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“Using Cryptobase ATMs saves me loads of time. I can use the nearby ATM and buy or sell cryptocurrencies within mere minutes and then carry on with the rest of my day.”

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“We went to get gas on a cold Saturday morning. We like domino because it offers as part of its rewards 5 cents gas price. It usually is already competitive with its price but the extra little boost puts it cheaper. The store is also very clean and the employees are very nice. Especially this day, because once we got our gas the truck wouldn't start back up. My wife went inside to see if maybe they had a jump box we could use. They did not but the employee offered to jump with his van. We tried that and no luck but he said his battery wasn't the best so he asked another employee who had a nice truck if we could try it. She said she sure and after a few long minutes we were able to start the truck. This was so nice of the employees we cannot thank them enough.”

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“By far the best bank in Bossier I have ever done business with! As soon as you walk in you are greeted & it makes you feel welcomed. The employees are wonderful too they are so polite & kind.”

2.1 Poor17 Reviews

“I was having a really bad day running errands, and I didn't realize how much a smile would make a difference. The teller was fast and awesome, and just having someone be nice to be for a little bit (even if it's part of the job) made my day a lot better. Never had a bad experience with this bank :)”

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“This ATM currently IS working fine as of may 2024 . it was also working when I came here several months ago all the parts are functioning and there weren’t any sketchy people around, but there is a large pothole close to the driveway as you approach it”

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“How do you write an ATM? Does it do what it's supposed to? Yes it does is it in a safe location? That's kind of subjective. It depends on what time of day it is. If it's at noon, it's pretty safe, if it said midnight, you might want to be looking over your shoulder.”

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