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“We moved back to Niagara Falls NY in 2013 and have not had anything even close to the kielbasa from Lewandoski's. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas breakfasts just aren't the same.”

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“The best place to buy Hispanic products that you can't find most places. The staff also treats you like family and that's a huge plus, even when you have to use multiple cards to pay, they help make it work for you. I live right down the street and plan on shopping here everyday I can, just to get the soda shipped from Mexico and other places that are made with real sugarcane.”

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“I messaged the ahead of time and they had my stuff ready to go! Everyone in there was helpful and nice. Loved the extra stuff they have for sale too. Highly recommend checking them out for your meat needs.”

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“I stopped in to Grand Butchers to look for some steak for my Christmas Eve meal. I was greeted right away and the friendly employee cut me two generous ribeye steaks. It was about $20 per pound, which is certainly better than any restaurant pricing so I was happy. I don't buy a ton of meat so I'm not sure if that pricing is in line with other stores, but I wanted to support this local shop right in my own neighborhood. They had a large selection of other cuts of meat, chicken, and packaged items like crackers, sauces, dips, gifts, and more. I'm definitely coming back to Grand Butchers the next time I need a more special cut of meat. Love the large parking lot and I was in and out in no time.”

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“This place compares to Horrocks Market, just smaller. If you like to cook, this is one of the places to shop in Grand Rapids. The only way to improve, is a bigger building. I will be back..”

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“My boyfriend and I LOVE Franks. We buy all our protein from here. Everything is so fresh and yummy! I can’t even pick a favorite. I like to buy the frozen chicken breasts that are already marinated… they are huge & I always have left over. For football games we buy the chicken wings. & don’t even get me started on the NY Strip! For snacks we always get Hot Shot beef sticks, I like the cheddar ones! You can’t beat the price too!! The staff is great, Nolan Collins and Matt Bilski are always so helpful!!”

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“Always great cheese and wine options, helpful and knowledgeable staff. We’re regular customers and will continue to come back.Tried a charcuterie plate to go this week and what a treat at a very reasonable price!”

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“Very reasonably priced and they sell cool boutique suet bags too. I called them, they smoked a small spiral for me I picked it up the next day, 2 days before thanksgiving, Best ham I ever had in my life and I am old. Not normal ham, this is luxury ham on another level that will shut up people that complain a lot. Looks like no parking from the street but there is when you driveway up around back. Getting good work out of you hammers lately.”

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“Ordered the oxtails dinner and fish dinner today for the first time and I can honestly say the food was excellent with huge portions. I'll definitely be back!!”

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“I love this place! Great customer service and quiet, calm, clean atmosphere. Convenient way to pick up bones for my bone broth (plus an extra for my dog - he loves it as I groom him), and they have a great selection of ice cream, cheeses, jerky, and gifts like fruit butters and preserves, even emu oil!”

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“Nice, clean, little shop with a unique variety of food items. They carry Moo-ville milk and ice cream which is excellent! I recently bought a pack of black walnuts here, which you don't easily find in stores, and they are a real treat!”

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“I bought a 9 pound, bone in ham. Everyone had enough, and I got to make pea soup with the ham boneParking: Get there early. Due to the long lines during the holidays it's kind of hard finding a parking spot, especially when you find someone parked in a handicap spot with no placard or signage on their license plate because their better than everyone else”

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“This is an excellent place to deliver! Very friendly staff. Employees are punctual and polite. Plenty of room to maneuver in to dock. Quick unload. Highly recommend this place.”

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“I’ve had the food from there a few times and it’s delicious. Yes a little pricey but it’s artisan. However, I gave 4 stars because we had ordered 3 Rueben egg rolls and received cheesesteak ones instead. I get it that we’re all human and make mistakes, but I did call them to inform them of the error and they very kindly offered to give us 3 Reubens for free to make up for their mistake. So 5 out of 5 stars for customer service and the food is absolutely decadent.”

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“Raw receiving usually in and out in an hour, unless they're short on cooler space. Cozy little lot with a porta potty available for driver use. Enter off Davis Ave.”

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