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“I don't know if the guys who were working the fuel center last week will ever read this - but they deserve some commendation for dealing with a massive line as fuel was starting to be delivered again. I pulled up to a line of at least 20 cars (not including those at the pumps) at 2:46. By 3:00 I was on the road again with a full tank of gas. It was a masters class in traffic control and organization. They smartly closed off all but one entrance, and had one person there giving instructions (you can fill up your car and one container only) in a friendly manner. Another guy was watching the pumps to signal to the first guy where to direct cars. A third was on hand to deal with any problems before they were actually problems. This could have been chaotic, stressful and a huge waste of time on my vacation. Instead it was a beauty to watch and I was out before I could believe it.”

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“Great variety of nick knacks, beer, stuffed animal and pop its! They use to have an ice cream bar that I'd take my daughter to based on her school day. It was awesome . Covid hit. No more ice cream bar. :( but they still offer single ice cream types . Also they have a subway located inside. Always great employees !!!”

4.3 Superb10 Reviews

“Let's start this review with the issues and then build into all the good stuff. I drink diet soda normally, there's just too many calories if you drink more than one or two a day, and I do. This is the first time I've been in a gas station that was out of almost all diet drinks. I was literally shocked. I found one diet doctor pepper. Circle K is known for having clean stores, including their bathrooms. It wasn't dirty or unsanitary by any means, but it wasn't the normal spotless, well stocked Circle K I'm used to. They were slammed, and I think I saw a restocking truck pull in as I pulled out. It might have been just bad timing all the way around. It does happen. Circle K has spoiled me. That's why four ? and not five. Sorry, I thought I took photos either. I didn't, or it's in one of my galleries and pop up sooner or later. Thank you for responding to my review. It does matter that you took the time to send my concerns up the food chain. Next time I pop in for a diet coke, I have a feeling you will have it in stock.”

3.3 Good22 Reviews

“By far the best CVS I have ever shopped at! We just moved here to the area and we are extremely impressed. Not only is the store, clean and organized and well-stocked. , Everyone from Jessica in the pharmacy to Mya iand Nicole up front, not only deliver exceptional service, they make you feel like a family member. Thank you, thank you for making us feel at home and cared about! Kevin and Brenda”

3.2 Average9 Reviews

“My husband's prescription insurance changed this year to Express Scripts & we were issued cards with incorrect information on them. I tried my hardest to get it resolved & finally had the correct information. Walgreens didn't want to be bothered with changing the info in their system. So I transferred all of my RXs to CVS in Hampstead. And it was like night & day. Elsie was extremely helpful & helped me get the correct insurance information by searching on Express Scripts (Something Walgreens never offered or said they could do). The prescriptions processed with the correct co-pays. Elsie went above & beyond to help me get this figured out. Last month I spent $497 on 3 prescriptions. Today I paid $20 for the same 3 prescriptions. I love this kind of customer service!”

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“Even though the pharmacy is short staffed, they are quick, efficient, and friendly. Special shoutout to pharmacist Perkins for her continued care and knowledge!”

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“NOT OPEN 24 HOURS. I REPEAT NOT OPEN 24 HOURS. So if you look up the closest open store on Google in the middle of the night, and the speedway in Hampstead pops up, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME DRIVING THERE BECAUSE THEY WILL BE CLOSED. Great staff”

2.6 Average7 Reviews

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