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“So far it's been over a month, since I have received my bank card. The manager of the Bank took it upon herself to decide when I should get my bank card. I was at the mailbox every day waiting for my bank card. 11 days went by, no card. So I'm thinking okay the mail is slow, waited more, another week went by, no card. I called the bank, to find out, the manager thought that my bank account was going to be a fly by night, because of the covid. Covid people would open the bank account get their money and then close their account. Nobody even asked me, if this was going to be a long-term bank account with their Bank. I open my bank account May 5th today's date is June 19th and I still have not received my card. I don't know why the manager thinks she can play God with people's bank accounts. But it is just unbecoming of a manager not to call me to ask if I was going to stay with the bank here I'm waiting for my bank card no one's talking to me nothing in the mail, it was just rude and ignorant what they did. I will be thinking about going with another bank now. So People's Bank I'm probably going to be closing my account soon you're welcome.”

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