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“We shot some photos and video here of a lowrider car show. A fun family event with some of the top toys in the city. If you guys ever need any photos or videos of your toys give us a contact!”

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“Had an absolutely excellent experience here at dietze, courtesy of Tyler McDonough and Rich Johnson. They helped me with everything I needed, and answered every question with detail and experience. Highly recommend this store, and especially recommend asking for these two excellent employees by name should you need expertise!”

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“I give the people at this location 5 stars they are always cool and friendly..metro itself 0 stars for the last 7 months they've shut my phone off at least 3 days before my due date for "non-payment" if my bill isn't due htf is it off for non-payment? And my phone has been off 3 days because I ran out of data so I did their $5 data top up and their payment system wouldn't accept my card (the one I use every month to pay my bill) so they shut my phone off because I didn't pay the $5 in time.”

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“If you don't have a lot of cash to spend on a PC or other electronics item, this place is where you go. Small businesses should take advantage of the great deals they have on business computer systems. Also, don't throw away your older electronics. Bring them here for refreshing or recycling. Help keep useful tech out of the landfill. I've found lots of vintage items here also. Staff is helpful and knowledgeable.”

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“Marwan was the best. He hooked me up with an amazing phone with an amazing deal. I'm only going to be coming back to this metro store. No contract or credit check!”

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“Great place! I walked in knowing very little and Zach spent 3 hours with me working within my budget to come up with a couple different options for a great-sounding system.”

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“Ace has a great staff that work with their clients. I recently fell in hard times but their staff worked with me to make sure I kept my items and did everything they could to help and didn't threaten me like other rent to own places I've worked with over the years. Number one in my book for rent to own in Omaha Metro”

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“Stopped into Custom Electronics the other day. Has been awhile since I last visited with Todd and Tim. As always, they were quick to greet me and ask how I and my son have been doing during the COVID pandemic. Always more interested in me as a person than trying to sell me something. I have been doing business with Custom Electronics since the mid-seventies and have ALWAYS had a great experience (starting when Larry was the owner). Always take the time to discuss what I may be interested in and offering great advice. I still have and use equipment I purchased back in the day with upgrades I have made over the years. They offer investment grade electronics that last and still sound good to this day. Never make me feel bad when I don't make a purchase and take time to show me what is new and what I might have an interest in hearing a demo of a new line or products. Always a fun place to visit. This is the place for all of you audio and video needs, great and lasting products. If you have never visited, take some time to see what they have.By far the best place for audio gear in the city!!”

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“Charlie was extremely helpful in getting my problem resolved with my headphones even if it wasnt directly related to the electronics they specialize in. With staff as kind and gracious as Charlie, I can only recommend this place for electronic repairs.”

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“I have Celiac's, so I ordered a hotdog without a bun. The server, Jennifer, took the order and then went over and scrubbed her hands as though she was performing surgery! She got a fresh set of tongs, carefully removed the hotdog, placed it on the foil (as I had requested... others have just put it in the paper bag without wrap -- YUCK!)... and brought it to me. While all I ordered was a hotdog, I received compassion, validation and service worth of a five-star restaurant. (Oh, the hotdog was delicious too!) Thank you!”

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“I usually dislike going to phone stores to do anything but this time was different. Connor the Mobile Expert gave my wife and I an excellent experience. Thanks for taking our complex situation and providing good solutions!”

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“Nice employees. Good prices. Always clean and neat. They always keep items well stocked. Im always satisfied with my visits to my neighborhood Target store in Omaha, Nebraska on 72nd. & Dodge St.”

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“Loved the staff, great people.Great price on used dryer, am impressed. Going there for a couch next, looking specifically for grey or grey with touch of black. Nick at 46 th & L st. Is a great employee with excellent customer service . The gentleman that handle deliveries were excellent guys too !!!”

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“Urgently needed a camera battery for an event that could not be located at any of the major stores so I stopped by Rockbrook to pick it up. On my 1st trip the staff explained they had an off brand available but the price was available for less then 1/2 the price on amazon. When I mentioned the price there was no response so I walked out. If I had the time I would have purchased on Amazon no questions but this was not an option so I went back and was greeted by a different staff member who understood the price bike was excessive and adjusted it for me. I could still have purchased for less online but it was a great price given I needed it immediately. The gentlemen seemed very Knowledgeable, he gave me all the details on the brand and explained there was even a one-year warranty. The second visit was Great!”

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“I rate 5 +++ to this Ace and this location I have been doing business with then for almost two years. If you are looking for long term relationships Ace will treat you like family. Gabe was amazing today like always and it was wonderful to see Marsha! Thanks for giving me another amazing deal for your anniversary specials! Cheers to 40years!!!!”

