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“The Smith's are so wonderful. Anytime I have had questions or was interested in different products they are so great in providing proper education on their products. They don't pressure you in buying the most expensive product, but actually listen to what you are wanting to accomplish along with your budget to get you the right product with the best results. They also explain how to take the product, when to take it and what to take with it.”

4.9 Superb10 Reviews

“In and out with exactly what I was looking for. All employees are always so helpful and Yvonne is such an amazing person and cashier. It’s always a pleasure to shop here.”

4.2 Good45 Reviews

“Great selection of innova and trilogy disc golf supplies. I always see Chris in there. He us a super nice guy, very polite and professional. He also offers really knowledgeable advice on both nutrition and disc golf.”

4.8 Superb6 Reviews

“Whole foods I took a friend of mine there because she doesn't own a vehicle. She She was looking for low-carb keto bread and something sweet to eat. Come to find out that keto breadtwo slices will give you your daily intake of carbs that's not very keto. Or very low carb. There's so many products on the market. Today. That say they're keto or they're keto friendly or their low carb. I don't know who the idea of low carb they are, but they're definitely not keto friendly. Just because the label says it doesn't mean it actually is. You have to fill the Reed the label to see how many carbs there are per serving.Whole food didn't seem to offer much in the way of keto friendly bread. It's matter of fact that didn't really have anything in that department. Their produce department was good, so was their meat department. Some of the other items were kind of hard to find in that store. But after asking one of the friendly employees , they directed his right to the department we needed to go to. I didn't really shop there. I was just an innocent bystander and a chauffeur to my friend.”

4 Good96 Reviews

“The organic selection is pretty good. The prices are alright. For me it’s the convenience of being so close to where I live. The staff has always helpful and nice in my experience.”

4 Good43 Reviews

“I was having trouble with an online order for some ghost preworkout and the man at the register (I didn't catch his name but he was there at 2:30 on 7/5) helped figure it out and was very friendly. Shout out to him!”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“See Matt at 6957 N.W. Expressway for the best customer service ever...he goes so far above and beyond. He has a great amount of product knowledge... He is truly a pleasure to do business with!”

3.9 Good32 Reviews

“In my opinion, Sprouts actually has higher quality produce than Whole Foods, though perhaps less variety, and its bulk aisles blow WF out of the water. It's certainly less expensive for most things.”

3.9 Good62 Reviews

“I would totally disagree with both the previous reviews. The staff today at 7 on January 20th was so awesome! They helped me get all my things, then even helped me load it up into the car! This store was clean, food was fresh and employees were awesome. Kudos to you girls!”

3.3 Good10 Reviews

“Friendly and always helpful and knowledgeable staff. The prices are quite higher than competitors, but the recommendations the guys offer are really great! They’ve got so many goodies! I wish they’d offer samples though. That’d really draw me in more often. There’s nothing worse than trying a new product that you don’t end up liking, especially when you’re working with so many options.”

3 Average7 Reviews

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