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“Wow! The vegan breakfast tacos with tofu, vegan strawberry jam with bagel, vegan no bake, with some coconut water was the best! This place has a bunch of desserts, drink choices, vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, and is worth every bite. I mean, this place has food so good they will blow your mind and peel your taste buds back at the same time! Thanks for a great brunch! I'll be backVegetarian options: I love their menu! A big V represents the vegan safe, a big GF represents gluten-free, and a giant M will let you know if it's got anything animal! Most of their menu is interchangeable so everything has the option of becoming veganParking: If you don't feel like parking out front, park around back!”

4.8 Superb63 Reviews

“It's probably the best grocery store to shop at if you live in Noble. They are very affordable, fast, and the crowds aren't usually too big. The only downside to this location is that it usually gets pretty low stock on some of their frozen food items, and it will take a week or so before something new takes its place.”

4.3 Superb51 Reviews

“Every time I visit I am greeted by a wonderful aroma and kind staff. My only disappointment on this last visit was finding they have discontinued the Burt's Bees line, except for their lip balm. Other than that, you can find all sorts of things. They've greatly improved their produce area and are currently undergoing a face-lift in the front of the store.”

4.7 Superb23 Reviews

“I like this neighborhood walmart. It has many different varieties of soda and juice as well as crackers. Im very pleased. No so much the employees they all look beat down no smiles no interaction with people,that I seen. Plenty of parking.”

4.1 Good103 Reviews

“Great prices, and the pickup experience was seamless and so convenient. I love having a fantastic grocery option to easily pickup essentials on my way home from work. I love the quality of items too, much better than Walmart but at comparable prices.”

4.3 Superb38 Reviews

“Honestly, For it being close to a lake and close to a few housing additions and the city its not a bad dollar general. Somewhat decent stock, i won't lie that can be improved but that's to be expected with DG. As for the Employees, love them fast and friendly. 100/10. Thumbs Up forever.”

4.1 Good46 Reviews

“This small store is fantastic and has stood the test of time, the staff is friendly and goes above and beyond to help. The time of day or night does not matter, this store is clean and taken care of. The cramped parking lot and the ethanol-only gas is the only reason I’m not going with 5 stars, other than that, this is the 7-11 I always stop at.”

4.1 Good29 Reviews

“Sprouts is one of my preferred grocery stores due to its excellent selection of high-quality produce, meat, dairy and healthy snack options. While the prices may be slightly higher, it is justified by the excellent quality of their food items. In addition, Sprouts consistently provides fantastic deals, making it a worthwhile option for grocery shopping.”

3.9 Good58 Reviews

“BEST FOOD EVER!!! These guys really care about their customers and provide Amazing food and a Very impressive selection of fishing tackle. This is my new favorite gas station!!!”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“It's never really too busy in the store at least whenever I go ...And I'm pretty sure if you ask anybody to help you find anything they would help you. All the employees are very attentive and will help you if you just raise your hand and start waving...And every time I've gone in they've had these bad boys 4 for $3! I know that you can't find these at 7:11 anymore because they put their own label on them and sell them for a little bit more so just so you know these are a pretty good deal here.”

4 Good33 Reviews

“Super adorable store!! Susie, the owner, was very welcoming and knowledgeable! They may be adjusting their hours in the future, but they have a lovely selection of cheeses, meats, and even dried fruits. I will absolutely be going back!”

5 Superb7 Reviews

“It's easy to get around not as big as I thought but that's not really a big problem to me walking in for the first time I love the vibe customer service was excellent and it's close within walking distance from my apartment so that's all five stars for me.”

3.8 Good47 Reviews

“They used to have a huge display of cheese which is why we went. Unfortunately, it is no longer there. We did find enough variety though so it worked out in the end.”

3.8 Good42 Reviews

“I love Walmart Pharmacy. They fill my orders (which are many) pretty quick and send me a text when it's ready slong with the cost. The techs and pharmacists are always so friendly, often welcoming me by name. If the price seems s bit high on a prescription, they try and check other options such as GoodRx or whatever other options they might think of. They often save me money on some of my meds. Sometimes they will call the doctor with an alternate substitute. I have been going there since they opened and would highly recommend Walmart Pharmacy for filling your needed prescriptions.”

4 Good10 Reviews

“It's great to have a good store on the East Side of Norman that's not a huge box store, or overpriced. Many of the items you'd get at walmart or 7-11 are available right here at a great price. Very convenient. The staff is friendly. Keep up the good work.”

