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“I get propane here all the time. It's actually a lot further than where I use to get my tanks filled, but they are always great there. Definitely worth the extra drive, not yo mention their propane prices are among the cheapest. They also have kerosene and orv fuel. Check them out!”

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“Gas station fuel prices here are almost always cheaper. There are a ton of gas pumps but it does have the tendency to get extremely busy however I've never been there for a really long time. For anyone that's never been here they don't accept cash.”

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“Literally the greatest car wash I have ever been through. I don't do reviews but I had to for this. Amazing. 100000% recommend. This man changed my life and my car.”

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“The girls in the "office" were extremely helpful. It was a bitter cold day and I had trouble with my debit card. She came out in the ba.d weather to help me. Iwas very appreciative.”

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“I like getting my gas here ,I use my discount from shopping there so I save a lot of money .I spent 67 bucks filling up my truck thanks to my discount or it could of been closer to 100 bucks.”

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“I enjoy being greeted by nice people first thing in the morning and even other parts of the day. They always have what I'm looking for whether a fresh cup of hot coffee or an ice cold smoothie or anything else to drink great snacking selection and reasonable prices including on gas.”

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“Fast friendly affordable in always go above the Call of Duty to make sure every customer is happy no matter how picky they are or how polite they're not.. just want to say thank you for making all of her life easier to the staff during this pandemic”

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“I have been coming here for the last 3-4 years. They do the best work and the price for labor is honest and fair. I recommend them to anyone!Services: Steering & suspension repair”

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“They seem to be pretty busy when I go for some reason.i don't know if it is just bad timing or whatever but I love the fuel points it tends to help from time to time”

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“Brandon's has been my spot for over 2 decades even though it's changed owners. They almost always have the tires I need and are happy to balance and mount the for me. And wish I could give them an extra star for leaving the air hose out for folks like me, Thanks guys!”

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“I can't even find the words to describe these kind, beautiful men that work tirelessly to keep and maintain this business successfully. They definitely keep their customers coming back. Thank you guys?”

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“Been walking here and getting gas here for years. It’s just little, but it’s got quite a bit inside. Staff inside is friendly, which says more about this neighborhood than it does admiral, but the other admiral on Richfield and Center also has good people. If you can make it to that one I’d go there instead, only because of its size though.”

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“They have good pricing for everything and even have items that are not easily found on this side of town, like my new favorite Doles apple juice. They also have a nice selection of pocket knives and earrings for a decent price. And let's not forget about their tobacco products. It's extensive and some of the lowest prices around.”

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“Excellent place for gas and a car wash. Now you can do it all from the pumps. Staff is very nice. The wash crew is very good and do a great job of making your car sparkle. Highly recommend for gas/wash combination.”

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“I work here I and think myself, my co worker and my boss are wonderful people who care about our customers. We are polite and welcome all of our customers. We love our customers.”

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“Everything is great here. Just ,!!! ONE BIG !!!! problem Bathrooms. Have to be addressed we asked who cleans the bathrooms and if someone can clean the at 8 pm the night before. They had poop in the men's bathroom my boyfriend said. So we come here today and he said it's still in there and it is 5:14 pm the next day. So we asked again who cleans the bathrooms a new lady said girls clean the girl and guys clean the guys so if no guy is here on that shift they don't get cleaned THIS is INSANE everyone should be able to CLEAN the bathrooms. Regardless of gender whoever is working should Have to MANDATORY CLEAN THE BATHROOM AND HAVE A EVERY 3 TO FOUR HOUR CHECK ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ LIST TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE GETTING CLEANED CORRECTLY !!!!!!!!!!! now everyone and everything else is GREAT. Just the bathrooms need a new. Cleaning schedule ASAP !!!”

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“I believe it's a mobile now unless they are the same company but I visit it regularly for the E85. The staff have always been very nice! There is a young redhead woman that is very polite and almost seems outta place on that side of town but I'm glad they have her. I only gave four stars due to the parking lot looking rough, trash, etcs, and as I've read in the reviews before the inside could use a little work. Great prices and plenty of merch but it needs some fresh paint and maybe some better lighting.”

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“Staff is friendly and quick, and much nicer then the rude employees and Manager directly across the street at One Stop. It's a VERY SMALL station but my husband Daniel and I choose to get there over One Stop EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Thanks Ladies (and the One Guy) who work there for being so friendly, quick, patient, and Kind EVERYTIME We come in. U guys are the best ?”

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“The clerks there were very polite, and I'm pretty sure that I got a good deal on Marlboro's, since I bought two, and entered my phone number (hopefully not foolishly). If I could give four and a half stars, I probably would, but..., then again. Who knows? It would be a five if their Monster drinks were cheaper, and they gave cigarettes away for free! Or, at least for what they cost 20 or so years ago.”

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“I love being able to pay on my phone and not have to go inside. Normally I have to go inside places for fuel because I use prepaid debit cards and the holds are very high on them. I wish more places had this!”

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“They fixed the bathroom situation. There is now a hand dryer that works. They seem to be keeping up with the hand soap. The soda is less expensive than at other laundromats.”

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“Wayne is the greatest! I an so thankful for Wayne and Rhonda! Theor super patience Grace , support and encouragement, kindness means so much! Thankyou for helping me remember to smile and keep going! When I needed too remember the most!!! You're The Bees KNEES and so very appreciated!!!”

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“In this hard time this gas station provides a clean and sanitized area all around. Offering customers outstanding service! Highly recommend. The rewards system here is great too, great way to save money at a quick stop.”

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“I luv this continence store..You can get cough dropsSmall meds and baby stuff..batteries.tshirts.glovesBehind the counter from clerkIn store socks.dishsoap.tiolet paper.Grocery items.Pop .eggs.baconSausage.e.eggs..Lots of groceryPlus a huge freezer full of frozen foods..this place is really should be called a miniMarket 24.7.I highly recommend you stop in a will not be excellent customer serviceWell and beyond super friendly”

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“Good place to get in and out of road wise. Gas prices are competitive and the convenience store has a variety of goods. Also sells beer, wine, alcohol, and lottery.Employees are always kind and courteous. Been going there for years.”

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“This is one of the best sonoco gas stations that I've been to in Flint, in the 21yrs I've been here!!! It's a great atmosphere to be around!!!! love the prices, love the deals, great Customer service. Extra, Extra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little restaurant there inside........ Just saying; the foods wet Af!!!!!!!!! Love it.”

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