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“Needed to order a new upgrade phone but didn't want to go through the convoluted website of Verizon.The people there were very helpful, dealt with the whole process very fast and the service was direct, fast and to the point.This the second time we used this store and both times we were very pleased.”

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“Cory Wilkens was amazing to work with and allowed my experience to be easy and smooth which was very appreciated! Cory was unbelievable and an excellent example of great customer service!”

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“I give the people at this location 5 stars they are always cool and friendly..metro itself 0 stars for the last 7 months they've shut my phone off at least 3 days before my due date for "non-payment" if my bill isn't due htf is it off for non-payment? And my phone has been off 3 days because I ran out of data so I did their $5 data top up and their payment system wouldn't accept my card (the one I use every month to pay my bill) so they shut my phone off because I didn't pay the $5 in time.”

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“Monty at AT&T went above and beyond to ensure that our phone upgrade experience was exceptional. From the moment we walked into the store, Monty greeted us with a warm and friendly smile. He patiently listened to our needs and offered expert advice.”

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“I been a customer of this store now for going on 6 months now and after today experience I’ll start with this.Lilly is the bomb! She is so friendly and so helpful. I’ve known her for over months and she has me as her #1 customer. 2- Her dog is the boost mobile mascotAnd finally 3- after her helping my daughter today she deserves the steak dinner and some keep her she’s the best!!”

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“Shout out to the manager she did her thang and woorking alone , handled me and so many cusomters at the same time and got it alll done. She needs a raise for sure. Didnt get her name ( she had long lussicous hair) because i was in a rush will forshure be comming back heere. Fo my phone need??????”

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“I never have a problem with US Cellular coverage, even in rural areas that have spotty coverage from other carriers. Representatives always help me determine best plans for my usage.”

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“30 Jul 2024 The young women tried to help, but did not know more about the phone than I do. Which is not enough.. My data tracking stop working, and I would like it restarted. Any suggestions?. Typically results are spectacular at this location. So this was disappointing. And this one failure reduces the overall rating from 5☆ to 4☆.”

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“The best Custumer service in the world . The gentleman in this location was outstanding I think He must be the General manager. Walking in was welcomed with quality of service in 10 mn. Thank you for all you do!”

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“The store has the best promotions and discounts, Maria was very fast, efficient with her work, and very intelligent; She was alone and knew how to take each person present even though they yelled at her. Good ugly, she deserves a promotion, she is a very good representative.”

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“My partner had a issues with their phone battery and it wasn't working at all to the point where it wouldn't hold a charge. We brought the phone over to Continental cellular repair place and they said they do it within an hour and for a great price. They replaced the phone battery and all it took was less than half an hour. I am simply amazed and I appreciate their professionalism and honesty and I highly recommend this place!”

4.4 Superb45 Reviews

“Always have an amazing experience with the owner. Very friendly knowledgeable and really wants to make sure you get what you expect and gives you the best possible price he can. He makes the entire experience feel like you're just getting help from a friend that works at the store.”

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“Not a paid review I swear. But with their perks they have for customers , blunt, honest workers they have, i regret not using this service sooner. They didn’t try to lie and up charge me anything. With my trade in i got more than what i was expecting & they didn't even tell me.i have never been with a service provider who has so many perks. With their AA service i can NOT tell you how much they’ve helped me out ( being broke not affording insurance). Im writing this from me being stranded and being thankful for the AA they provided as my tires were slashed. They EARNED a customer for life, ill tell ya that. Most honest workers i’ve met that take pride in what they do. This sounds like a fake review but i promise, this company has helped me out so much already. Im month 2 in it, but so far everything has been hands down amazing. Will revise if changed.”

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“I'm giving five stars because Robert was absolutely amazing to us. He helped me open up a new phone line even though it was almost closing time and walked me through everything. He helped us with a whole bunch of things and we shared some laughs in the process. He was a very delightful young man.”

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“Great place to send money. They offer several services. Also a nice selection of Mexican and Central American products. There is a travel agent, a tax service, beauty salon and other small kiosks under this roof. Really nice place. Owner Tony is friendly and helpful!”

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“I can understand they can get a lunch break but sometimes they hardly answer the phone they hardly answer the doors of the business they don't have no signs and we're on lunch break be back in an hour or a half hour was trying to get help for about a phone and nobody can help me they don't even repair their phones you got to go to mega saver”

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“Needed some accessories for protecting a couple of new phones, Joshua got me everything I needed without any hassle, outstanding customer service and a genuinely nice guy. I'll head back again for anything I need in the future.”

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“Thank you very much to Emily and Jovana for my new phone, they gave it to me for a good price with a case and protector. I recommend this store, they are very kind.”

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“Very nice person! Helped me find a case for my phone I had went to different places and no one had a case for my phone and this lady found mine and ordered for me thank you . Thank you for helping me find a case.”

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“Came in to possibly become part of the -ACP PROGRAMLIFELINE PROGRAMWith the help of a experienced friendly worker named "Katherine"Not only did I get signed up for ACP PROGRAM and given a phone prolly normally cost $150-$200.And connected to cricket service plan of 30 a month brand/type of billable service. But only had to pay $10 for the whole transaction to be processed, ( I only had $13) ?? blessings..She also took time to sign my phone up and I walked out the store new phone all apps working and email connected for cricket business and more....ACP is a blessing cuz I was just out the hospital and homeless but got connected on this phone and have been able to start changing my life's position.”

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“It’s rare to find people that really care the way that Andrew cared to take the time today to help me upgrade, phones, and resolve an issue with a prior upgrade. Having a person with his character as part of your team is certainly a huge benefit to all of us ! Keep on doing awesome things Andrew!”

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“Skye and the general manager were freaking awesome !!!! It was skyes first shift and you wouldn't even known it ! I needed internet and internet fast and these 2 ladies delivered and made my bad day a little better.”

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“I have been doing business at this location for few years now. I love the expertise these guys do for me. Not so much for the girls working there, I found one working in store with coloring book & crayon’s when she’s on the clock. Men at this location is super nice & helpful with knowledgeable experience that’s why I keep going back to this location. They know me and I know them when I come into the store. Great service & leave there happy.”

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“They need more training I got a new phone was told it would work with my dexcom g6 it did not it only works with dexcom g7 at this time g7 is not available for everyone”

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“Jake and Greg are so friendly and helpful! I go to the store when I cannot get resolutions thru the phone or online; they always assist me and know what to do! Love these guys!!!”

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“I had an amazing experience at this location and was helped in under 5 minutes. All of my concerns were dealt with and fixed. I strongly recommend this location.”

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“Dontavious was amazing! He took the time to help me save money which I've never had an associate at Verizon do. We've always had good service but he went above and beyond. I went in to replace my broken phone and he could've just done that and sent me on my way. But he didn't waste my time, replaced my phone, AND saved me money. I couldn't have had a better experience. We'll definitely be returning to this location!”

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“Arielle really knows her job. She helped my friend from A to Z. Arielle was personable and over-the-top helpful. The person I took there is the senior citizen and Arielle understood the problems my friend had and she was very patient with her.She took her time, and explained every single thing she was doing, every step of the way.I've been with Cricket since they started in Omaha and Arielle is an example of why I've been a customer that long.Great customer service. And Arielle is a perfect example of that!!”

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