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“I LOVE exploring new to me grocery stores and when I find one that makes me feel like I'm visiting a far off destination all the better. This place has it all. Anything you may need from meats to veggies to tea and Turkish delight it's all here. The ready to eat food case smelled amazing and the deli salads looked fresh and authentic. I've been trying for a while to find a local source for goat meat and they came through and it was so reasonably priced. They make me want to learn how to use these ingredients! Everyone was so friendly and it's much bigger than I expected. We ate well after our trip here and I'm so thankful to have found it!”

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“Great place to stop in and pick up items for cooking different Korean dishes or if you want to try some new snacks that you wouldn't find at a traditional grocery stores in the Grand Rapids area. The owners are very kind people and seem to really take pride in their store!”

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“My wife is Asian and loves this store. She gets just about everything she needs here, and I love the durian! Only store I’ve found in town that carries it. We purchase it frozen , a little pricey , but well worth it. One of my favorite fruits, had it often when we lived in China, and this is just about as good and fresh. Lots of people say that it stinks, and tastes awful, so it’s not for everyone. I love it. If you’re willing to risk spending $20 for a new taste adventure then I highly recommend trying it.”

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“Lovely shop, they sell nutcase vegan meats which is amazing and they have other great local products, it's not very close but if i lived nearby I'd do all my shopping there”

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“I stopped in to Grand Butchers to look for some steak for my Christmas Eve meal. I was greeted right away and the friendly employee cut me two generous ribeye steaks. It was about $20 per pound, which is certainly better than any restaurant pricing so I was happy. I don't buy a ton of meat so I'm not sure if that pricing is in line with other stores, but I wanted to support this local shop right in my own neighborhood. They had a large selection of other cuts of meat, chicken, and packaged items like crackers, sauces, dips, gifts, and more. I'm definitely coming back to Grand Butchers the next time I need a more special cut of meat. Love the large parking lot and I was in and out in no time.”

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“Mr Neumann was such a great worker. He provided me with the highest quality groceries and definitely earned Kingmas a new customer. He is definitely deserving of a raise.”

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“A small supermarket with nice staff and for me the best tamales (raja con queso) in GR.Don't get me wrong with "the small supermarket", they have everything ?”

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“Small, friendly and was well stocked at our visit.We purchased Apples, peaches and some of the best tomatoes of this year.If in the area and want fresh fruit it’s worth the stop!!”

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“My boyfriend and I LOVE Franks. We buy all our protein from here. Everything is so fresh and yummy! I can’t even pick a favorite. I like to buy the frozen chicken breasts that are already marinated… they are huge & I always have left over. For football games we buy the chicken wings. & don’t even get me started on the NY Strip! For snacks we always get Hot Shot beef sticks, I like the cheddar ones! You can’t beat the price too!! The staff is great, Nolan Collins and Matt Bilski are always so helpful!!”

4.7 Superb48 Reviews

“Aldi is the Best place to grocery shop. It's well stocked an has great items and prices. We always find 99% of the items on our list there.So glad they opened a store in Allendale Mi. Thank you so much”

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“Looked around at a couple of things. I can’t see buying to much here. Over $7 for a jar of peanut butter and a can of taco meat was over $15. Seems expensive e to me. Good price on eggs. I went there to get Luigi’s Italian ice for my brother. $20 for 24 tubes.”

4.4 Superb119 Reviews

“Great place to find groceries to make Mexican food. I come here to buy maseca to make tacos, pickled jalapeños, salsas, beans, rice, super cheap limes, michelada style beers, etc.You don't have to speak Spanish to come here, everyone is super friendly and most prices are bargains. So come here, buy maseca, limes, cilantro, and a tortilla press. Then go home and learn how to make your own tacos and tamales. It will improve your life and save money on your grocery bill.”

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“What an awesome little find! So it's basically like a bare bones dollar store with old fashioned candy jars and ice cream shop attached. It has this glorious old home scent that reminds me of the Victorian home my aunt purchased and lived in. They have all the basics here in terms of basic (very basic) grocery items and soft drinks. A delicious neighborhood general store that brought a smile on my face. Small but just delightful!”

4.5 Superb56 Reviews

“A nice attire to buy large quantities of items, like what a restaurant would buy, but also smaller quantities in most things. Very little produce selection, but the basics. Decent meat selection.”

