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“I've been coming to the store for 22 years and I get greated by name when I come in the door. it's just a small area local mini grocery convenience store that's nice to go to with nice employees”

4.5 Superb79 Reviews

“I don't normally write reviews but the girl running the window is probably the most upbeat person I've had the pleasure of meeting, very friendly and all smiles. Will definitely be coming back”

4.4 Superb80 Reviews

“They have bags of tobacco and tubes, the only way to smoke now, it's cheaper than buying a pack of smokes and got Fuel, don't want to talk about how much Fuel mysteriously, went sky high, with the current regime in the White House.”

4.4 Superb67 Reviews

“We love QP!! Adam, Kyle and all the other staff are so nice!! All we have to say is 2 blues and a red and they know exactly what we mean ??We do miss Wayne though, we hope he is doing well.”

4.4 Superb51 Reviews

“It was excellent, if I lived there I'd be eating there on a regular basis...everything was good...they have another spot near downtown on Biltmore which is really good also...I eat there every time I'm in town...”

4.4 Superb45 Reviews

“Love these people who run this business. Locked my keys in car and they handed me their phone and told me to call Lock Out.AndIts where I always fill up my tank!”

4.3 Superb53 Reviews

“I don't know why google always tries to get me to rate gas stations. 95% of the time I don't even go inside. I will say this was a nice size gas station. I hate when there's only 3 pumps.”

4.4 Superb36 Reviews

“They have a tire air station there that accepts credit cards if ya don't have change. Keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure for better wear, handling and fuel economy.”

4.2 Good60 Reviews

“It's hard to get the gas to go fast now because the guy who was supposed to change out the filters hasn't showed up yet. So it's taking forever for anyone to get the gas to go into your tank but it's still the most affordable gas in town and the staff is still the most kindest and helpfulness.”

4.2 Good60 Reviews

“Brew Pump is my favorite place to hangout in West Asheville. The atmosphere is friendly and has an amazing welcoming vibe. best price for beer in Asheville (in my opinion)”

4.8 Superb17 Reviews

“My husband and I always stop here after visiting the Arboretum. It's a little tricky to get into the parking lot but worth the effort. The store is well-stocked with food for all dietary needs. The staff is friendly and helpful. AND the women's bathroom was exceptionally clean. I wish I could remember the manager's name as well as the cashier. 12/19/23 8:50 pm. Thanks so much for your great customer service.”

4.1 Good71 Reviews

“My ex just returned like you assured me. Thank you Dr Maya My ex is back, thank you so much!!! I saw a comment online about how Dr Maya brought back her husband who left for weeks. I contacted Dr Maya, he told me what to do and I did according to his instructions. That was it, everything changed all of a sudden. Now I am happy again with my darling. You can contact him”

4.4 Superb24 Reviews

“Ingles is an exceptional grocery store! From the moment I walked in, I was impressed by the cleanliness and organization of the store. The wide selection of fresh produce, quality meats, and a variety of international products always exceeds my expectations. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you with a smile. Ingles consistently delivers on freshness, affordability, and customer service, making it my go-to grocery destination. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a fantastic shopping experience.”

4 Good65 Reviews

“Everything was good, plenty of pumps. Had a car wash on site. Also had separate fuel islands for big trucks. Had a traffic light making it much easier to get back onto the main road. Store was neat, clean, and well stocked. Staff was friendly. Bathrooms were both closed, which besides gas was why I stopped. Otherwise all good.”

4 Good51 Reviews

“Don't buy gas here, but buy beer! We live nearby and the kids in this store know their beers. It's more a beer store that also has gas, than a gas station w/beer. Local favorite!!”

4.1 Good34 Reviews

“I Refill Gass and after that i found good millage and smooth running of my car. I purchased some drink and other stuffed so found best price in town. Staff were trained and knows how to deal with customers ۔”

4.3 Superb20 Reviews

“When I had a seizure in their parking lot they were right on it saved me. Just want to Thank the good people of Sunoco for all they do for others to very good people!”

4.4 Superb15 Reviews

“We mistakenly ran out of oil and Biltmore Oil was able to helps us out! They delivered same day, with no issues. From the woman who took our order, to the delivery man, service was excellent! Biltmore Oil has gained a new customer.”

4.1 Good27 Reviews

“Weird intersection, but coming out you actually get a traffic light that aids navigation. On this day, gas prices were 15-20 cents lower at this location as compared to other nearby stations.”

3.9 Good47 Reviews

“Great bunch of employees and most of them's been there a while so apparently Ingles is doing something decent for him they're wonderful the employees at work and that's the one on Weaverville highway New stock”

3.9 Good44 Reviews

“I love the staff here, they are better than any of the others in town.Every time I go in there it's always a friendly greeting. The managers and clerks get along well which is wild to me cause every gas station I have worked at, the boss is rude and inconsiderate. But I can sense a real good energy from staff and boss and customers. Some of these negative comments, I was there for at least one and the customer became..... Mega Karen and they had to defuse it.”

3.9 Good44 Reviews

“Nice little store. The cashiers always makes a point to call me by my bike riding name on my motorcycle leather vest. Very nice people and clean store. No bathroom though.”

3.9 Good40 Reviews

“Always friendly staff who genuinely care about the customers. The store seems to grow the further you enter with a plethora of inventory and unique products from M&Ms to CBDs which is AOK with me!”

4.1 Good20 Reviews

“This gas station/convenience store/gathering place is a great place to stop and get brand name fuel. In my experience their price on regular is usually about a nickle higher than Ingles and at Ingles you don't get a Tiger in your tank. Lol Clean restrooms and friendly staff. Usual convenience store items at normal convenience store prices.”

4.2 Good16 Reviews

“This is a great has station for those who are traveling. It's easy to find, right of the exit, not confusing to get back on the interstate, service is generally fast or steadily flowing, and the staff is well educated on the surrounding areas if you're not able to find the place you going to. Their prices are about average or around the same as the next station. Clean with restrooms and a drive thru car wash.”

3.8 Good55 Reviews

“I've been going to this shell for 5 years now. They have plenty of pumps, friendly folks working there, and plenty of snacks and drinks, awesome fuel rewards program. You can get your oil changed and state inspections done there too.”

4.7 Superb6 Reviews

“This is the closest gas station to our home and we pass it almost daily. Therefore we are able to jump in for a fill up when we see the price drop. And the price does seem to change from day to day. Generally the price has been $3.99/gallon. However the next day it may be $3.89. Then $3.79and then back to $3.99. So being able to compare day to day is helpful but consistency would be kind of nice.”

3.7 Good54 Reviews

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