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“Chalo's Tire shop is a very good place to get tires from. The team has excellent and fast service. Chalo himself will go above and beyond like providing roadside assistance? when needed. You can count on Chalo's!!!”

4.5 Superb83 Reviews

“Check this place out! I thought it was pretty cool to have a place that sells mostly local products. I was looking for a sandwich and found some burritos and an apple turnover. Very delicious. The guys working were friendly. They had fresh produce and other goodness.”

4.9 Superb20 Reviews

“Holly, a great human that brought hope on a hard day. I'll definitely come here more often. Just moved into the area and it's a blessing to find kind-hearted people.”

4.5 Superb33 Reviews

“Always a nightmare to try and maneuver or exit during lunch and rush hours, but still a go-to convenience store for a LOT of Uptown and Capitol workers. 2 free air pumps, which is an exceedingly rare thing these days. This location always has an armed security guard but they seem to mostly stare at their phone ? CNG pumps, as well.”

4.2 Good54 Reviews

“This particular location is very busy ALWAYS. The have security stationed there, and I believe that is a plus . With the amount of traffic they have, I am always happy to know there is a guard. The store is very clean (when I pay from within the store). Majority of times I pay at the pump, so I have no input about the restrooms as far as cleanliness . Unless staff is frequently addressing the restrooms, I would have to assume that the cleanliness would be "average gas station clean". Well, we all know that can be a very broad spectrum. Cashiers (in all my interactions) are really courteous and professional . They are also swift using the register. I grumble under my breath (sorry that is rude), when I see a line. But everytime... I am at the register before I know it! I don't think I've ever waited longer than 90 seconds . And that is being 9th or 10th in the line. Obviously we cannot always have The Flash at the register . But so far, thats been the case.”

4.1 Good47 Reviews

“This is a good Oncue. It's in a good location and wasn't very busy when I visited. I was glad to find out that they had one working air pump when I really needed it.”

4.1 Good39 Reviews

“Nice, clean store, good gas prices. Usually has everything in stocks and if i ever requested anything the owner personally went and found it for me. Great family owned business.”

4.4 Superb19 Reviews

“Very impressed! I’ve never tried the drive thru at on cue before until today. A man named John was working the drive thru this evening and was patient and kind while my children figured out their order. My youngest had a hard time figuring out what she wanted and john had such a great attitude and was just really super helpful coming up with suggestions. In my experience allot of drive thru employees get impatient or irritated wanting to just move the line along, but he showed my family kindness and patience you don’t see very often. He definitely has amazing customer service! We will be back again! Thanks John!”

4.1 Good29 Reviews

“I go here for gas no more no less the store is never open when I'm here there's never a wait I use the valero app it's perfect for what my business is here”

4.2 Good23 Reviews

“Their grill and Hot box food is always delicious, stopped in today to try their gyro special and man is it delicious. If you're ever in the Midwest City area near tinker this is definitely a place you should try out.”

5 Superb9 Reviews

“If it wasn't for the one older lady with black hair who is the cashier being so nice I would have given this three stars but tonight was uncalled for and also it probably should have happened so that y'all can fix this problem. You need to put a sign above the sauce dippers that says it is 75 cents so that's clearly stated so people do not think that they can take it for free. I had the worker come from behind the kitchen to come all the way to the counter where are the sauces were just to tell me that they were not free because he assumed I was going to take it. I got a piece of slice out of the warmer got some napkins and some Parmesan and walked over to the counter and grabbed a garlic Parmesan sauce and put it on the counter next to my slice of pizza. I CAN UNDERSTAND IF I HAD PUT IT IN MY POCKET BUT I DIDN'T. HE ASSUMED THEN I SAID I DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING IS FREE. HE SAID WELL A LOT OF PEOPLE DO. HE THEN TRIED TO CENSOR MY REACTION AND WAS LIKE DON'T BE OFFENDED. MY SISTER JUST DIED AND I DON'T NEED TO BE HASSLED! STAY IN THE KITCHEN. AND PLEASE CASEY'S PUT A SIGN WITH THE PRICE ABOVE THE SAUCES. PROBLEM SOLVED! THANKS”

4.1 Good28 Reviews

“Holly, a great human that brought hope on a hard day. I'll definitely come here more often. Just moved into the area and it's a blessing to find kind-hearted people.”

4.3 Superb16 Reviews

“The new owners of this place are very friendy and helpful. I hated the old owners as they were always rude. Great service and great price on gas! Cheaper than On Cue!”

