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“Most places today accept some form of electronic payment method like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay. This location does not, so make sure you bring your physical card with you! Besides that it's a great place to stop in for a quick fill up and no wait most of the time”

4.4Superb78 Reviews

“Wonderful customer service always nice ever since I moved here back in august! They're always making sure I get everything I need and place is always clean!”

4.4Superb50 Reviews
4.1Good38 Reviews

“This is the best group of people working here. This my gas station the only one I go to lol the staff are friendly and professional make you feel welcome. Thank you for that being I just recently moved from Macomb county”

4Good45 Reviews

“Only complaint I have is with the change in the cups and lids for coffee. Most so the lids. Can we please get lids with the ability to close the opening? Some of us appreciate NOT having our coffee spilling out into our center console. Thanks.”

3.9Good48 Reviews

“In my opinion it's the best automatic car wash in Flint (of the ones I've visited anyway). Staff is friendly and always appreciative for the business. Please remember to tip the workers if you are able to do so. Coming from someone who did this job as a teenager, it's not an easy job and it sucks being wet and cold all day during these colds months! A small act of kindness and appreciation for the workers that many take for granted, can go a long way and can turn someone's day from awful to awesome! Best wishes to all!”

3.8Good55 Reviews

“Never has the coke slurpee workin. They need to get rid of those nasty flavors and get more coke ones working. Everytime we stop, its never working and its getting ridiculous!I am changing to 5 stars because rhey have 3 cokes working and I am soooo happy!!!! Thank you speedway! ?”

3.7Good48 Reviews

“This gas station has a tai restaurant connected to it. They have all kinds of snacks and drinks. The selection of liquor is better than most party stores. I staff is always friendly and helpful. ???”

3.9Good16 Reviews

“This is my favorite gas station. Normally the prices are lower or on par with other local stations. It is convenient for my route to work and they have a nice selection inside. I also like the TVs in the pump as well!”

4Good10 Reviews

“I arrived at this store late at night(almost closing time a few nights ago) in a frantic state because I needed to find my daughter's medicine(Tylenol). I was having a stressful time trying to find the baby medicine aisle. I went up to a worker who showed me great kindness in helping me find my daughter's medicine. He was a blonde and I believe his name was Andrew. He was very professional and very kind to me. This was my first time at this store and I think it is going to be my new go to store because of the professionalism shown. I never really write reviews but this young man deserved some recognition.”

3.6Good29 Reviews

“Service was friendly and prompt. Not to fond of the 7/11 logo's speckled throughout the store . I know 7/11 bought out the speedway's but stick to one brand”

3.5Good47 Reviews

“Speedway is a nice Gas Station where a Person can Gas Up A Vehicle, Buy Snacks or Drinks, Grab A Quick Bite To Eat from the Quick Foods That They Serve & Make Up at their Gas Stations. You Can Buy Lotto Tickets at these Gas Stations. And also, Buy Money Orders Most of the Time If Their Machine Is Working. A Person Can Also, But Speedway Gift Certificate Cards Here Too. These Are A Few Things To Mention That A Person Can Get Or Do Or Buy At Your Nearby Speedway Gas Stations If They Are Located By You. For the Most Part Good Customer Service Given Here Too.”

3.4Good56 Reviews

“Beware of gas quality. After filling up 3/4 tank of 87 octane on 5/18/22 in afternoon, engine started shuttering after 30 minutes of driving. Very reliable one-year old car. Dealer is investigating cylinder misfires and now determined that bad gas is likely culprit.Update: Fuel analysis showed no contamination. So, adjusting from 1 star to 4 stars. Looking like a faulty injector.”

2.8Average20 Reviews
2.7Average17 Reviews
2.6Average21 Reviews

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