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“I went in for work stuff, don't shop here so I didn't know you can get some different stuff here. I was impressed with everything but the prices. Mostly it's the same cost as getting it else where you just get more at once.”

4.5 Superb91 Reviews

“Great store for discount groceries! Been going there for years. Real good fresh meat! Never know what's going to be in the discount bins. Even have pharmaceutical items.”

4.6 Superb49 Reviews

“I have become an Aldi fan. We usually come here 1st and get what we can and then go elsewhere to finish up. I can go in, get my stuff and be done. Really like them. Cashiers have always been very kind.”

4.8 Superb32 Reviews

“If you are looking for cheap deals on groceries, then this is your place. It's scratch & dent, but still good. If you've ever been to Stites Grocery, this store is just like Stites. Once their stuff is gone, it's gone baby!”

4.8 Superb26 Reviews

“Good customer service and normally fairly quick. If hungry order Philly Cheese Steak!!!! It is the bomb you won’t be disappointed and it’s cheap, around $8.00 and it will fill you up and it’s delicious. Definitely recommend.August 2023”

4.8 Superb24 Reviews

“It's a very convenient convenience store. It needs mowed, but they apparently "already have someone." Still looks like garbage. I hope the city charges them.”

4.6 Superb33 Reviews

“We love our Aldi! You can't necessarily always count on items to be in stock as they do tend to rotate through some things. But they do a great job keeping the place organized and shelves stocked. You can't beat the prices either! Pro tips: bring a quarter for a cart and pay it forward. Bring your own bags.”

4.4 Superb43 Reviews

“Clean and friendly. Better then the northland store. Chiefs is the only store left that has a meat and cold counters which I love over prepackaged. Since meijer did away with theirs, I only go to cable cheifs for my meats, pasta salads, and more. Prices are little higher but I will pay the prices for better quality and freshness.”

4.2 Good55 Reviews

“I like going there, I can always find what I need. The only negative is the prices going up. What used to be a dollar is now, a dollar fifty to a dollar seventy five.”

3.9 Good63 Reviews

“Employees are very friendly and helpful. You can smell the clean and for the amount of people in and out, shows how hard they are working to keep us safe. Very pleased.”

3.9 Good61 Reviews

“The employees were very helpful and friendly. Like everywhere you will find deals for specific items, but the same as everywhere else prices in the past 2 years have more than doubled sometimes up over 3 times the amount compared to 2 years ago. We all know who is really to blame for these price hikes. Plz put Trump back in office, I miss .99 cents a gallon for gas and the ability to go to the market with $100 for food and come home having something to actually show for it and still have change left over. Instead of lowering our standards of living to match with the rest of the world giving out handouts. We need to be setting the standards for the rest of the world and not punish ourselves out of some sort of mislead guilt trip. I can go on with this topic for hours on end. But all and all I give this establishment a great review for location and the friendly service of the employees.”

4.2 Good18 Reviews

“I get coupons in the mail weekly and then I go. I like the cheese it goes to $1.88 and they have a clear container of cookies called 'Monster Cookies' they are delicious and a must buy!!”

4 Good32 Reviews

“Generally pretty good place. Usually employees are friendly. Saw a new employee today (that I didn’t recognize anyways). Name on the receipt says Anna. She didn’t greet me as I came to the register, nor did she tell me to have a good day or anything of the sort. Told me the total and gave me the receipt lol. I still said thanks of course but it makes the encounter a lot less friendly.I received exceptional service from a guy working register about a week ago, and I frequently see a woman with darker hair and complexion that is very friendly as well. Good job to them for going above and beyond! It’s the employees that make for a good experience in any store.”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“Fair store. Has everything you need for a shopping trip... obviously. The atmosphere is really nice. There is nothing bad to say about the store other than long lines, but tgwn you just go to self checkout, if you aren't a "i don't work for free kinda person."”

3.8 Good58 Reviews

“Amazing customer service from Haylee! Super nice and great with knowing where everything is. Great cashier! Definitely a keeper. Makes coming there way more enjoyable. She’s had some rude people write bad reviews and I don’t understand why. Amazing employee! Keep her!!!”

3.8 Good51 Reviews

“It was ok. Felt kinda harassed and even stalked by some of the staff! I understand that catching thieves is pretty important but it's not fair to those of us who are only there to shop to be made to feel uncomfortable! They didn't have their shelves very stocked either I noticed right away. Pretty sure they are under staffed to say the least?”

3.8 Good49 Reviews

“It's set up like an Aldi's items in boxes. But cheaper products and a lot more to choose from. Plus if you have a Kroger's card you can use it here.”

4.1 Good14 Reviews

“Very friendly staff..never had a bad experience here. They treat u like they want ur business, and that's all of them..can hardly say that about businesses around here”

4.4 Superb5 Reviews

“If you dont use digital coupons your really missing out! Super easy to use. Add on app before you go then just put in phone number when paying. I typically save on average $15-$30 per trip.”

3.9 Good13 Reviews

“Usually I can get in and out fast. Has most of what I need. Some of the checkout girls are slack jawed teens on their phones. Sorry I interrupted your pokemon go, but I need milk.”

3.7 Good29 Reviews

“It seems like every time I get to know where everything is, they change the darn store. Now once again I have to spend a half hour looking for what I want.What happened to, get in and get out. Now you have these incredible lines. But they usually do have what I want.”

3.6 Good61 Reviews

“I really like this particular Dollar General for the fact that it's a lot larger than most of them and it has a little more variety in my opinion. And the prices are quite reasonable”

3.7 Good12 Reviews

“The prices were affordable, the shelves were stocked and the cashier was cleaning the push carts as well as taking care of customers. Definitely will do more shopping here.”

4 Good4 Reviews

“The stores are always super messy, and it's often difficult to find someone. This store is the same on a counts.The best part is the FedEx drop-off. Easy & relatively quick.The guy was pleasant, also.”

3.8 Good5 Reviews

“Man, this place has been here for years, and from age 10 to 44, I could tell many a story from this place. But, sticking with what's important here, the staff here are friendly, at least two know my cigarettes when I walk in and have them ready for me. A bit pricy on grocery items, but you'll get that because convenience store prices, and if you need it, you'll pay it. I've never had a single issue there, though if seen customers treat that staff like garbage since they're foreign, which is pretty sad. These people work like any other people, better sometimes. Even the older white lady that works occasionally is pretty nice, not overly friendly, but nice. Apparently, the luckiest place to buy lottery tickets, too. Just wish some of their products has prices on the shelf labels. All in all, great local store.”

3.8 Good4 Reviews

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