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“I stumbled upon this place and fell in love. They have a wonderful selection of bourbon, whiskey and other spirits. Shelves are well organized and they have many exclusive brands available.”

4.8Superb31 Reviews

“It has a really cool ice machine next to it. Exceptional customer service. The pumps are always in excellent working order/condition. It's always clean and tidy.”

4.7Superb42 Reviews

“The store is always clean. The employees are friendly and take the safety of themselves and the customers that shop there seriously. Which is something that we should all appreciate, especially in these trying times. Shopping there is a pleasure and if you're concerned about the environment that you're entering I reccomend Shop Rite for your quick stops.”

4.6Superb28 Reviews

“Convenient, quality fuel; 100%gas. Open 24hrs they have just about anything you could ask for from any convenience store also great people who work and own the store!”

4.7Superb18 Reviews

“Clean place. Friendly staff. Good food if you get it before they run out, but I am pretty sure they can make it to order if you call ahead of time. Good coffee selection. Good wine/alcohol selection. Good location. Really do wish they would make more of the baked breakfast rolls.”

4.4Superb18 Reviews

“While I wait for the gas pumps to reset. I'm looking around. There are many knives and Ax here. Everyone is friendly including the customers. 27 degrees 6.30am”

4.2Good31 Reviews

“It’s a great store! Always clean and very decent prices on the alcohol and other items! I love getting gas and other things here. Very friendly employees.. smells awesome and I just want to rate the store a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️”

4.5Superb11 Reviews

“The young black girl over there that works nights IS AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE and needs to be held at the highest level honor that can be achieved at a Walgreens. Without going to far into it, I wanted to make a return but I wanted it on a gift card so I could purchase a pack of diapers I urgently needed while waiting on my new card in the mail. She accidentally pressed send refund to debit card and offered to pay for my daughter’s diapers because she made the mistake. I told her she absolutely did not have to and that I was not mad but she insisted. This is the kind of person who can change the course of someone’s life with their kindness. I was ready to throw up my hands and give up but she happened to be the one behind the counter tonight and I’m so thankful for that. I didn’t get your name but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

4.3Superb18 Reviews

“Ms. Deborah, the pharmacist is the one to go to! Her and ALL the female staff are GREAT! They will go the extra mile for you! The male pharmacist is NOT friendly. Stay clear of him.”

4.7Superb7 Reviews

“These people helped me out with my medication, which was on backorder everywhere from home to there. I came from almost 2 hours away and they were able to fill my prescription in little time. I'm very grateful for their help. Thanks again!Use this pharmacy if you live in the area. They are the best.”

4.4Superb9 Reviews

“Big chocolate chip cookies are a must if they are on the counter!!! Great meat pies, pistolettes, burgers, poboys, hunt brothers pizza, etc. Great gas station, new pumps!”

4.3Superb10 Reviews

“Haji store. But they pretty cheap on gas and cigarettes. They also had a lot of convenience store items. A lot more then a regular haji owned one and cook chicken too.”

4.4Superb8 Reviews

“Didn't expect much for a restaurant located in a gas station but it is pretty. Has a homemade feel to much of the menu. Staff is very nice (let me sample a few things before ordering). A bit greasy so I recommend requesting the use of minimal oil.”

4Good25 Reviews

“recently opened and renamed by 2 of my longtime associates,clean atmosphere and very friendly staff, inexpensive gas prices,hot pizza by the slice(freshly made)daily, and they sell @HubigsPies #LouisianaStrong #TerrebonneStrong, #supportblackownedbusinesses”

5Superb3 Reviews

“Very nice and clean store and the employees is very polite and respectable employees to every customer, In Jesus Christ Holy Name. We thank You, Father God for all of the BUSINESSES AND EVERY WORKPLACES AND EVERY EMPLOYEES, IN JESUS CHRIST HOLY NAME. AMEN ???????❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️.”

3.9Good59 Reviews

“When I go here it's always friendly service hot food and do some price.Parking: It needs to be repaired and needs to be a little better access to the drive-thru window.”

3.8Good105 Reviews

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