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“Friends and family go here.. that one lady Debra always friendly and helpful. Always smiles from her. Cleanest station 8ve been in and I've gone to many.. thank you Debra for your kindness.”

4.6 Superb38 Reviews

“I highly recommend going to this Circle K! Michelle is a very wholesome and sweet kind spirit. She treated me very well. And D.J is very funny and down to earth. One of my favorite part of the day is getting off of work and seeing Michelle & D.J smile & laugh. Awesome Customer Service!!!”

4.4 Superb32 Reviews

“I love the place! Most of the staff are super sweet and willing to help. I love getting my slushies from there, there's often some sort of new flavor! My favorite was probably their vanilla and they have a wide amount of snacks. I recommend.”

4.2 Good82 Reviews

“Literally the best smoke shop in town. I live nearby and even if I didn’t, I would still come here. One half of the shop is a fully stocked smoke shop with everything you could possibly need (they have GREAT THCA!), and the other half is a “regular” gas station with drinks and snacks. There’s two gas pumps outside, so this is really a one-stop shop with everything you want. Super clean and organized, great prices and they REALLY care about their customers, you won’t find better employees or service anywhere else!”

4.9 Superb10 Reviews

“I’ve been to 50+ gas stations and this one stands out. Very clean, good beer selection, $2 air pump that works, and friendly staff. Well done, keep up the great work!”

4.4 Superb23 Reviews

“Best prices , employees and they always have premium ETHANOL FREE gas ! My only go to gas station for cigarettes and gas. Join there perks club and gas is even cheaper and Perks club is free!”

4.4 Superb19 Reviews

“Now I know why it's one of the lower rated Speedway stations around. I rushed out of work and arrived there by 11:15pm. Closed!I've gone there for years and they've always closed at 12am. Don't bother putting a sign up with the new hours... and that's not the only problem I have with the place. They probably don't care cause their switching to 7/11 soon. so I'll stop there.”

4.1 Good43 Reviews

“Great experience at this super new Circle K! They have super nice people working there such as Danielle & Ms. Rose. They were wonderful women to meet and I appreciated their respectful and polite customer service. The place is clean & spot on as a great place to stop, shop and gas up!”

4.1 Good30 Reviews

“Before my trip up there this afternoon, I would have given 5 stars... the employees are engaging and very personable - exceptionally so. The store is impeccably kept.However, I'm a cycling enthusiast, and always ride up there. There were only two reasonable places to lock up my bike in front of the store. Now those two cement pylons are wrapped in very large, triangular cardboard - type Marlboro cigarette advertisements (they've gone up within the last week). Just those two pylons of at least half a dozen.I'd like to request that this Exxon station make some small accommodations for cyclists in the generous area at their store's front. Consider a proper bike rack, for instance.”

4.3 Superb14 Reviews

“I have had to stop here several times for gas. The place is always friendly and quick. The only bad thing about this location is getting out. Traffic at this location is not fun. it is annoying trying to come towards Jacksonville from this location, because you end up having to make a u-turn at a light.”

4.2 Good18 Reviews

“This is for the Management of Sam's. Everyone of your Attendants deserve their accolades. Come bad weather, hot weather, cold cold weather, rainy and even simply Sunny weather These guys are Awesome. They help the failed card customers, the language impaired, the super seniors, the arrogant and the know it all who didn't see the yellow pump cover. They maneuver traffic, unclog back ups and answer questions about items inside the club. The keep the area clean from debris that inconsiderate customers drop. But most importantly above all else THEY SMILE, MAINTAIN PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTE AND GREET US. So THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING GREAT. BLESSINGS ALWAYS.”