3.6 Good56 Reviews

“Took granddaughter she loved how quiet it was and how clean. She did have sticker shock because prices are a little high on some items. If you look they do have good sales.”

3.6 Good34 Reviews

“Have the best holiday decorations at the best prices.Cheaper candy, chips ,soda, coffee creams & teas.Birthday, holiday every occasion cards.Coffee mugs.Cookware.Dishes.Every room decor.Something for all.”

3.5 Good78 Reviews

“Five years ago this was the second worst DG I’d ever seen, after the downtown Chickasha store that was incredibly dark and had no AC in August.*Now*, we pop in here at least twice a week for all the things we need between big store trips and we are rarely disappointed! Not only are they convenient, they are surprisingly well stocked (even with supply chain issues) AND the prices are aligned with Walmart and Amazon on most things. We have been very pleased with the selection of cold and frozen foods (meats, dairy items and prepared dishes) and pretty shocked by their baking mixes and wide array of pantry selections. Our teen daughter is quite the baker. When sent on an ingredient run, her dad has taken to stopping here first because most of the time, it is “one and done”.The aisles…we do have to address the aisles. This store is TINY compared to the location on Porter, north of Rock Creek. That one is massive in comparison! You want roomy aisles?…drive a couple of miles. Personally, I don’t mind dodging a few (sometimes more than a few) stocking carts if they are WELL STOCKED! At least they are well lit enough to see and not blazing hot!Don’t forget the staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! This is the only DG where I have had a staff member help my child and me out the door with our things. <3Hey West Norman! Get over yourselves! You need a Dollar General in your lives. For a family trying to have all they need for normal while dodging crowds, this has been our little restock oasis!!!”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“I like shopping at homeland. They always have an assortment of drinks. Meat seems to always be fresh. The employees are mostly friendly. Bakery had fresh rolls and pies as will as cake. Flowers too!”

3.4 Good31 Reviews

“Staff is top notch. They happily answer any questions, and they explain medications and side effects in a way that is easy to understand. They also always seem to be in great moods.”

3.3 Good18 Reviews

“I like shopping at this Neighborhood Market to avoid regular Hellmart when my shopping trip doesn't require things that only the regular sized stores have. I especially like this particular store because they always have a large selection of clearance items. I've bought a lot of those items from here. I've also had a hassle free Ship-to-Store experience here as well.”

3 Average6 Reviews

“August, the deli person always has a smile and is ready to assist. We like our deli meat shaved and falling apart. Most workers roll their eyes at the request and amount, she does not. August is truly an asset to her department.”

3.3 Good80 Reviews

“This store has it all. Random leprechaun costumes, funny hats, unicorns galore, and a huge bakery. My friend and I came here on a shopping spree after the airline lost his luggage and he just needed the basics. Found everything he needed and on sale too. Wasn't too crowded and self-service checkout was quick”

3.1 Average13 Reviews

“I have shopped at this Homeland for over two decades. The manager is often in the store working and keeps things in stock that regular customers ask for. Even on Sundays there is at least one butcher present, a produce manager, and a Deli manager. It's clean and friendly. Although recently the addition of self-check stations has reduced the number of checkers on staff (and made the lines a little longer) they still provide good, old-fashioned service -- roll your cart up to the register and they check and bag things for you. And if you don't already know this, they have some of the best fried chicken in town. I drive right past the Colonel to get my fried chicken at this Homeland. And they have a nice selection of cut flowers if you need them.”

2.7 Average6 Reviews

“I just stopped off at this Dollar general on my way home from work today February 23rd 2022 at approximately 4:45. The grocery store up the road had just closed and I needed to grab a few things so I didn't have to get out and leave bad weather for the next day. Had a very pleasant interaction with the two lovely ladies working the counter they were very sweet very nice good personalities and very friendly, I give this a high satisfaction rate and I was very satisfied with the service.”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“I absolutely love Crest and this location is my primary food source. It's got a friendly staff and a variety of products. I was surprised to see they even have a sushi guy on staff, very cool. My only complaint is that some of the foreign cheeses are not always available. For example, I've fallen for the Kerrygold Aged Cheese sticks but can't find them anymore. I appreciate that they now have Snofrisk (the GOAT of cheeses!) but I wish I could also get my Kerrygold sticks. It won't stop me from coming here as everything else is absolutely on point but would be a nice to have.”

3.2 Average52 Reviews

“This store would not be the same without Tay. Tay was INCREDIBLY helpful in finding exactly what items we needed. Give this man a raise!!! (Dustin was also AMAZING)”

2 Poor4 Reviews

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