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“Convenient location in downtown Sylvania right next to an awesome coffee shop. Great selection of women's clothing from chic, trendy & upscale brands in a variety of styles from casual to formal. Great selection of jewelry, handbags and accessories. They only seem to have a very small # of each item so if you see something you like in your size, grab it quick! You might not get another chance! Staff is always friendly, knows their stock well & makes excellent suggestions. They keep track of purchases for you by customer name, so returns/exchanges are easy even if you lose the receipt. They have several large dressing rooms and good lighting to judge your selections by. Don't forget to check the sales racks out in the hall!”

4.7 Superb1 Reviews

“I always feel so silly taking in my mothers, aunts, gf's, and sometimes my items. No, not by theft. By donation. If they don't buy it. They'll refer you down to plates where they'll inspect what's left, probably picking more items. Then you run to the other plato's closet and have them pick through it. Then stop and drop the rest off at goodwill. But I've never once felt silly or stupid once I got in there. Ladies are fantastically professional and will have an answer for every question.....”

3.8 Good29 Reviews

“Idk why there's so many bad reviews. Maybe they did have some bad staff a while back, but the people there are nice! They are definitely understaffed right now, but who isn't lol. People need to chill and realize people are just trying to work in super stressful environments right now and be glad these people are actually working.”

2.7 Average14 Reviews