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“Great owners and staff. Super friendly, clean and fun facility. Wide selection of craft beer and wines, local and otherwise. Hidden gem for sure! Not your run of the mill gas station or convenience store.”

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“Hey. Just wanted to leave a comment! These guys been working on my families cars for about 6 or 7 years. As a woman these guys are straight forward with me and won't do work that's not needed. Trust worthy and GREAT PRICES! Thanks guys!”

4.7 Superb33 Reviews

“Takes care of each person as if they are friends. Will be totally honest good news or not. Everyone's safety in mind. No price gouging or push for Unneeded items. In and out and happy.”

4.6 Superb35 Reviews

“I stop by everyday to use the bathroom while I'm on my bus route. I feel speedway ignores this store as updating it. Like bringing on new food item. All they have roller items. And no donuts what so ever. If your going to do updates on one store do it for all of them. They people there are really nice!!”

4.6 Superb27 Reviews

“Filled my car up with gas and left. It was a good experience, no problem. The attendant's are always courteous and professional. The experience have always been a good experience.”

4.3 Superb30 Reviews

“Unlike some Kroger fuel center locations, this one doesn't seem to inflate the posted prices, making the fuel point discount a great deal. Fill out the store receipt online survey weekly for an additional 200 points ($0.20 per gallon) each month, 50 points for every survey.”

4.4 Superb23 Reviews

“As busy as this place gets, the staff is always friendly and helpful. The store is always well stocked and clean, and they always seem to have some of the cheapest fuel prices in the area.”

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“This Marathon gas station is not only convenient to my commute to work but most times I find it to be the cheapest local place to get gas. The attendees are always fast and friendly to get me checked out.”

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“Great selection, great people. Very clean and one of the safest gas stations around, due to its large lot, low foot traffic and amount of employees. Has a drive thru and plenty of pumps.”

4.6 Superb15 Reviews

“I only buy gas from Kroger. Can't beat the fuel points. There seem to be a lot of Kroger stores and fuel stations on the west side of town. Very convenient.”

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“Gas attendant Henry was so helpful , patient and kind. I was having problems with my card d/t defect . He assisted me with help at the pump. I can't thank him enough.”

4.6 Superb14 Reviews

“Visited Monday, Jan 30 AM shift. I was sleepy, paid for a coffee, left it on the counter and walked away. Girl ran through parking lot trying to stop me. I enjoyed my coffee. She shall be recognized for above and beyond service.”

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“The gas is almost always cheaper than local competitors, and it is conveniently located from me. Parking is tight, as it's a busy location. The lot is not in the best shape, but it is overall worth it.”

4.2 Good26 Reviews

“I ran over a large nail a few weeks back on a Sunday. I checked around to see if I could get it fixed that day instead of installing the temporary spare. I dropped my tire off at my local Sam's club in Springdale, they had my tire repaired in less that 2 hours. They made my day 100% better.I can depend on Sam's Club for replacement tires at a reasonable price time after time. Eight sets purchased to date.”

4.2 Good25 Reviews

“According to my Map I'm actually writing a review for the gas pumps in front of UDF (United Dairy Farmer) at the corner of Anderson Ferry & River Road, apparently owned by Mobile Gas Company. Overall, the gas pumps have treated me well. They aren't much to look at but it's what's inside that counts. Some of the labels are missing on the self-pay pump buttons so I don't know what the heck I'm pushing and have to start over. Some pumps fill so slowly that I feel like I could spit in the tank and fill it faster. BUT, these pumps have two advantages over the Speedway pumps just up the road. First, no video screen pops up with a screaming sales guy that scares the heck out of me every time I turn around to pump gas. Therefore, I don't spill any gas! More importantly, the kind folks inside UDF graciously keep the lot lizards away from me. It's nice to pump gas without being asked for spare change! These gas pumps work hard for my money. I like them.”

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“This store is always kept very clean and the ones that work there are very helpful and very nice & I love there fresh donuts that they get in every night. Thank you all and I will always come back . Lavetta Ratliff ?”

4.1 Good30 Reviews

“Chad's drive thru has the cheapest price around on 5 hour energy shots!! All of the employees are energetic and care about the customers. I think we have reached a place in time when good customer service no longer exists. Every employee I have ever dealt with at Chad's is polite and happy to be of service. They always have a smile and an upbeat mood. I go through so often that they know what I want before I even say it. I travel alot during the day and encounter many different drive thrus within a 70 mile radius of Chad's and they are by far the best!!”

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“Love Woodys! This is my 2nd membership in the last 5ish years. You can pay $26 for one or 2 washes at other places, or you can pay $26 & go every day for a month. I choose Woodys & you can see how dirty my truck gets.”

4.2 Good21 Reviews

“BEST Speedway! Everyone is very friendly and the store is nice and very clean and I enjoy coming to this store! The staff makes me feel like I matter! Josh and Curtis the nightshift crew are so kind and friendly! Kat Pinckard loyal customer.”

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“Legit Street Food tacos! If you have not tried this place, you need to make it your next stop. Quesadillas, Tortas, Guac, and Queso are all top flight as well. Best tacos in the city!”

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“I've finally found a carwash I really like! Plenty of minutes for the $$ spent. All hoses, brushes, sprayers and vacuums work great.. and I've never had any issues using my card. Never crowded, clean, up to date equipment.. awesome little car wash!”

4.4 Superb13 Reviews

“I was serviced with great Customer service from the deli department,... A young lady name April who worked in the deli department asured me that my order will be taken care of and I can pick it up at the pacific time.. great expectation serve me well happy customer great customer experience thank you Miss April.. It was a relief knowing that she cared, about what I needed...Hartwell Krogers Cincinnati”

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“This gas station is very clean with fast and extra nice staff very fast and friendly customer service and not only does this place sell gas they also sell hot pizza fountain drinks and hot pizz”

4 Good30 Reviews

“You get to shop at the sams club. You have to have a member ship to shop.And you can gas up in the same stop there is a gas station in the parking lot of Sams Club. 2 for 1 . "Great"”

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“I got $0.03 off using my Kroger card not sure if it was $0.03 a gallon or off the whole purchase but it seems to be good and the salesperson was very polite and nice and they're like take your time it was a nice experience.”

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“This is a great family-run business that was recommended to me by several people in my neighborhood. I will definitely take my vehicle there again for all of its servicing from now on. I needed new brakes/rotors and a general check of my truck before selling it to a friend. They gave me a phone estimate that was within $5 of the low end of the actual bill. They also told me how many miles I had until the other set of brakes had before needing replaced. They are very knowledgeable and trustworthy.”

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“This gas station always has competitive prices but lower prices for gas can be found a little bit west on Daly Avenue. The mini market has good specials and the products are now affiliated with 7-eleven. I would give this place a higher rating but it is a pain in the a** to get into and out of. It is right turn out only although some try left turns at their own peril.”

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