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“Didn't have to wait a minute before a happy employee helped me order a phone. Traded in my old cracked phone with a 1000 trade in value ! Process was easy and employee was patient and knowledgeable”

4.5 Superb38 Reviews

“Out of the locations I’ve been too in the area this one is the best. Fast and efficient staffing. Answered all my questions and explained in full detail. Gave me some reassurance in the service I’m paying for.”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“The employees at this store are so kind and helpful! I bought my new S24 Ultra with them, and had not a single problem this time or any time I've dealt with them in the past. They even helped me get into an email on the new phone that I haven't been able to access for years! I've worked with all three employees, here, and I'm extremely happy with the service I received each time. I will be coming back here for my husband's upgrade in a few months!

People just need to realize that the stores are NOT customer service, they are sales only. I saw too many come in to pay their bills, gripe about a couple of dollars being off on their bill, and ask them to fix technical issues, when that is NOT the store's job. These people should have just called in to billing or tech support on the phone, the actual departments for customer service. That's what those are there for! It's 2024, people, time to realize those services are moving online, and let these SALESPEOPLE do their actual jobs instead of holding up the line. They do their job of selling well, it's when YOU expect them to do things beyond what they are being paid to do that you're getting mad at. Don't take your issues out on these people just doing their jobs.”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“Wanted more money to return and give me a different phone and then not even today had to wait in mail which mail does not even pass but once a week at my house because understaffed I just bought this phone 45 days ago have ins and I would still need to give 20.00 more for a product problem that is not my fault makes no sense to me .So I still have a phone that when I press numbers that it does not understand so I could die calling 911 understand”

3.6 Good19 Reviews

“I had a wonderful experience with the employees at this t-mobile, I was helped by Mrs. Ashley, she answered all my question on the phone and in store, I highly recommend yall come to the t-moble in Thibodaux”

2.7 Average9 Reviews

“Was helped by an associate that willingly took the time to answer all questions about our issues. A different place now that they have changed the interior settings.”

2.6 Average19 Reviews

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