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“4.9/5 StarsLet me start with how the staff is amazing. Every time I go here they are always smiling and friendly. Then we get to the food. This sushi is absolutely outstanding! Some of the best I've had around here in a long time. thing I didn't like is the salmon sushi seemed a little fisher than normal. Wasn't a huge fan of it. But everything else was amazing!”

4.7 Superb31 Reviews

“Food was delicious, Service was great, Price point was perfect. I am in town for work and will be going there everyday for lunch to try something from a really great menu. Salute to these folks who have done great with effectively representing Soul Food.”

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“This review is not for locals who already know what a gem this place is. I lived a few blocks away for 4 years but moved out of state and made sure to shop while in town recently. I would come in for daily staples one day, and something exceptional another day. The footprint is perfect. You can get in and out quickly without having to walk a warehouse. It's also big enough to stock pretty much anything you need. Top quality products and great staff.”

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“I lived in Grand Rapids for 11 years and would go to the Farmers Market and buy eggs and their chorizo, breakfast, and Italian sausage. I missed their chorizo I came for a visit and I decided to bring some home with me. Packed them in a cold bag put them in my luggage. They were still frozen when I got back to Seattle. Next morning I had chorizo and eggs I was in heaven. Hi Jenny”

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“Love shopping at Aldi's! So much cheaper there...theirproduce section is well organized & everything looks so need to take ur own bags or buy them at checkout..”

4.2 Good126 Reviews

“A friendly place to stock up on well priced Asian foods. An excellent source for herbs and fresh veg that can't be found in big grocery stores. The gentleman who runs the store will locate items if you can't find them, he's very kind and if you have the Vietnamese name of an item but don't know exactly what it is, he'll be helpful. The candy selection is mind boggling and the seafood selection is interesting.”

4.4 Superb47 Reviews

“A hidden gem, ran by one of the most caring leaders in civil rights for all, Dr. Jose Flores is an inspiration to his community and beyond. The place has everything you could ask for and more.”

4.5 Superb36 Reviews

“It is a pleasure to shop at Aldi. Aldi has a large variety of foods to choose from. They have an abundant variety/supply of various kinds of greens and fruits. There are unique items at Aldi.The prices are right and do not gouge the customer. You’ll get twice the food at Aldi than you would anywhere else.The fruit and vegetables are half the price as one would see from other nearby grocery markets.You are in and out, because the cashiers are amazingly fast.”

4.8 Superb21 Reviews

“This is out regular weekend spot. Home made tortillas and very authentic. All the tacos are great hard to pick a favorite the Quesabirrias also good.. they have recently changed their name to La Favorita. Really nice family owns it, owner greeted each guest and was very nice. They have a loyal customer following and are busyThis is a definite must stop.”

4.8 Superb21 Reviews

“Transitioning from Colorado to Michigan made me a little nervous about finding a grocer with an organic focus and local goods, and my concerns all but vanished with Harvest Health Foods down the road. My new standby!”

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“I always love Ken's market. If you are new to Grand Rapids go try Ken's, they have an awesome variety of fresh meats, fruits and veggies and so much more they have expanded the market. It is awesome. So worth your trip.?”

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“Tacos El guerra come here to this parking lot. I've been in the store too and should should too while you wait for tacos. Tacos EI guerra have the best tacos ever and the best prices. You should definitely check them out on Facebook.”

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“A great little shop chock full of spices, dry goods, select cookware, figurines, frozen prepared meals and every ingredient possible to make all your favorite Indian dishes from most regions of the country. Some fresh produce is stocked in a cooler. Helpful and friendly staff can answer questions and help you find all the items you seek. Bagged spices are available across an entire wall. Figurines of Ganesh and bells of all sizes can be found at the front of the store. A great little shop for all the right reasons”

4.2 Good98 Reviews

“Great little store! One of the few places I know that I can get Vegan Shrimp for my GF as well as large bags of rice, cookware like woks and bowls, various noodles and seasonings and a bunch of other things.”

4.3 Superb58 Reviews

“I have been going to Paula's Market for over 10 years. Their food is always fresh and spot on! I went this last Sunday and it was no surprise that the food was very good. Trudy made me the A-1 grinder which was my first time trying this remarkable creation. Tom and Paula are great caring people always trying to please the public and they are the fabric of what makes this the great nation that it is. I will be going for another 10 years!”

4.3 Superb57 Reviews

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