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“Great store.Staff is very helpful and professional.. Very willing to help problem solve basic home owner concerns their customers bring to them.Yeah for Munsons!!!!”

4.8Superb51 Reviews

“Who doesn't love $2 hammers and a socket wrench set for $5. Not to mention sand blast cabinets and hydraulic presses as seen in machine shops for under $1K. Great store for 1-2 time use equipment. Sometimes even more though.”

4.2Good34 Reviews

“These guys are all very helpful when I come in. Not your typical advanced auto workers, they know their stuff and if they don't they'll do anything they can to make it happen. Best auto store I've been to ever. Always go in and come out satisfied and I am there frequently. Great staff best within the surrounding hourly area. Could not be happier with them.”

4.2Good15 Reviews

“LOVE this home Depot location.I've been to Home Depot locations all over the country, and this one is fantastic.Staff are wonderful, no pushing or up selling, just simple help and advice, and if you say you're fine they leave you alone. Love it!Stock is great, location is easy to get to, couldn't be happier.”

3.9Good132 Reviews

“The Oneonta store came through for me after a horrible two weeks dealing with Amsterdam. While I had to come pick up the product (as I ran out of time waiting for the other store to fail to deliver), three guys helped load four pallets onto my trailer to fulfill my order. Great job Oneonta!”

2.9Average17 Reviews

“I've spent at least 20 K at this particular store in the past 5 months. The customer service is GREAT, as long as you don't go later in the day, especially on a Sunday. Then it's hard to find an employee who is knowledgeable in specialty areas.”

3.6Good142 Reviews

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