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“Honestly, For it being close to a lake and close to a few housing additions and the city its not a bad dollar general. Somewhat decent stock, i won't lie that can be improved but that's to be expected with DG. As for the Employees, love them fast and friendly. 100/10. Thumbs Up forever.”

4.1 Good46 Reviews

“The Dollar Tree was very good. It wasn't that clean and the workers were not that friendly. But we were able to find everything that we needed very quickly and it was reasonable reasonably prized. The only thing I didn't like was there was a lot of new product that had just received In the store and there were boxes blocking the walkways and the products are on the. There seemed to be someone working, but there was only one person working on the shipment and there was a lot of shipment on the floor. I usually recommend this place and I do kinda. But when there's a shipment that is came to the store is really not a good time to go and visit this place. Had to walk around and go way around other aisles. Just to get to annihile that I needed. And the register experience was very poor. Customer service and friendliness does not happen here very often.”

3.9 Good30 Reviews

“Finally a Dollar Tree with friendly employees? This location is well stocked and organized. Sometimes I have to go to 2 diff DT's to find certain products but not this time. This location had everything I needed.”

3.9 Good19 Reviews

“It's great to have a good store on the East Side of Norman that's not a huge box store, or overpriced. Many of the items you'd get at walmart or 7-11 are available right here at a great price. Very convenient. The staff is friendly. Keep up the good work.”

3.6 Good56 Reviews

“Have the best holiday decorations at the best prices.Cheaper candy, chips ,soda, coffee creams & teas.Birthday, holiday every occasion cards.Coffee mugs.Cookware.Dishes.Every room decor.Something for all.”

3.5 Good78 Reviews

“Five years ago this was the second worst DG I’d ever seen, after the downtown Chickasha store that was incredibly dark and had no AC in August.*Now*, we pop in here at least twice a week for all the things we need between big store trips and we are rarely disappointed! Not only are they convenient, they are surprisingly well stocked (even with supply chain issues) AND the prices are aligned with Walmart and Amazon on most things. We have been very pleased with the selection of cold and frozen foods (meats, dairy items and prepared dishes) and pretty shocked by their baking mixes and wide array of pantry selections. Our teen daughter is quite the baker. When sent on an ingredient run, her dad has taken to stopping here first because most of the time, it is “one and done”.The aisles…we do have to address the aisles. This store is TINY compared to the location on Porter, north of Rock Creek. That one is massive in comparison! You want roomy aisles?…drive a couple of miles. Personally, I don’t mind dodging a few (sometimes more than a few) stocking carts if they are WELL STOCKED! At least they are well lit enough to see and not blazing hot!Don’t forget the staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! This is the only DG where I have had a staff member help my child and me out the door with our things. <3Hey West Norman! Get over yourselves! You need a Dollar General in your lives. For a family trying to have all they need for normal while dodging crowds, this has been our little restock oasis!!!”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“I just stopped off at this Dollar general on my way home from work today February 23rd 2022 at approximately 4:45. The grocery store up the road had just closed and I needed to grab a few things so I didn't have to get out and leave bad weather for the next day. Had a very pleasant interaction with the two lovely ladies working the counter they were very sweet very nice good personalities and very friendly, I give this a high satisfaction rate and I was very satisfied with the service.”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“I love coming to this one in particular. It's on my way home from work. There is a really nice manager that works at night. She's tall with glasses and is always polite and smiling. The store looks a mess but I've noticed there's never more than two people at night so I think they should hire more people. Good bargains and friendly faces I would recommend.”

3.1 Average23 Reviews

“I gotta say, I went to dollar general today and I have been to this location for the last 10 years and today it has looked the best it ever has. I could walk all the aisles and it was clean and organized and I was so thrilled I told Betty, the cashier that she has done an AMAZING job and deserves recognition for this!!!! So good job Betty I hope u get a raise maam!!!!!”

2.5 Average17 Reviews

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