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“Big lots is the place to go for unique and popular snacks as well as furniture and odds and ends, pet supplies, outdoor decor, and everyday essentials. ample furniture and kitchen items.”

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“Al wissam is the dopest hip hop clothing line that's been in the game for a decade can't go wrong with this clothing line they never faded or sold out their brand like some of the others did kept it in the urban community whete it needed to be they never change their style from the baggy jeans to the skinny jeans like some of the other brands did hope in the future they make their jeans a lil more baggy need to fade out the skinny jeans i support them to them to the fullest i recommend every body from the urban community around the world form hood to hood from ghetto to ghetto to go check theses guys out peace and one love to Al wissam”

4.6 Superb50 Reviews

“Got there an hour before closing; could not use fitting rooms, and the people that had greeted us as we walked into the men’s clothing area disappeared immediately not to be seen again. Shirt selection is not what it used to be! Our cashier was helpful and a really lovely lady. Usually I can find what I need in men’s clothing there and it’s a go-to, but overall this last visit was lackluster. However, my 23 yo son was thrilled that they have “dress slacks” in the super slim fit. Good thing he was wearing shorts and could sort of try the pants on over the shorts; I might have walked away in frustration otherwise. I do have to return the shirt he could not try on before purchasing.”

3.8 Good137 Reviews

“There are going as well as they can. The employees are very professional and I feel terrible for them. I mean how much money do they really bring in compared to the cost running it. I love Macy's and their class. I sure hope this staple of a store stays for a long time.”

3.4 Good222 Reviews

“There’s the employees are super helpful and super nice here, then there’s a few that just seem like they hate their job. I can see the frustration of people calling 100000000 times a day for the viral item’s. But if you can’t stand the same question over and over tell another employee to answer or better yet find a job that don’t involve people!”

3.8 Good32 Reviews

“Absolutely Great Deals For the Entire Household. Everything you need in 1 Stop, even for your Pets too.. Can’t Get Any Better Than That. Great Clearance Also. School Uniforms. Clothing for Every Occupation. Holiday /Seasonal Items.Make Sure You Join the Reward Program Too.Text Join To 50886.. You get 10%… I even got 40% off A Single Item Too. $5.00 Off your Bill,etc..”

3.6 Good49 Reviews

“One of my favorite places to shop, I get my cactuses and plants there all the time, they have a lot of items that I have purchased and will be purchasing in the near future, great hours of operation.”

3.6 Good17 Reviews

“Very clean very organized they have everything u need a one stop shop very affordable exelent attitude from the employees it’s very convenient to shop there always love going there”

3.2 Average48 Reviews

“It was good store 2 star shelves 1 star other 1 star when I went to the one in Westland I finally got to play super Mario bros. Wonder W target Target in Westland 5 stars for me”

3.4 Good6 Reviews

“The cleanest and most organized Citi Trends I have ever been to. Found some amazing jeans there! The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely visit this location again.”

3.1 Average36 Reviews

“The cleanest and most organized Citi Trends I have ever been to. Found some amazing jeans there! The staff was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely visit this location again.”

3 Average11 Reviews

“OMG their 60 dozen eggs are less than five bucks!! I love you Walmart!!! Ok I gotta update this one as of today 02-08-24...welll Walmart 60 dozen of eggs has shot up to over 7 bucks now still not bad but damn they went from 4 dollars and some change to 7 plus.....I guess they gotta stay richer while still robbing the poor”

2.8 Average284 Reviews

“Great place for clothes but very random order. If you are looking for a specific thing, like a tuxedo jacket, good luck! They are very randomly organized. Also, they are shortage on cashiers”

2.7 Average138 Reviews