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“I filled my script here because my medication is on back order everywhere. They were able to fill it no problem and the pharmacist treated me like I was an old friend or something. It was bizarre for me as I’m usually used to dealing with the very impersonal pharmacy at Walgreens, but they were really nice to me and made me feel better after a long, horrible day.”

5 Superb28 Reviews

“Days before Christmas eve and all the shelves are faced and stocked. All registers open amd smiles across each face!>> Still clean and had fresh donuts at 12p on a Sunday :)”

4.1 Good43 Reviews

“I’m giving them 5 stars because they were working their butts off. It took some extra time to pick up but that’s okay. You could see they were trying. My complaint would be many times in the past few months they either don’t have pain meds or diabetic meds at this store. I have always like the people who have worked here. Always friendly.”

4.1 Good9 Reviews

“I forgot to schedule a pick up time, but went through the drive through and they were still able to pull together my request for an OTC medicine. I was running tight on time as I was on my lunch, really appreciated their help and understanding.”

3 Average37 Reviews

“Staff absolutely phenomenal! Any problems I've had had been through CVS or doctors and the AMAZING staff here is always ready to help. I couldn't ask for a better pharmacy team!”

3.3 Good3 Reviews

“I get one script at Walgreens once a month and always use the drive-thru. Altho the Hastings locale is closest, they would not have my script on time. So I called around and nailed it down and the pharmacist and tech I spoke to were helpful, kind and professional.”

2.7 Average6 Reviews

“Awesome place great pharmacist. They're super fast. Always going great for our family. Had a simple mistake on syringe size easily corrected. Great place awesome recommend them way better and faster than the Meijer pharmacies”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

“I love this CVS the service here is by far the best from any other drug store I have been to. They are always friendly and are quick to offer help. Sometimes the cash registers are slow.”

2.7 Average15 Reviews

“The pharmacy staff here have always been super! After moving out of the area, I still go to this location's pharmacy even though there is a CVS closer, all because of the friendly service.I've never had an issue in the retail part of the store either.”

2.7 Average27 Reviews

“This store is fine. I don’t know why people are complaining about pricing. CVS has never really been “cheap”. You’re paying for convenience.... I’ve never had an issue with the CVS staff or the pharmacy. In fact when good ol’ BCBS gave me a hard time on a prescription the staff here went out of their way to get BCBS on the phone to get it resolved.This store is BY FAR better than any other stores on the area. Have y’all seen the Dollar General, Dollar Tree, even the gas stations around this place are trashed. Appreciate it or go else where.”

2.6 Average49 Reviews

“I last minute ordered a photo book and the store had some printing issues. Allison went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the final product. Would highly recommend for all of your photo needs!!”

2.3 Poor27 Reviews

“Ever since Rohan left the staff, service has been great. Overall the pharmacy seems pretty busy, but if there's an issue they do their best to explain it or take care of it. Ron's pretty cool.”

2.1 Poor16 Reviews

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