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“The only car repair place I feel comfortable going to. Their honest, very fair pricing, they explain everything and they don't try to make you spend more money on things you don't need. Glad a friend recommended me to this place.”

4.6 Superb8 Reviews

“This is in response to the previous 1 star rating on Google that I recently reported as false:kerry frazier writes 3 years ago:“This is not a Citizens Bank it is Noah Webster Bank”The Citizens Bank is inside of Stop & Shop - the Noah Webster bank is across the street next to the Cumberland Farms - which also has a Citizens Bank ATM inside.The description for this Google link was: “Citizens BankATM in Somerset, Massachusetts”Please use your eyeballs kerry”

2.7 Average3 Reviews

“I haven't been inside a bank in a very long time. I rolled a bunch of change and carried it in the bank. The teller was very pleasant. Everything is done with your ATM card now. I looked around for a deposit slip and couldn't find one. Amazing how few people were in the bank.”

2.1 Poor5 Reviews

“Strictly giving this because i go here for shopping allll the time. The happiest workers ever. I love how they are allowed to chat and laugh - i think they are quicker and more productive because of it. That being said, this store is TINY, great for basics. That's about it.”

1.8 Poor4 Reviews

“I go to Stop & Shop once in a while when I am out and about and the store is convenient. Also when they have really good sales or BOGO.This store in Somerset is convenient when I am driving to or from Fall River.I decided to get some snacks and they had a good selection of Goldfish crackers, which is what I was craving. I remember the days when there was only ONE type of Goldfish crackers, now there are dozens of them.The store was well lit, well organized and I could find the crackers really quickly with the help of the high clear aisle signs.”

1.8 Poor4 Reviews