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“I enjoy shopping at New River commissary. It has everything we need. I personally prefer this size commissary as opposed to the bigger ones. The staff is always friendly and helpful and are very knowledgeable. The sushi that's made here is absolutely delicious! Prices are very reasonable compared to out in town especially the meat. I only do my grocery shopping at the commissary.”

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“Dempsey's is awesome especially if you need something last minute they have always had my odd ball request, when I am hoping they have whatever it is so I don't have to go to Walmart. Plus more than likely if there was a storm where civilization was locked down for a few days they are usually open and always friendly helpful and awesome.”

4.6Superb35 Reviews

“I love the place! Most of the staff are super sweet and willing to help. I love getting my slushies from there, there's often some sort of new flavor! My favorite was probably their vanilla and they have a wide amount of snacks. I recommend.”

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“This gas station is always on the grind decent gas prices compared to its competitors, large selection of drinks and munchies for the road. Super friendly staff that makes you want to keep on coming back.”

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“Friends and family go here.. that one lady Debra always friendly and helpful. Always smiles from her. Cleanest station 8ve been in and I've gone to many.. thank you Debra for your kindness.”

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“Superb service and convenience of items…don’t forget beer purchases after noons on Sundays for all you sinners ?they even have tire repair kits, ramen, bongs, cigarettes shrimp chips, candy and ice cream. Ice and firewood also sold at this location. Outside they have a tire pressure pump. Not free…”

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“I’ve been to 50+ gas stations and this one stands out. Very clean, good beer selection, $2 air pump that works, and friendly staff. Well done, keep up the great work!”

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“Amazing chicken!! Destiny was fantastic - she was full of smiles, happy to be there, and personable! People like Destiny don’t get the recognition they deserve, she needs a raise or a bonus or something, she was just fantastic! Their chicken tenders were fresh out of oven and when I bit into them they were so juicy I almost got my shirt dirty. I’ll straight up come here for lunch with the hubby it’s so great. Thanks Destiny for the awesome food and the over the top service!”

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“Hands down the NICEST people! Henry (I believe that his name) always asks how everyone’s doing. They have everything you need, right down the road. It’s a staple of our Verona community.”

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“Now I know why it's one of the lower rated Speedway stations around. I rushed out of work and arrived there by 11:15pm. Closed!I've gone there for years and they've always closed at 12am. Don't bother putting a sign up with the new hours... and that's not the only problem I have with the place. They probably don't care cause their switching to 7/11 soon. so I'll stop there.”

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“I have to say it I hardly ever go to this gas station but I went there last night and as big as that store is it was super clean!!! Probably one of the cleanest gas stations I have ever been in! Props to whoever did the cleaning”

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“Great experience. The pharmacy manager Dominic was great. Had a sense of humor I had to get a Covid vaccine for a new job. Easy to make the appointment, checked in and within ten minutes Dominic had me stabbed and a band aid on. Great group Stay tuned. If I grow more arms we will make a great documentary. SUPER EXPERIENCE AT THIS CVS. COME TO THIS CVS.”

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“Great experience at this super new Circle K! They have super nice people working there such as Danielle & Ms. Rose. They were wonderful women to meet and I appreciated their respectful and polite customer service. The place is clean & spot on as a great place to stop, shop and gas up!”

4.1Good30 Reviews

“Absolutely love this local business and its owners they are the sweetest people on earth always greeting you with a smile and remembers their customers. They have a great selection and take care to upgrade whenever they can. Its also one of the largest winning lottery and scratch off locations in the city”

4.1Good19 Reviews

“My people there make sure I'm cool and the drinks are cold and the snacks are stocked we just work on the mornings with the stuff that plain pizza beef hot dogs chicken wings mini tacos please bring back the mini tacos”

3.9Good36 Reviews

“Needed help with scanning and printing some large photos. They were very helpful in explaining the process and then offered to do everything we wanted as I watched to learn. The prints we had made were excellent in the quality we would have wanted.”

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“Usually an amazing gas station with attentive employees who recognize me every time I come in. But I got a coffee today like I usually do but I used the Pumpkin Spice Syrup and now my coffee tastes like mold, so this place lost a star for me.”

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“Very friendly, very close. This is literally my one stop shop this place has it all from smokes, paraphernalia, to tissue and jug of milk. if you don't wanna take the trip to outside the city this is the store you want to stop in and also the drive thru is very convenient. Definitely a 5 star ?”

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“Every time I go into this location it is a good day. The people here are so really nice, the food is always been good and in date especially the hot food, and it's very clean. Definitely a place to jump into”

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“The pharmacist here went above and beyond on both occasions. I have a CVS much closer to my house, but I went there in the hope of her assistance. I can't remember her name, I believe it is Latoria, but I could be wrong. I will update once I go back to reconfirm.She was patient, kind, and understanding. She knew the right questions to ask, she went above and beyond what is required of her. Beautiful human being.”

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“Super staff, great selection and overall inexpensive place than any other stores in the area. I even mentioned to one of the outstanding staff members that works days that I bought a couple of things that they didn't have... and she ordered for me. Normally, I wouldn't be impressed, but it was only my second time there and I'm from out state. So that goes to show you what kind of an establishment it is and how it's WELL managed it is! Keep up the great work guys. ????”

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“I stopped at the One Stop because I saw the line for gas on Thursday and I was very impressed to see the employees out directing traffic. The male worker was talking to every car and leading everyone in the right direction and then a lady came out and was getting the cars out of the road. They did a great job of keep the traffic flowing and the confusion down to a minimum. Great job to the staff at One Stop. I have never visited the store before today but will definitely stop by again. Kudos to the staff.”

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“Very nice people also maybe service is slow,i would say normal like in Europe which i see like totally ok. Associates who works there are very kind,ans i didn't have any problems,also is very clean and i can just say i like this place and everything is ok.?Thank you.”

3.7Good18 Reviews

“Who knew the energy of a gas station would be this fun? Posted as requested for a great employee:In HandyMarts, there works a gemAlyssa, the employee we commendWith a smile so warm and brightShe lights up every customer's sightAlyssa helps with a willing heartNo matter how busy or how hardShe goes above and beyond her callMaking sure everyone leaves with a smileHer dedication and work ethicIs a shining example of excellenceHer kindness and helpfulnessMakes every shopping experience splendidThank you, Alyssa, for all you doFor making our days a little less blueYou are an asset to the HandyMarts teamAnd a source of inspiration, it seems”

3.6Good18 Reviews

“Great shop for getting a quick snack or drink(you do have to double check the dates though its nothing insane) the customer service is phenomenal though they do not have gas”

3.6Good15 Reviews

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