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“I do a lot of ordering online for pickup and it's always a fast turn around and when it says it's in stock online, it truly is stocked. Can't say the same for the competition across the street. Overall, you get better service and better quality. Love Target”

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“I had two Aksarben professionals come to my home to service the warranty on my LG refrigerator and was very impressed with their knowledge, their politeness and their personalities. Their names were Kris and Melissa and both REALLY seemed to enjoy their jobs and that in and of itself is a breath of fresh air. Both are great representatives of Aksarben TV and Digital and will always be welcome in my home.”

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“Arielle really knows her job. She helped my friend from A to Z. Arielle was personable and over-the-top helpful. The person I took there is the senior citizen and Arielle understood the problems my friend had and she was very patient with her.She took her time, and explained every single thing she was doing, every step of the way.I've been with Cricket since they started in Omaha and Arielle is an example of why I've been a customer that long.Great customer service. And Arielle is a perfect example of that!!”

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“I always enjoy my experience at Target! The clean environment is very inviting and all of the displays make shopping fun and interesting. If I need help with anything there are always employees available for me to go up to for help. The wait in the self checkout line is not too bad. The workers at the self checkout do a good job of keeping the line moving by quickly helping customers. I'll be back Target!”

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“I wanted a new stereo for my Mustang. I shopped around. Ray took the time to find out what I wanted and didn't try to convince me that I needed what they wanted to sell. Ray actually knows what customer service is and took the time to find out what I wanted and then gave me options. My new Alpine stereo looks like it is from the factory. It looks fantastic. Ray is awesome.They are also dig friendly.”

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“Armando was very helpful and has amazing customer service. I’ve been to a couple different T Mobile stores in the past and didn’t have great service but he was great !!”

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“THIS COMPANY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. One of their technicians came out today to work on our music component system that has been causing us trouble for quite some time and he was a wizard. He totally knew what he was doing and how to fix it and now it is working perfectly. While he was here I asked him to look at two of the smaller TVs, one in the dining area and one in the bedroom that had been causing me problems. He also fixed those rapidly. I highly highly highly recommend this company if you have any kind of issues with any electronics or TVs. They truly know what they are doing and they do it in a timely fashion. THANK YOU NIVER ELECTRONICS FOR IMPROVING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE. Judy Sundberg”

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“Target continues to be my go-to spot for pretty much everything, and now with kids, it becomes a weekly stop (if not every other day). This particular location continues to be updated inside and out with obvious improvements from customer feedback. The most recent update was their curbside pickup location. It is now closer to the door, with ample (over 20) parking spaces to accommodate the high demands for the location and growth of online shopping. Quick tip, remember to check in online before you head to the store if using the curbside service to make your pickup time shorter. Otherwise, expect to wait 5-10 minutes minimum since this location is almost always busy! Other than that, you can never go wrong with Target!”

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“Have been working with Charles for almost 8 years and Jamie for a little over a year now and honestly it's been amazing they are great to converse with and 100% professional in every aspect. 8+ years only because of them”

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“Tah on North Ames in Omaha is the best. Friendly, patient, knowledgeable on all products and willingness to assist with a smile. She is an asset to Cricket. Give her a raise, great job.”

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“It's a Target. Though I will say.... This is a Super Target. Feels larger then lots of the ones in town Omaha. I find this one more pleasant to walk around too. Seems cleaner as well. Still wish all Targets supplied larger sizes. As a big and tall guy it stinks having to buy online all the time. We want to try stuff on too. I hoped this one would carry bigger sizes in store since it is after all "super" Target. ‍”

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“We went on looking for a certain shampoo, name oily hair shampoo and could not find what we needed. We checked the fresh and processed meat pricing. We did not purchase anything here.”

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“This Target is so impressively organized and shopper friendly! Absolutely Love the way items are displayed. Although it is across town from us I will gladly drive the distance to shop here! Woooooooot Woooooooooot”

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“We had a really fun time in this target yesterday and bought more than expected. The only complaint was we couldn't find any activated charcoal tablets for internal use. Just charcoal toothpaste. A contribution to our positive experience was a group of women workers of many age groups folding clothes/straightening merchandise in the ladies department next to swimwear. The were having the best time chatting while they were working. It was a delight to hear people laughing and enjoying one another, just having a good time while working. It seems a rarity these days to hear people laughing while working, or even being permitted to be naturally human and commune while getting paid to do a job. I hope this is a great reflection of targets values. We need more happiness in this world.”

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