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“I've been coming to the store for 22 years and I get greated by name when I come in the door. it's just a small area local mini grocery convenience store that's nice to go to with nice employees”

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“Stopped in to see if they could take a look at my tire which seems to have been slowly leaking air. They were so kind! Got me right in, patched the tire and sent me on my way! It's nice to know there are still good people out there! I'm paying it forward...... Thanks guys!”

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“This Tienda Mexicana has helpful and kind staff. I couldn't say more about it right now, but they have all the Mexican foods as well as some boots and clothing items.”

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“absolutely love this place as the most amazing inventory like I get stuck in there for at least an hour just looking at all the cool stuff they have not to mention the Vapes and most of them boys are so down to earth and easy to just kick back and talk to and I can't praise this place enough for keeping their inventory unique.”

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“When I was a little girl my grandpa would always bring me here to get candy. He died in 2007 and I had not visited Montford for a while after his funeral. I thought surely the convenience store wasn't there anymore. In July 2020, I had my grandpa on my mind and longed to see his old house so I decided to visit Asheville. Stopped by this store and hit big on a scratch-off! Anyway, the people are still very friendly and the store is a community staple. I hope it never goes away.”

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“My husband and I always stop here after visiting the Arboretum. It's a little tricky to get into the parking lot but worth the effort. The store is well-stocked with food for all dietary needs. The staff is friendly and helpful. AND the women's bathroom was exceptionally clean. I wish I could remember the manager's name as well as the cashier. 12/19/23 8:50 pm. Thanks so much for your great customer service.”

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“Recently visited hotspot like I do alot because there business is great love the hotspot card awesome and the ones on Leicester are great people I've gone in with not enough change and someone always helps only happened 2 times but still great .thanks again hot spot see you in a couple of days thanks for the 24hrJules H.”

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“Middle eastern.. scary was my first time... Then later I was thinking about the day I said to my mother.. I would be happy to see it in the future... But I'm glad I was there for the day I was there”

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“This gas station/convenience store/gathering place is a great place to stop and get brand name fuel. In my experience their price on regular is usually about a nickle higher than Ingles and at Ingles you don't get a Tiger in your tank. Lol Clean restrooms and friendly staff. Usual convenience store items at normal convenience store prices.”

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“My ex just returned like you assured me. Thank you Dr Maya My ex is back, thank you so much!!! I saw a comment online about how Dr Maya brought back her husband who left for weeks. I contacted Dr Maya, he told me what to do and I did according to his instructions. That was it, everything changed all of a sudden. Now I am happy again with my darling. You can contact him”

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“Everything was good, plenty of pumps. Had a car wash on site. Also had separate fuel islands for big trucks. Had a traffic light making it much easier to get back onto the main road. Store was neat, clean, and well stocked. Staff was friendly. Bathrooms were both closed, which besides gas was why I stopped. Otherwise all good.”

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“I always stopped in this store on my daily walk with Goose. I would get a nice cold glass coke & the sweet lady would always open it & give me a napkin to go along with it. They are very sweet & a great local family market. Goose also made friends with their dog. Support your local vendors!”

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“The store is always stocked with the things I need. I am disabled and it's hard for me to get to a big grocery store while lugging around a oxygen tank. Perfect location for me.”

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“This convenience store has always been here since I was a kid so I'm really kind of used to it being there. I wouldn't know why what I do without it it just disappeared one day.”

4.1Good31 Reviews

“Polite, friendly, and open. Wish I went here first! Suggestion either a big sign for Driver’s that state “Open until midnight for Food, Alcohol, ATM, & Cigarettes” or at least some sandwich board signs with similar.”

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“I Refill Gass and after that i found good millage and smooth running of my car. I purchased some drink and other stuffed so found best price in town. Staff were trained and knows how to deal with customers ۔”

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“Great bunch of employees and most of them's been there a while so apparently Ingles is doing something decent for him they're wonderful the employees at work and that's the one on Weaverville highway New stock”

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“I love the staff here, they are better than any of the others in town.Every time I go in there it's always a friendly greeting. The managers and clerks get along well which is wild to me cause every gas station I have worked at, the boss is rude and inconsiderate. But I can sense a real good energy from staff and boss and customers. Some of these negative comments, I was there for at least one and the customer became..... Mega Karen and they had to defuse it.”

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“Nice little store. The cashiers always makes a point to call me by my bike riding name on my motorcycle leather vest. Very nice people and clean store. No bathroom though.”

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“This is a great has station for those who are traveling. It's easy to find, right of the exit, not confusing to get back on the interstate, service is generally fast or steadily flowing, and the staff is well educated on the surrounding areas if you're not able to find the place you going to. Their prices are about average or around the same as the next station. Clean with restrooms and a drive thru car wash.”

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“This place has just about EVERYTHING! You can select great cigars or find cigarettes. You can find household goods, toiletries, drinks, snacks, food, etc. Great vibes and one of the few places open late to handle any last minute needs while traveling!”

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“I've been going to this shell for 5 years now. They have plenty of pumps, friendly folks working there, and plenty of snacks and drinks, awesome fuel rewards program. You can get your oil changed and state inspections done there too.”

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“Busy gas station mini-mart and shared space with a good Thai carryout counter. We started stopping here alot because, like everyone else, we re already stuck in traffic at the intersection of Mills Gap and Sweeten Creek. Clean gas station and friendly store staff. They have a surprising good beer selection including a few local brands.”

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“Not only did a friend of mine go in with crutches and one of the tenets help him carry beer to the counter but every experience is so kind and nice. By far the kindest gas station in the city. Love this place. As an environmentalist I don’t enjoy supporting gas but they make it 10000% better for how kind and sweet every employee is! Definitely recommend if you’re in the area or trying to find a kind spot to get gas, beer/wine and snacks!”

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“A great gas station and it's open 24hrs It's always packed and they have a great selection of drinks. 15 minutes from the Biltmore Area. The Cashier was really nice towards the handicap man who couldn't pump his gas.”

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“I don't use this bp very often but I do like that cash and card are the same price. They usually aren't the cheapest in town for fuel but usually competitive. They have a decent amount of pumps and I usually don't have to wait long to fill up.”

3.5Good79 Reviews

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