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“10/10 spaced out the best smoke shop you could ever go to! there so kind there and always have what you need and everything is good quality. there very welcoming when you walk in and it’s super chill i definitely recommend!!!!!!!”

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“Super helpful, polite, and spent time walking us through everything we needed. Highly recommend and they don’t mind spending the extra time to get you what you need.”

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“The young gentleman was absolutely wonderful, helped me pick out a good vape, for a good price, I loveeeee the flavor, and the products are phenomenal! Def recommend checking this place out!”

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“The incognito cart battery I bought was super useful and hit like a truck malaki was amazing helping me pick out a new battery and found exactly what I was looking for”

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“I came in on 7.11 to get an altera vape and I was very pleasantly surprised by this dispo! There’s SO much product here and the prices are very nice . I was able to get 2 new altera products :D”

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“I came in on 4/26/22 because i got the wrong coils and returned them they didnt have any in stock but 2 of them and will let me know when more comes in. Very down to earth family business she makes the best of it with whats there and has awesome customer service. she is friendly not just "ok get what you need now get out" attitude brings the home vibe and its greatly appriciated, Keep up the good work”

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“This is always our go to place for all of our smoke needs!They have wonderful pricing, a wide variety of many products, and hands down the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!”

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“This is the ONLY place I buy from in OKC. Friendliest staff ever. Brittany is very patient and answers all my questions, laughs at my husband’s attempts at humor and makes us feel welcome to browse as long as we need. This shop is clean, organized and well stocked. I love looking around for gifts when I’ve got time.”

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“Always a pleasure to go in and enjoy the higher selection of products they sell. Always top tier customer service and great suggestions. Thank you all for your hard work and knowledge of the products.”

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“They know what they are talking about in this store. So many options and flavors. It also has a very cool knife store on the other side. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.”

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“For the 89th and Walker locationSo, I was a long time, loyal customer of another Vape shop, had the whole shebang, points, deals, etc. However, when they failed to get something I tried to order 3 or 4x back-to-back I went searching for a new place. And, man.... am I glad I did.First off, the staff is wonderful. Truly knowledgeable in their products, the products their products use or require, they even help you set up the most cost-effective way to make the swap from those oh so nasty cigarettes to vaping. As stated, I was already a vaper, but on multiple visits I have seen the staff engage customers in this manner. And seen the subsequent F word YEAHS on the newbies faces. If you're totally unsure, and it's the "complicated-ness" holding you back- you found your place.So for the experienced users:I have found the prices here to be EXTREMELY good. Even of there is better out there, I'm not about to shop around. The stock they have is more than enough to make you walk back in forth like dannng idk which one I want, theres so many. As opposed to other vape shops where you have 3 or 4 brands and the house brand. On my first visit, to be honest, I walked in expecting to pay double my old 'usual' place (bc at the old place I had membership 'perks' or so I thought). I got an entire pack of some normally big and expensive coils AND a bottle of juice (120mL) for what I would have paid just for a pack of coils at my old place. I haven't really had a reason to browse devices but from what I can see, if it's not good, they don't mess with or bother with it. So if you're about to buy your first device, know you won't be disappointed.I know this was long, but I believe in reviews like these. Too short and it may be a bot type thinking. Anyways, I hope this at least convinces you to check em out. And in case 18 gauge Vapor is curious as to who posted this: think back to 540pm yesterday and the panicked, about to be late guy. You've truly won my business and respect.”

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“2024 100% Legit, Awesome service, an actual person answered the phone when i called concerning order status, wonderful product. smell, taste, potency normal and as expected, under 2 weeks thank you much! it was stored in an opaque container, that prevents light from destroying the product, yet alone they keep it refrigerated at the store, white also reflects light, THANKS AGAIN! some of the reddit reviews are questionable”

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“This is the first dispensary I went to in Oklahoma City and it’s the only one I’ve used since. Fantastic staff, product, and atmosphere. Highly recommend to anyone!”

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“The Peak on 36th is the best dispensary in my opinion. They have good customer service besides the manager with the long hair. Besides him I love the Peak on nw 36th. They always have some kind of promotion for returning customers and always have good prices. My favorite by far!”

