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“I highly recommend Uptown 66. Star, Keith and Brian run the family business and they are very professional and dependable. I have been in a pinch before to get things done and they always come thru. They are fair priced and honest. Starr also has very clean and nice tanning beds too for a plus.”

4.6 Superb58 Reviews

“Went to the Grape Stomp Festival for the first time yesterday, and we loved it!!! Staff was polite and amazing!! Was even more excited when we found out that they host weddings there too!!!!”

4.4 Superb35 Reviews

“Always get gas here I have a saver card so I get 10¢off. Always competitive price or better. Pumps are fast and pay at pump works great or if you want you can pay clerk.”

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

“This is a really nice enough store. The big problem is this location isn't in what I'd describe as a Five Star one. This place did a brisk business while I was there. For some reason the customers could sense that I wasn't part of their community. Must have been the lack of having a red neck and a body covered in tattoos! LOL! Got the evil eye from everyone! Back to more relevant things; the parking was clean and not trashy at all. Prices for gasoline were surprisingly not as high as I expected as North Carolina has a very large gas tax! This stop on the outskirts of Shelby, N.C. and is deserving of four stars. As mentioned; just be aware of what's taking place around you! Ps. I don't mind red necks and totally tattooed people! I just don't like to be outnumbered by any category of folks!”

4.5 Superb22 Reviews

“I love going to Exxon. It's clean and has friendly Attendances??. You don't see ? many Establishments like this anymore, smh. I wish ?? they were closer to my house ???”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“I go there at least once a week. Typical convenient store. Usual array of items. They do have an extensive smoking section. Nice staff who work the store. Frequented by all races. Snacks drinks lottery gas. Etc #gas #lottery #ShelbyNC #tobacco”

4.5 Superb17 Reviews

“Ahhh my honey town convenience store where every body knows everybody, it's clean, they're kind also not very expensive either everything from chips, ciggs, beverages and more. I love this place. ??”

4.2 Good43 Reviews

“WoW, so friendly i almost couldn't believe it, cashier smiled liked she knew me forever, first time in store and i was welcomed and talked too like i been in there 100 times. Wouldn't mind to be around there more thanks to the attitude she had.”

4.3 Superb20 Reviews

“Your usual convenience store with the usual items lottery beer colas candy chips etc kind of a laid-back atmosphere it's not too tense in there you don't have to watch your back too much when you're in there it's kind of quaint”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews
5 Superb2 Reviews

“This was a necessary stop for gasoline. It's a very clean store inside and outside. It's located directly beside Hwy 74. Easy in and easy out. The gas prices were a bit more than I like to pay but it was necessary if I didn't want to walk for fuel. The interior of this place was well stocked and the floors were clean. The gasoline prices here are pretty well aligned with their competitors! The gas tax in N.C. is higher than in my home state of S.C. I would make a stop here again.”

4 Good10 Reviews

“Great friendly staff! Pretty decent selection, I don't like the fact there gas prices go up and down so much more than other stores, 2.09 Wednesday morning, 2.20 Wednesday afternoon, 2.09 Thursday morning, 2.02 Thursday afternoon... good grief! Just the most recent example. Also wish they would go back to the old hours or 6am to midnight”

4 Good10 Reviews

“This nice little convenience store is located on Earl Rd. In Shelby, N.C.. It's actually located directly across from a Dollar General. It's got a good supply of both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to choose from. There's a lot of various snacks also. The gas prices are reasonable considering that this is in North Carolina, a state with higher gas taxes than South Carolina. Nice store and I'd return.”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“A text from my wife with a shopping list, I stopped in here and picked up what she asked for. At the deli counter, a nice lady let me know that they were running behind and could I just give her the list of things I needed? That was nice and it gave me the opportunity to complete the rest of the shop. I returned and my sliced meats and cheeses were ready. Unwrapping them at home, they were as requested and good quality! The store is clean and tidy. Produce looks excellent. Fresh meats were a little higher but not unreasonable. I find cheaper at ALDI. [Review 16336 overall - 3145 in North Carolina - 1843 of 2021.]”

3.9 Good15 Reviews

“Anytime you're craving some Hello Kitty/Sanrio merch this is the place to go in Shelby!!! I've gotten a lot here including this amazing bag I use for a purse!”

4 Good5 Reviews

“Kindest most wonderful human beings. Our family was on a hike and it's a hot day. One of us couldn't make it so we drove to the nearest thing, which was Village Pantry. We were a nervous mess, my cousin was laid out in the middle of the floor and we were trying to cool her down and help her with her muscle spasms. It was so scary. *Everybody* at Village Pantry rushed to help us without hesitation. They brought us a fan, gave us ice, water, and Gatorade. They called the ambulance for us. They didn't leave our side and they gave us full human brotherly/sisterly love. They really took care of us. We will never forget their kindness. Even after the ambulance came, they checked on the rest of us and how we were holding up. Sweetest kindest people ever. Beautiful lovely humans. Thank you for all of the kindness you showed us.”

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“My husband and I have always had great service at Deb's. He loves their chicken biscuits he gets on his way to work every morning. Our only unpleasant experience was when we bought premium gas from Deb's on 8/20/16. We thought there was water in the gas but when we drained the gas out of the tank it was green. Not sure why it would be green.”

3.7 Good11 Reviews

“The usual comments it's a convenience store their staff has improved over what it was some years ago. They have the usual things a convenience store has. #Cola #lottery #beer #candy #cigarettes #cigar.”

3.7 Good12 Reviews

“Really convenient, right in the middle of town next to every food place. The person working the register let me use the restroom without buying anything when I was tired and walking. Seems like a nice little store.”

3.6 Good8 Reviews

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