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“Just wanted to thank Miguel. He is very patient, professional and nice! We changed our minds several times about the plan and Miguel had no problem starting from scratch, explaining everything again.”

4.8 Superb67 Reviews

“I have been to this location on several occasions as it is the closest to where I live. Right now it is atrocious to enter/exit the lot. They are doing major road work on the main drag and the location appears hidden behind the machinery and what not here. Other than that, it is usually a quick stop, in and out, and you can go about your day. This also feels out of place a bit as it sits next to a high rise and is dwarfed by it. I am sure, once the roadwork is done, and the small road connecting to the park behind it reopens, this place is going to have an uptick of business. The store is a bit small on the inside, but what they offer is a nice mix of items you come to rely on having at a convenience store. Customer service depends on who might be working the counter at the time. Exiting the lot might take a minute as the exit sits at a traffic light. So you cannot just pull out of here.”

3.4 Good8 Reviews

“Always fast service. This location is always well stocked and the staff is friendly. Clean establishment! Easy parking. I frequently stop by and you should also.”

3.1 Average16 Reviews

“I do not believe any verizon location better than other verizon location. HOWEVER, you will have better chance at a Corporate store than authorized retailer store FOR SURE. It is the people you get to interact with and helped from. I am lucky that Johnathan W. helped me through my issue I did not know it end up being that complex, and I end up found out by overheard that he STAYED OVER TIME when I was walking out the store; so Thank you soo much for taking care of your customer until the end and getting questions and issues resolved. I was originally came in via appointment after calling customer service for checking on my phone and get it traded in. Johnathan was patiences with my poor memory on trying to get my password right. He was able to figure out my apple watch connectivity, network, and over plans. He tried his best to explain this complexity of the Number share, yet he did not have to. He checked my overall plans and see if there anymore ways I can save more monthly on my ends. At the end, he recaps what I need to keep an eye out for in billing, reminds me to notify Verizon if plans have issue, and print out for me the bills and notes with explanations for them with the recaps. I walked out a happy customer, knowledgable customer, and an aware customer and that was probably thanks to 100% Johnathan excellent service. Will update more once the plans set in motions throughout months. However, this Verizon store is very lucky to have Johnathan helping out customers with kindness and empathy. 11DEC2023.”

2.9 Average39 Reviews

“This is my favorite store. Clean, well stocked and excellent customer service. I stop at this store twice a day, from and to work. The coffee is always fresh. They make a fresh pot of coffee if my favorite kind is not there. The food is always fresh. This store takes good care of its customers.”

2.7 Average10 Reviews

“Its a 7-11. If the employees weren't stoned out of their freakin' gourds it might be a bit better... but it's a 7-11.The facility is well-kept and fully stocked with the typical junk food garbage you might expect-- 7-11 sure seems to be going for the tops in bad food-- and the folks who work here are pleasant enough.The gasoline facility is fine. There are occasional.problems with the air pump but that happens everywhere. Buy yourself a pump for ten bucks and keep it in your car.A fine place with baked employees.”

1.7 Poor7 Reviews

“The experience of 7 Eleven is one of a kind. Kind of like the crazy uncle that you love, but are kind of scared of. You never know what he’s going to do. Such is the same, with 7 Eleven. When one enters, one must be prepared for everything and nothing. For the light and the dark exist in this place.”

1 Poor5 Reviews

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