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“Andy is awesome. Fixed our jeep quickly, in one day. There were more issues we found once it got in the garage but Andy called me to make sure I wanted to move forward. He did his best to keep the price down and was so much better than going to a dodge dealership. Quality work and jeep is running great now”

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“They close at 10 because I COVID-19 They are open between 8 a.m. / 10 p.m. gas is always pretty much the cheapest in the area have a nice selection of everything and you can get in and get out very fast and the people that work there or very helpful the new owners must be doing something right their employees are taking care of the business”

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“Lance was very transparent with what needed to be done to my car & the timeline of when we would get it back. The price was very affordable. He was fixing a special car when we picked mine up. Super cute!”

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“The guys are amazing, always say friendly & if ur looking for something they don't have that they had once before and you let them know that you were wanting it again they 9 times outta 10 will get it back in for ya, might take a few but they will do what they can to get it for you.. thanks guys and I'll be back in for some more bowling pin torches..”

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“Love this little store I came from a small town and this place brings back memories of growing up very friendly staff would even carry my purchase to my car for me”

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“Found in the Winston Avenue Plaza in Latonia, which includes a Kroger, Dollar Tree, Domino's, & a handful of other options, this 10 pump fuel center is adjacent to the CVS. Of course, thanks to Covid-related supply chain issues, Russia's unjust invasion of Ukraine, & greedy oil companies, gas is at a premium these days, so it's important to find a deal. With Kroger's fuel points, you have a better option than most others in the area, though I've long wondered if their gas is of the best quality. Anyway, I opted for self service, paid at the pump & was out pretty quickly without issue. Just shy of 10 gallons for about $36.50. Yikes!”

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“Poor customer service and even Morris poor the way the place is cleaned it a as filthy we sent money got gas the bathroom was OUT ORDER JUST PLAINOUT NASTY PLACE STINKS OF SMOKE ALSO...”

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“I've been coming to this IGA Express for years. I always have to look this business up on Google to find the phone number to call ahead to either ask for menu items or prepare deli meat, reserve hot food or even order some frozen items in bulk. Before this IGA came to town this gas station had a sordid past, and I think folks don't realize how good we have it these days to have a convenient store like this that sells hot food, fruits and vegetables along with homemade desserts and what not.I read some of the reviews given by others that were negative and it seems like some are petty, some are predictable hate based on the author's previous reviews to other businesses and the fact that some left a review over no public restrooms is easily explained.First, it's not a sit down restaurant. They don't have to provide restroom facilities. Same as every other business at the bottom of Hands Pike. Be better prepared. Secondly their food has remained consistently good whether cooked or uncooked. This is years of continuous buying from me. Anything from eggs to meat to hot meals or their quick prepared fruit containers.In respect to the statements made by others about the staff,The location of this business has uncontrollable 'elements' that surround them. Two drug rehabs and a detention center (jail) that brings about the not so great clientele. They usually don't have money, looking for rides, hustling other paying customers and I'm sure it's tradition that they've lifted products off shelves without paying. I've seen the roughness that walks through those doors so for staff to be 'hardened' I don't blame them one bit. It's a business not a charity. Glad that the majority of customers there have a decent creed about them.But all in all this business gets 5 stars from me. Costs are higher but I'll gladly pay it because I can get the main essentials without the need to ever step in a Kroger. Some of us don't want to walk 3.1 miles to get milk and stand in 20 minute lines just to pay for what you picked out. This is the monetary value back to IGA Express because convenience always affords the higher price.Keep doing what you're doing. There's loyal customers like myself that keep coming back and appreciate the close proximity and continuous good product. And thanks a bunch for having meatloaf on Tuesdays.”

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“Shell, has the items I buy most vice items lol been going there for 6 years now. Know all the employees all nice, although the blown girl that works at night is a lil ditzy she's nice.”

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“I woke up in need of some Tylenol because my head was hurting. It was 4am and I was afraid no one would be open but speedway was and the man behind the counter was very friendly and funny..and querky! Loved it. Thanks”

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“LOVE this shell! The employees are always polite and friendly and it is SO CLEAN!!They literally clean the gas pumps and the cement.Alot of gas stations are down right nasty, even the cement will be sticky & u dont wanna touch anything but not here!I literally pass other gas stations to stop here!Oh and the reward program offers discounted gas….gotta love that”

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“EDIT APR 2023: it’s hard for me to stop at any other gas station. If I’m in Covington Bellevue or Newport I’m coming out of my way to go to this SpeedwayThey’ve done A LOT of work to try to clean the store up over the last few months and it is showing. This is a tough location to run, right off the highway in an inner city setting. I don’t envy the task. They’re doing a fine job though and I hope they continue to do so as I stop in here most days every week”

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“I enjoy this store. Only place Im covington I believe besides thr debts liquor litterally right next door who had 2loters of RC cola cherry &, Regular for $1.07”

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“This store is your only gas source on Madison. But its also where the Kentuckys Best peddlers an dealers are. But weirdly enough they are all very nice. Compared to bigger cities) In essence Just SAY NO”

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“They sell gasoline and snacks along with tobacco and alcohol products here for anyone who is curious, do not try to fill your tesla with the gas pumps it doesn't work”

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“Many Speedways are all the same. They have the same layout, the same offerings, same gas, etc. But, they do not bring in the same crowd of people. During the year of the pandemic, this is one place that I've noticed customers not wearing a mask. Yes, I understand, you run from your car into the store to grab something quick and then return to your car - why wear a mask? The masks are to protect others from you. So, be courteous and respectful. Wear a mask even if you are in the store for one second or ten minutes. The employees are wearing one to protect you, so, protect them and all the other customers that go into the building. As for the services offered by Speedway, they make it a great place to go for a wide variety of sodas, snacks, and even a small packet of aspirin, if needed. But one thing that I really like about Speedway is that when you are traveling and need a restroom, you can always count on them having a clean restroom. Keep up the good work.”

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“This shop is the best.They're quick, communicative, well priced and provide options for price v longevity of fix. They've fit me in same day (from car wont start to flat tire on the highway) and somehow continue to extend the life of my 2008 volvo.I can't recommend enough.”

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“I do not visit this Kroger on a regular basis. My boyfriend and I were planning on cooking seafood, so we came mostly for their seafood department and to pick up a few other things. James, helped us with our selections and was incredibly helpful. We wanted our scallops slightly seasoned and he recommend we try a small amount of Old Bay. We also got crab legs. The store was clean. The shelves were well stocked and we were able to get everything on our list.”

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“The owner and his employees have the highest standards of cleaning for the covid-19 policies.The handicap accessible bathroom is extremely clean,modern and up to date.This independently owned BP gas station / convenience store is one of the cleanest I have seen in quite a long time.The owner and his employees go above and beyond with their good attitude, and are always willing to give me a smile while attending to my every need.Their generous hospitality is a 10 with 10 being the highest score you can obtain.I would recommend this business establishment to the President of these United States and anyone below him.”

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“The guys and ladies at this particular Marthon Gas station are wonderful , the 1 in taylor mill should take some Pointers from these guys to know how a business should be ran!”

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