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“I like this store the products they sell, the steaks they sell, even the frozen vegetables are nice the food is all locally sourced and nice serving proportions, might wanna bring a few extra dollars for bags tho or bring your own.”

4.2 Good132 Reviews

“I enjoying coming here to check out the different vendors. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies l, especially in the summer. There are also vendors serving fresh food. Parking spots can be a bit of an issue but lots of vehicles coming and going so just be patient”

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“I always love Ken's market. If you are new to Grand Rapids go try Ken's, they have an awesome variety of fresh meats, fruits and veggies and so much more they have expanded the market. It is awesome. So worth your trip.?”

4.9 Superb442 Reviews

“I've been going here for almost 25 years. The selection of flowers is great every year. I go there every May for my house flowers. I go there in the Summer for the produce in the store (Yeah, home grown tomatoes). The staff is always helpful with my choices and questions.”

4.9 Superb125 Reviews

“I get the best apples from this place, and they are sooo sweet & Friendly! I'll nvr eat another apple from the grocery store, you can taste and see the absence of chemicals, no sheeny gloss on the apples, and they taste like apples tasted when I was a kid!”

4.8 Superb139 Reviews

“Mr Neumann was such a great worker. He provided me with the highest quality groceries and definitely earned Kingmas a new customer. He is definitely deserving of a raise.”

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“Love this place! Always has great selection of produce, meats & cheese. We like shopping the seasonal section, today we purchased some spooky pasta for the grandkids!”

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“Aldi is the Best place to grocery shop. It's well stocked an has great items and prices. We always find 99% of the items on our list there.So glad they opened a store in Allendale Mi. Thank you so much”

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“Bring your cart back to the front of the store and get your quarter back. Collect carts from the parking lot and make a buck or two off those that are too lazy to walk their cart back.”

4.4 Superb116 Reviews

“Great prices, fast easy shopping, friendly staff, usually always find what I'm looking for. Have used the curbside pickup many times with no issues. Great place to shop.”

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“Todd is a very good guy and awesome farmer. He really cares about all he puts his hands on. I love his character and his fresh produce. Simple honest business man, trying to take care of others”

4.9 Superb13 Reviews

“Local Aldi, prices are competitive to Walmart and Meijer for fresh products, produce, and overall satisfaction. Great for when I'm just trying to cook something in the next few days. Aldi brands are always better when used soon after purchase.”

4.4 Superb61 Reviews

“Love shopping at Aldi's! So much cheaper there...theirproduce section is well organized & everything looks so need to take ur own bags or buy them at checkout..”

4.2 Good126 Reviews

“We always have a great experience at this Aldi. But today Cade really went above and beyond. I was shopping with my son (6 month old) and found a really cool push car! I didn’t have my Aldi quarter I usually have and with carrying my son I couldn’t carry a big item out into my car. Cade checked us out, carried the car to our car, loaded in the trunk all in the cold pouring rain weather. He went ABOVE AND BEYOND and I am so thankful so I could get this push car for my son for his first birthday. Cade, you made our day! Thank you for being incredible.”

4.1 Good38 Reviews