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“This is a pretty good place, they (as everyone should) have 1:1 or 2:1 CBD/THC options and if you know what’s up…. Then good. I really wish people would carry the 10:1”

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“Aaliyah was super helpful and knowledgeable! They helped me find exactly what I was looking for and then some. This was my first time at mango and I'll definitely be back!”

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“If you've never tried Kratom, let this place be your first time. Not only is the owner super nice but she is good at what she does. I tried Kratom from other places and those places didnt even compare to the kratom I bought from her. It actually works. I have really bad anxiety and the kratom I got from lotus really helps. It works quickly and its effects last a long time. I use to drink heavily but with their kratom(I get the "upside down") my urge to drink goes away. It makes me happy, stops my urge to drink and gives me energy. I can say it 100% works for me.”

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“Just went here for the first time and was concerned at first because there are no prices anywhere in the store and supplements are often marked up in price when sold by a small business. I was pleasantly shocked when I got home and looked up the prices for the 1st Phorm products I purchased and found I paid about 5$ LESS per item purchasing from this store versus buying directly from the 1st Phorm website. The employees were also very kind and helpful and even gave me a free tee shirt for being a 1st time customer.”

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“I came in on 7.11 to get an altera vape and I was very pleasantly surprised by this dispo! There’s SO much product here and the prices are very nice . I was able to get 2 new altera products :D”

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“This is the first dispensary I went to in Oklahoma City and it’s the only one I’ve used since. Fantastic staff, product, and atmosphere. Highly recommend to anyone!”

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“The Peak on 36th is the best dispensary in my opinion. They have good customer service besides the manager with the long hair. Besides him I love the Peak on nw 36th. They always have some kind of promotion for returning customers and always have good prices. My favorite by far!”

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“Super friendly service and the shake is so good I got the banana pudding. I also got a pineapple crush tea but I’m waiting to try that later on I’m sure it’s just as good.”

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“9ne of my favorite dispensaries. Go late or early mornings. Avoid the rush and take your time cause ya know there 24 hours. They have great equipment and amazing murxh thats actually confy. Go buy a hat”

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“I want to share with you the most pleasant experience I had at your Oklahoma City, N. May location on this, my first ever Natural Grocer's visit. I am not a natural grocery store-type patron nor a regular consumer of associated products. After visiting my General MD, he recommended I purchase a probiotic, an item I have never purchased but was in desperate need of considering my most unpleasant symptoms. Your entire staff was friendly (Connor, cashier) and helpful (visited around 10:30am) but especially Jessica. She was completely knowledgeable and even provided me coupons and helpful literature. I then asked about collagen and, without missing a beat, she explained which product best suited my objectives and the reasoning behind it.Although I had not planned on becoming a regular patron, your staff's friendly service, competency, and helpfulness will have me returning often.”

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“They are a little pricey as some of the lower ratings mention, but the quality is beyond worth it. The quality of their flower gives an incredible high and is fun to smoke every time regardless of the strain. I will note that they don't have a huge flower selection, but what they do have is worth the price.”

4.7 Superb21 Reviews

“Wow Service was amazing… very informed staff… Sircamyron made honestly the best smoothie I have ever had in my life… it cost less than 10$ and had almost triple the protein that smoothie king has for cheaper… this is the first google review I have ever made but Sircamyron definitely deserves it…”

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“Broad selection of goods but (IMO)they're overpriced on most items. That's a recurring theme among this genre of retailers.That aside, the staff were all very nice and very helpful.It was easy in & out.Altogether a nice store.”

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“Like a Whole Foods but cheaper and with more options. I was grateful to see a lot of local produce and products. They have a whole isle of beans and a great selection of cheeses and teas and coffees. Their produce is top notch and kept fresh. I particularly like their japanese sweet potato and their purple garlic is amazing. For kimchi lovers, definitely try the kimchi!!! It is to die for! They also have persimmon jam from a local farm and fermented honeys which are delicious. I always find something new here!”

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“Super nice and helpful, they will help you right away! What they have there is great and really impressive. I trust the quality of the supplements. 100% recommend.”

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“Had the Hayden waffle. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. The beautiful part It wasn’t too sweet , and the protein didn’t taste prrotein’y . Very filling. I would travel back just for this place. Met Hayden the owner and she is just full of energy. While sitting Two very season regulars came in. And Hayden knew them by name! It very nice to know you are appreciated as customers here.

Dietary restrictions: They have a micros chart to let you know what you’re eating. Perfect!”

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“The Smith's are so wonderful. Anytime I have had questions or was interested in different products they are so great in providing proper education on their products. They don't pressure you in buying the most expensive product, but actually listen to what you are wanting to accomplish along with your budget to get you the right product with the best results. They also explain how to take the product, when to take it and what to take with it.”

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“Seems like a great spot and has a good selection for quality products. The person working the counter wasn't very engaging or informative. Just one word answers of yes or no to questions about what to get. If youre the only sales person then be there for the customer try to discover goals or something geez.”

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“I bought several clearance items here a few days ago. The Assistant Manager answered so many of my questions. Overall, clean store with a lot of brand options and outstanding customer service!”

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“See Matt at 6957 N.W. Expressway for the best customer service ever...he goes so far above and beyond. He has a great amount of product knowledge... He is truly a pleasure to do business with!”

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“Such helpful staff, wonderful origins and well intentioned business. No MM card necessary as it's isolated CBD, good for chronic pain and sleep. Take time to explain products and which might suit you best! Positive experience.”

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“Great knowledge of all of the products that they sell. Had every answer for the questions specific to the supplement that I need that fits my picky body. Definitely will continue to come to this location”

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“First time hereHave to say BEST part of allAffordable on price, super nice and friendly staff, They were very knowledgeable about of everything in the stores. Really good product, Many choices and variety of products. Will definitely come back ?”

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“Called on 01/25 to confirm that the $1 Ghost sale was happening and to confirm that there was some still available, and when I called I didn’t get an answer, no biggie. BUT, not only did Chase noticed they missed a call but also called me back, and I was very surprised as not many retail stores do that. After speaking with him, he confirmed they had stock but it was going quickly (understandable), and thankfully Chase was able to hold a case for me as I work in Norman, and it’s hard to make that commute without knowing for sure if there would be anything left. So with that being said, huge shoutout to Chase for helping me!I will 100% be back again!”

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“I was having trouble with an online order for some ghost preworkout and the man at the register (I didn't catch his name but he was there at 2:30 on 7/5) helped figure it out and was very friendly. Shout out to him!”

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