

4.3Superb12 Reviews

“These people helped me out with my medication, which was on backorder everywhere from home to there. I came from almost 2 hours away and they were able to fill my prescription in little time. I'm very grateful for their help. Thanks again!Use this pharmacy if you live in the area. They are the best.”

4.4Superb9 Reviews

“A wonderful, knowledgeable, caring, and professional pharmacist. Azunna, is such a smart resource to have as member of the medical community. Very pleasant atmosphere.”

5Superb5 Reviews

“I love using a pharmacy that gives you personal attention and service. I have witnessed prescriptions being messed up at your typical chain pharmacies all to often and because Haydel's Pharmacists know their clients and prides themselves on personal quality service, I will always use them. I highly recommend you consider using Haydel's Pharmacy for your prescription needs.”

4.2Good12 Reviews

“They have great people working here. They even called me within an hour to let me know that they couldn’t fill my script and told me how / where I could find a pharmacy to fill it. They are also very helpful and go above and beyond for their customers.”

4.4Superb8 Reviews

“Had the Best of Customer Service from this store, even in the midst of their hard times… Thanks for all the HELP and patience… Came all the way from Gonzales to purchase my 86” tv”

4Good15 Reviews

“If you prefer having your prescriptions filled at overly commercialized places that call themselves "drug stores" but feel like a "mini-walmart", then Peoples Drug Store in Houma is not where you go. Peoples has managed to maintain, over the decades, the personalized service and ambiance of what an actual "drug store" was meant to be. Prescription service is unbelievably fast and while they carry everything you'd need for your medicine cabinet, I'm constantly surprised at the”

5Superb4 Reviews

“Ms. Deborah, the pharmacist is the one to go to! Her and ALL the female staff are GREAT! They will go the extra mile for you! The male pharmacist is NOT friendly. Stay clear of him.”

4.6Superb5 Reviews

“These people are always so kind. I have never had to wait for my meds! The woman pharmacist or nurse who answers the phone—such a nice experience. Very sweet, always has a positive attitude and gets my prescription ready before. Such a nice experience for me! Thank you”

3.7Good20 Reviews
3.9Good10 Reviews

“Drive-Thru Covid-19 Testing is Superb! Pharmacist and staff are Awesome! I travel at least 2-3 times a month with my job. I come here for my test. Make appointment online and come for test. I come so often they remember me!”

3.8Good6 Reviews
3.3Good23 Reviews

“The ladies who work in the cosmetic department are wonderful. They are very helpful and very patient with me, a coupon user. We have exchanged coupons and websites. I hope I never have to go to another Walgreens for what I need! Thanks Clara and Ebony!”

3.2Average32 Reviews

“This has to be the most efficient pharmacy I have ever visited! My dr called in a prescription and before I left the parking lot at the doctors office, I received a phone call stating it was ready to be picked up. Also, the person working the window got an over the counter vitamin for me through the pharmacy window since my son was sleeping in the car. The staff is always so friendly. I am very glad that i made the decision to switch to this pharmacy!”

3Average4 Reviews

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