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“This gas station is very convenient for me and is always the cheapest gas in town besides Costco. It does get busy a lot of the times I go, but it's definitely worth it for the savings.”

4.3Superb85 Reviews

“Cheap gas and drinks. Most of the workers are friendly. They do close their bathroom down 2hrs early without any signs saying it's closed. You open the door and you get yelled at that they are closed and don't use them.”

4.4Superb49 Reviews

“All I did was get gas. The outside was clean and the pump gave me a receipt. (You wouldn't believe how many gas station let the paper run out and never stock it again!)”

3.6Good57 Reviews

“Hard to believe but I have to get premium gas to keep engine from knocking. I get proven better gas mileage at this gas station than others in the area. Not sure why but I track my gas mileage and I get at least 2 more miles per gallon.”

3.5Good46 Reviews

“I come from Illinois and by us they don’t care too much about being clean. I walked into that gas station smells like fresh coffee and cleaning supplies. Cashier Tiffany was super friendly and she kept that bathroom literally spotless. Like it was just put in. The floor was freshly mopped and smelled great. & the store was stocked and had almost everything you possibly needed for snacks. Which was good because I had two dogs with me that were lil hungry and she helped me out with a cup for my pups! Thanks girl!This will be a shell I come back to everytime im traveling to portage Michigan. Thanks y’all!”

3.6Good25 Reviews

“I went here was a friend of mine and they have this new Mountain Dew and I love it I did not see this in any store but this is a very clean store is very organize”

3.4Good39 Reviews

“Good team I went to make eyeglass the girls they help me a lot and in one week they called for the glasses is ready and the price $219 out door but wal mart the price was $495 + tax and the glass at Walmart it was very bad I can't see any thing with it let's go uncle sam”

3.6Good18 Reviews

“Luv the workers all the ladies are super friendly and nice i visit several times a day cause they have the best deal at if you bring your own cup refills up to 44oz are only 69 cents so i can get slushies for 69 cents best deal in town ? one of the workers saw me come in every day buying full price slushies and told me about this life hack and even gave me an extra travel mug she had. I love this meijer gas station and anyone that posts negitive stuff musta hit it during a bad time cause visiting always brings a smile to my face to see my mejier ladies as i call them they care for the customer remember my name and fiances and even my dogs. Best service ever.”

3.5Good23 Reviews

“The customer service was the first time I ever been to this speedway I had to get me some soda pop cuz I've been biking for a while and the customer service was awesome and very very kind”

3.3Good63 Reviews

“Every time I go in here im greeted by friendly employees. They are genuinely nice. Last nite my son and I had a dead car at the pump and the young lady working there actually helped push the car to a parking spot!!! She went way above and beyond and I can't thank enough!”

3.4Good23 Reviews

“This is our preferred location for getting marine gas (gasoline with no ethanol added). The prices haven't changed all summer, so it's nice to know that you can count on what it's going to cost.”

3.2Average26 Reviews

“Mostly stop in for gas however I have never had a problem with any employees and or management to say the least also they keep up with fresh brew coffee ☕ fuel up my car fuel up myself hahaha”

3.1Average62 Reviews

“I love all of the Meijer locations my son lives just down the road and he needed a few things so I took him there and he got what he wanted found everything and had a great check out I would not think of anything less”

3Average47 Reviews

“I typically stop at this location for gas and before work because the parking lot is a lot easier to navigate especially for safety at 4:15am when I am typically starting my day. I like to park up by the front of the building as much as possible so the employee can see my car ECT. Because you unfortunately will be harassed in the lot by the homeless. There are a few that frequent the store that are genuinely kind hearted people and just using the little money they have to get a snack and drink to survive.”

2.7Average43 Reviews

“Your employee, I wish I knew her name, but when I mention I notice all the hours she puts in, always going above and beyond, always.She lights up your store, with her smile, her attitude, her soul shines... Give her a raise, or I will offer her a job every day I go there, and I go there because her work ethic and personality are rare,”

2.3Poor23 Reviews

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