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“While I was on vacation, my prescription ran out. All I had to do was call CVS and everything went fine, Chad handled my prescription, it was transferred and ready to pick up same day”

4.1 Good8 Reviews

“Had an excellent customer experience with Alfonso! He put extra effort into getting me my discount as well as being friendly to talk to. WOULD RECOMMEND THIS CVS!”

2.6 Average17 Reviews

“I have never had a bad experience with the pharmacy. I get all of my and my son's medications filled there. I take 6 medications religiously and have been bounced around by my doctor through about 20 different medications from generic to requiring the non-generic which requires insurance permission. Some of these medications are not common as they are just barely passed by the FDA. I have only had one instance where a prescription was unavailable at the time and they were able to get it within a day, but they offered to call some other local cvs stores to see if they had it in stock. I opted to wait the one day. 95% of the time my medicine is ready within 20-30 minutes of dropping it off if i state i am waiting. if i don't wait, it is filled within a few hours. The Sirf City CVS does stay very busy, especially during summer. The pharmacy techs are also very knowledgeable and efficient. Sometimes if the pharmacy is bombarded with people, someone from the regular part of the store comes to help (I believe it might be the store manager and the assistant manager, but haven't confirmed that yet. It isn't the front of store clerks). Which brings me to the front of store, they need some love and appreciation too. When not checking customers out at the register, I see them stocking shelves. If I need help all I have to do is ask. Also a big bonus The whole store is CLEAN!!! Every time I walk in, I see a clean store. I'm sad to see the 1 star reviews, I wish those people got to see the same store I see. But a word of caution, it is a very busy pharmacy, the drive thru line can take some time. Many times it's faster to park and walk in. Also, make sure if you're picking up medicine that requires an ID, like opioid pain meds, that you have your id with you.”

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