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“Love this place. Huge variety and a dope staff. Mercedes is my go to gal! I’ve always had a tasty vape with her behind the counter. This is the place where all the cool people go. :)”

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“My favorite vape store robert the owner is a retired vet and has made a very friendly and inviting lace to hang out. They had D&D nights and other games there.”

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“I live in Stillwater and work here around the city, and after I realized I left my juice at home this was the first place that popped up in the search.Great staff, and a great recommendation, Strawberry Watermelon, I was my way with a great flavor.”

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“Attention all truckers come drop by and get your vapes! I stop by making a pick up at the bakery across the street! Cool vape shop! Great deals! Cool nostalgia horror flix statues and figures like Freddy Kruger, Pinhead, Chucky, ETC! Thank you for making me feel welcome Qrushafella007 (And your music slaps! I made sure I added to my Apple Music)! I’ll make sure I’ll stop by in the future”

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“I bought some nipple rings and tattoo things and I just fell in love with the store!! They have cool bongs and stickers and candles that cancel out the cannabis smell so amazing!!!!”

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“I was thoroughly impressed by the extensive range of Kratom and delta 8 products available at this smoke shop. Their selection of glassware and disposable vapes was unparalleled. This smoke shop is truly exceptional. The shop's atmosphere is inviting and relaxed, making it a comfortable place to explore their diverse inventory. It's undoubtedly a go-to destination for anyone seeking high-quality smoking products and a superb shopping experience.”

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“I asked them to find an older product and was quickly met with assistance and help and have gotten updates all day a great customer service every time I've got into the shop! These people are great!”

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“Such helpful staff, wonderful origins and well intentioned business. No MM card necessary as it's isolated CBD, good for chronic pain and sleep. Take time to explain products and which might suit you best! Positive experience.”

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“I came here looking for a glass piece to replace the Clover I'd had for years. I looked at a total of 5 shops for a similar design, and finally came across it here. However, I wanted to check one larger place to see if they had the exact thing (vs. similar) before committing.I walked into the other store and they didn't have anything near what I was looking for, and Luxury was willing to make a *literal* last minute sale (they close at 8, and I called and asked if I could buy the piece I was looking at with an ETA or 7:59.) They happily agreed, and even thoroughly followed policy and had me check the glass despite them closing so soon.Excellent service and quality!”

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“Best prices and selection in okc. They have new and discounted vape rigs which are nice when looking for old parts. Prices are fair. And always get great customer service”

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“Very nice staff decent prices. Wish I had gone there first, before I went to the place across the street. I live out of town, but I will visit vapor garage for my vaping needs every time I come to the city.”

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“Best shop in town! The only place I go to anymore. Staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. It’s like catching up with friends every time I stop in. Highly recommend. They also give great recommendations! I’d give 10 stars if I could!”

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“We went by at 6 & 630 and it says open on here but the sign is off and doors are locked. I won’t be coming backUpdated after reply. Thanks for the reply I will reach out! I wish someone had put a sign up so I didn’t waste time going up there twice lol.”

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“This store is awesome! After coming here for almost 10 years straight, I have not once had a bad experience. Everytime I walk in, I feel like I am greeted with love! I feel like I'm walking into the house of a good friend. I frequently just hangout and chat with/watch them work, and it's always so beautiful. Every person that walks in gets the same treatment I do! Brand new people, and long time regulars like me. The staff is quite knowledgeable on popular devices and is willing to go the extra mile and learn anything they need to help someone! These are the true vape experts of Oklahoma, and they give a quality of service I've never seen at any other establishment. No commision really let's them treat you like a friend and get you exactly what you need. I feel like they give discounts on just about everything too, gotta be the best prices in town!I'll be leaving the state in a few months, so thank you to everyone from Vapor world, through Vapor shark, to Kure Vaporium now, you've been the best.P. S. There's also 6 other locations in the greater OKC metro area and they are all just as awesome!”

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“Great place, always love the environment and the workers are amazing. Only issue is the pos system needs an upgrade… bad. It never reads my card correctly and I always get nervous I’m getting charged double.”

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“Had been searching every where and was able to finally find this favor here called the cowboy a lil more then I'm use to paying for 120ml but for this favor it was worth it”

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