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“They were absolutely incredible! Kevin is one of the best in the business and took care of me like family. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I brought my Masariti to them, they got it sounding incredible. The staff was amazing and the whole experience was incredible! 100/100! I recommend this place over everything. This is the only place I’ll go to with my cars moving forward.Service: Exhaust”

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“I love Ameri Benz! They provide a high quality experience with an affordable budget for my needs. The staff is wonderful you are treated as if you’re family ❤️?”

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“First things First. Melissa and her Mom are a power team. I came in needing a new flex pipe and Melissa realized I also needed a new resonater. Melissa and her mom worked together flawlessly and my van came out looking and sounding amazing. The work was phenomenal and the price was amazing. I guarantee I will be taking my other cars back to them. Seeing women do this work was super empowering and seeing them work together just sealed the deal. Driving in dc and dealing with all of these potholes your bound to need exhaust work”

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“We have used their services a number of years for different vehicles. They are trustworthy and reliable. I believe it is difficult to find a honest mechanic. Scanlan is an honest business with a great support staff.”

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“My truck was leaking coolant. Took it to Julia and Simon and they did a great job. They replaced my water pump, belt, and tensioner. Truck is up and running with no issues now. Great work!Service: Auto water leak repair”

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“Had a large generator installed on my food truck so it was sagging a bit in the rear. Called these guys up, they did some upgrades to my suspension. Had my truck back in 2 days. Great shop!”

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“Went there yesterday to get a custom aftermarket infotainment system and gauge display set installed and man oh man did Julio do an amazing job !!! I am extremely satisfied with the work he did on my 2022 Mustang GT and will be back there next Saturday for my underglow lights install and offset stripes.I’m already a confident customer and will be going there more than often for any custom work.Thanks Julio and your entire team!Philippe”

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“I have metal on my tire so stopped in to see what they had to say an advise me..the guy was very nice an professional an he didn't try to put the screws to me being a woman”

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“Customer Service was adequate.But caution,I don't think its legal to add a 3% surcharge onto the bill if you use your credit card. If you pay them in cold hard CASH; then, the 3% extra fee is waived.I wonder what the government would think about their policy. Two pink store receipts were generated.One pink receipt had the 3% fee added with the white credit card printout stapled to it.And the other computerized business receipt with the business logo did not show the fee! (That is . . . the other pink store receipt was put aside- no fee.)Sorry guys . . . but don't try to screw an accountant.No Bueno!”

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