3.9 Good57 Reviews

“I get Top Tier Gas when I fuel up here. If you are not familiar with Top Tier Gas, you need to read up on it before you fill your vehicle up with that Cheap Fuel next time. I just came aware of Top Tier fuels recently after reading an article online. After reading the article, I decided to switch to my local Top Tier Gas Station which happened to be this Exxon station. Our 2006 Hemi V-8 Dodge with 182,000 miles had started getting a lot worse gas mileage earlier this year. I had new spark plugs, new boots and new air filter installed thinking this tune up would help the gas mileage but all this didn't change the 17 mpg it was getting. So later after reading the article on Top Tier Fuels that told about how these fuels helped reduce carbon buildup in engines, other benefits and that most Auto Makers now recommend using Top Tier fuels, I decided to start getting gas for our 2006 Dodge at Exxon, after a couple of months I decided to check the gas mileage. To my surprise, the gas mileage on it had gone back up to 20 mpg on our Dodge which was the same MPG that it used to get with lesser miles. Exxon is one of many brands that carry Top Tier fuels. A list of all Top Tier Fuel Brands, Stations can be found online. I am definitely a believer now that not all fuels are the same and that using cheap gas is not always cheap in the long run, especially if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a long time!”

3.9 Good57 Reviews

“One thing that stood out was the actual width of the parking spaces. No worries if other car doors would bump you. Overall average to above average gas Station. Certain times of day this corner gets very busy. Just remember the old saying *look both ways*”

4.1 Good16 Reviews

“Hands down this is the best Walmart gas station in Jacksonville. Not only does the gas station have polite associates but it's also connected to the most respectable Walmart in Jacksonville NC. Easy grab and go snacks and drinks for your daily travel.”

4.2 Good10 Reviews

“I have to say it I hardly ever go to this gas station but I went there last night and as big as that store is it was super clean!!! Probably one of the cleanest gas stations I have ever been in! Props to whoever did the cleaning”

4 Good18 Reviews

“This circle k location has fair prices conpared to its neighboring competition but hey easy to beat there prices when you got the flux of customers rolling through by the two cross streets with many land each way to keep them funneling in and the gas pumps to sustain and get them in and out after they purchase there meals or drinks while on the way to work church or back home.Friendly customer service clean store Everything is well stocked with many choices to choose from.”

3.9 Good30 Reviews

“Not far from Mall or hospital. Brand new pumps. Well lit. Lady inside very nice. Only reason it's not 5 stars is b\c of the prices, but I'm sure hurricane in TX drove up the prices again. Hate the fuel market BS.”

3.9 Good20 Reviews

“The reason for this rate is because they have changed everything but , the people that work there are wonderful as usual. As for those that work , I give them a 5 star and/or A+++ . Love it !!!”

4 Good11 Reviews

“Ways friendly and goes out of their way to help community members wronged by the state by allowing them to use power to charge cell phones and seek shelter for a small amount of time. Great food good people. Don't ever conform to the ones who provoke casualties.”

4.1 Good4 Reviews

“Here for our son's graduation and I can say, MCX/PX have come a long long way! We got some Marine souvenirs (did hurt a little being and Army veteran ), t-shirts and a couple other necessities. The store was clean and well organized. Checkout was fast and efficient. The lady at the register was so very sweet and congratulated our son on his graduation. She asked us where we were from and was genuinely interested. Overall a great experience and amazing staff.”

4 Good3 Reviews

“Gas station and a minimarket Handy Mart are sharing a building (and a door) with Wing Zone. What a combo!The market is decently equipped with some basic grocerries, snacks, sodas AND a walking-in beer fridge. You can also find some cheap wines, they're actually good (but how would I know?!).It's gotta be mentioned that the location is PERFECT. Right at the intersection with Burgaw HWY and Old Maplehurst Rd, with a 4-way traffic light exit straight into those main roads! Plenty of parking. Shared with Wing Zone of course.Everything is always nice and clean, and the tellers are usually very nice.I will post some more pictures of everything around here; it's a very nice place”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“Their employee MARIANGELY was outstanding ? her charisma and good energy had my day starting on the right foot ? deff became my fav gas station and will visit more often bc of her lol”

3.6 Good38 Reviews

“I go to this location every morning. The manager, Mari, is always friendly and hard working. Her positive and energetic attitude is contagious and makes people’s day start off brighter.”

3.6 Good21 Reviews

“Gas was at a good price. For being a small gas station, it had everything that I needed. And it was also clean. Only reason it didn't recieve 5/5 was because it was extremely small inside.”

3.6 Good15 Reviews