4.6 Superb11 Reviews

“Friendly staff and very clean store. There's not much parking here for trucks but there's enough, I found a spot at 3:30 am which is usually when there's not a spot in sight. The showers are incredibly nice, clean, and seem brand new. Pulling in was also pretty easy.”

3.9 Good35 Reviews

“I’m in here almost everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. I adore all of the employees and know most of them by name. In turn, they remember me and always have my items ready to go when I get to the register. The place is always kind of a madhouse but I sincerely wouldn’t go anywhere else at this point. Plus, their fountain Dr. Pepper is the business.”

4 Good26 Reviews

“This place is great, I had a nail in my tire and he changed the tire and I didn't have any money at the time so he let me pay him later. Best tire shop out there!”

3.7 Good96 Reviews

“While dropping off a friend at the airport I came in at this location exhausted and in search of caffeine and food. I was greeted by a wonderful manager named Sheridan who took care of me and made me a very delightful breakfast. The level of professionalism was exceptional and I would go out of my way anytime for this customer service experience again, Thank you Sheridan for making a rough morning so much better.”

4.1 Good20 Reviews

“Food: N/A Service: 5/5 Cleanliness: 3/5 Decor & Style: 4/5 A 5 star overall from me because the pharmacists (2 of them) has always been very helpful to me. I rarely ever have to wait for my meds!”

4.7 Superb9 Reviews

“The store at 5025 N May is awesome, helpful, efficient and friendly. Oddly enough the store at 23rd and Classen I will not return to. Could not get my prescription, rude, not helpful, bad communication.”

4.1 Good19 Reviews

“Kimie's is a small convince store with fresh food, snacks, drinks, tobacco products, and more. The owner is such a nice guy. It's incredible, his attitude, he's relatable. He doesn't make you feel like he's getting you taken care of and then its out of his way. He will talk to you. Here's been at this location for at least a decade, I'm sure. Probably longer. He's got the best prices on anything I buy. He's always been the cheaper out of all the other local stores. He process himself on his food. He's got the regular food like burritos and such and he also has this brisket, it's so good, it's grilled, not fried. Delicious. And he has ribs. He has these ready at lunch time and into the late afternoon. He's there really in the mornings on weekdays and later on weekends. I love this store.”

5 Superb7 Reviews

“The owner and his wife along with others have always been friendly! A wide variety of drinks and snacks, some I haven't seen anywhere else in town. Gas prices are decent. I would recommend stopping here at any time!”

5 Superb7 Reviews

“It's a nice little supermarket that provides a little of everything for everybody but I believe mainly for Spanish people .but they have food for everybody.anyway the store was clean and the employees was nice and friendly and shop here again .”

4.4 Superb12 Reviews

“Best store I know in the southwest, great family owned business and always cheaper than most places even for gas. Been going here for about 4 years and always treat me with welcoming arms”

4.2 Good15 Reviews

“Honestly, the food, for me, is perfectly healthy, economical and they serve enough, because in other Mexican parts they serve you very little and they do their best to serve you.Apart”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“This place has the cheapest prices and the friendliest staff. I seen that they were selling red diamond sweet tea but didnt have unsweet. So I requested unsweet and 2 days later, it was in the cooler. Great place to shop.”

3.8 Good34 Reviews

“Had Great experiences every time I come here. The reason I rated 4 star an not 5 is because of today’s issue. I put 20.00 on PUMP #12 and it SUSPICIOUSLY ended up on PUMP #17. I Tried CALLING AND CALLING The “Lady Cashier” threw the PUMP SPEAKER and she did NOT PICK up at ALL WHATSOEVER. I called the business directly through My personal phone, through Google Maps, and AGAIN LONG WAIT time. By the time she picked up, the Gas HAD already been PUMPED at #17 and that CAR DIPPED. That has NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE in my LIFE. I will still do business HERE because it is Very Clean and Professional, HOWEVER I WILL start asking for RECEIPTS from NOW on, again it just seemed EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS of the occurrence that happened Today. Normally when I Have in the past said the wrong PUMP, it ALWAYS was the one Right next to it.”

4.1 Good16 Reviews

“I love this store.. it's my go to spot for anything I need. The owner is very personal and kind to everyone I have aver seen him come in contact with . I recommend this store to every and anyone ffor all their small convenient store needs. . Oh and he always has 12-pack sodas in the cooler so they are cold.”

5 Superb6 Reviews

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